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Jul 15, 2018
... I've had palpitations and rapid heartbeat since I was 15 and I'm now 63 and yes, they are scary and are a huge inconvenience when they strike. They started interfering with my everyday activities and so I needed to seek help. In my 40s I started on Atenolol for the rapid heartbeat. Mostly the drug keeps it in check but the palpitations have continued all these years. I... (0 replies)
... Same 32 y/o fit female that posted a few weeks ago. I had my first cardiologist appt and echo with contrast...tomorrow marks the end of my 2 week bionic boobie monitor. Iíve also had my fit bit for almost weeks and have noticed some interesting coorelations and was wondering if anyone else has experienced this and could offer any further insights while I wait for my monitor... (0 replies)
... My TSH was good, T3 was on the Lower side of normal and T4 was a bit on the higher side of normal. On my CBC panel, my RBC was .01 from being considered high, as well as my CO2, and calcium were creeping up. Glucose was normal. Vit D was 31. ... (3 replies)

... of of having a healthy body that serves you well. Listen to those who have battles similar to yours and try doing what they did to conquer their health problems. As we go along doing healthy things for ourselves we discover what works best for us. ... (8 replies)
... t got a date yet. Not had a heart attack as far as I know. ... (0 replies)
... Are you on any meds for your erratic heartbeat, such as a calcium channel blocker, or a beta blocker? ... (3 replies)
... lcium in my diet, I would suffer from breathing problems and an erratic heartbeat for quite some time. Now that I have changed my medications, I don't have to be as careful about my diet. ... (5 replies)
... I have an ecg tomorrow for palpitations, should I take my propranolol or not as I am not sure if it will mask results. ... (0 replies)
... He did an EKG which was fine. He scheduled me for an echocardiogram and stress test. The results of the echo are fine. But the stress test was non conclusive as i was only a able to stay on for for 2 mins 45 seconds before i got short of breath and lightheaded. Now he is sending me for a nuclear stress test. ... (5 replies)
... ib and had first attack in January. In hospital three times with attacks and am now at top dosage of betapace a f. Had a pacemaker put in on last hospital stay as heart rate was too slow and that was a little over one month ago. Today had a fib breakout again. ... (1 replies)
... I want to try Passionflower & Hawthorn? Anyone use them? I have anxiety/fast heart rate/impatience, & these palpitations cause me to feel very nervous. Spoke to my cardiologist (all heart tests/blood tests are fine & ONLY risk factors as 50 yo male as of now is dad's history & my stress/anxiety level) & he offered beta blockers or to just "live w/ it if you can". I can but I'd... (0 replies)
... Aspirin and Clopidogrel is fine as far as I know. ... (4 replies)
... Hi, For those on PPIs such as NEXIUM and ALSO ON the anti-clotting agent PLAVIX (clopidogrel) you should be aware of recent research on a possible interaction. The research is described in a paper in the Canadian Medical Association Journal. (A pre-release of a paper to be published in the March 31 edition.) The paper reports the first large-scale investigation of the... (4 replies)
... His concern now is why this wasn't found with the ct scan and why the docs blew it off as anxiety or acid reflux after all the tests they sent him through. I told him don't worry about that. Thank God you're ok! ... (1 replies)
... left ventricle is reduced. The heart's ability to supply the body with blood decreases, and blood backs up into the lungs. This would be congested heart failure as the lungs fill with fluids. I experienced that and you do not want to go there. ... (4 replies)
... be ashamed of, and I really am wondering where you might have gotten that kind of impression. My Cardio told me it was caused by having untreated rhuematic fever as a child...which is why it is somtimes referred to as Rhuematic Heart Disease.....PLEASE look it up and get the help you need. ... (4 replies)
... Secondly, I have no insurance. Just built a new house and would never want to jeopardize losing that. I'd as soon die as return to the low level of housing we were in before realizing this dream. ... (4 replies)
... s, and it has become more and more upsetting to me that they are suggesting a possible 5 year wait before doing my valve replacement. I dont think I need it now, as I am asymptomatic, but I dont want to wait until like you I am short of breath. ... (4 replies)
... I am 44 yo female. I was diagnosed with AS about 18 mos. ago. Valve replacement was immediately recommended, but I have elected to do nothing at this time. ... (4 replies)
... The treadmill differs as it evaluates in addition to the EKG results the reaction of the heart and vessels to exercise. ... (2 replies)

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