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... you eat the food, especially certain foods like spicy and fried foods, the stomach releases acid, which irritates the vagus nerve. Hiatal hernia is known as "the great mimic". ... (23 replies)
... ht or eating habits. Slight change in appetite lately, though. I do have days where I just don't feel like eating. Mostly in the evening. Might be psychosomatic, as I noticed eating will sometimes bring an episode of heart palps on. ... (23 replies)
... Yep. I've tried all those things. The coughing, holding my nose, bearing down, the "4, 7, 8" method (breathe in for 4 seconds, hold it for 7, blow out slowly for 8), splashing cold water on my face, etc. None of it helps. I've even tried the deal where you massage between your thumb and forefinger. Sometimes I get so aggravated, I literally pound on my chest and yell "STOP... (23 replies)

... e, though I think it is just muscle because it gets harder when I tense and sort of blends with the surrounding muscles. I'm really just hoping for peace of mind as I've worried nearly nonstop for a week now. ... (1 replies)
... I'm newbie, a young 64 female in what I thought was pretty good health. 5'7" 128 lbs. dont smoke, I drink 1 small glass of wine a day only. Been feeling overwhelming fatigue last couple of months, chest pain and I have shortness of breath when I lie down. My PCP said my ECG looked good but said I had bradycardia. Stress echo showed no blockages with trivial mitral... (1 replies)
... My family history freaks me out a bit as well. Both my grandfather and my father both died suddenly and both at the age 50 years old. ... (5 replies)
Stress Test?
May 12, 2017
... I urged a second opinion, which I may regret, on the EF and perhaps an Rx for digoxin as recommended on this forum by Machaon generously. ... (5 replies)
... I noticed I could feel more the symptoms as I was getting older, then again this episodes only happen like 5 times a year. ... (5 replies)
... ish, smaller than 2 cm. I discovered it suddenly as well while showering. It felt like a little rock. It wasn't soft. I know it's silly but for a moment i thought it was a loose bone or something! ... (9 replies)
... I was worried as you and went to the dr. ... (9 replies)
... After years of many tests and medications I am scheduled for an ablation as well as getting a pace maker installed, on May 4th. The last test that was successful in triggering my arrhythmia was a 12 lead ecg with several different iv infusions. ... (7 replies)
... gym doing great her normal workout. She would spend 45 minutes on the elliptical and then 15 minutes doing weight training. This was the regular routine for her as she did this almost everyday. ... (0 replies)
... t a new experience is bad or a 'sign'. Life is full of new experiences. Enjoy them. Embrace them. But most of all learn how to treat your body so it can function as well as possible. ... (9 replies)
... hem usually helps when things get bad but mostly I distract myself and try my best to ignore them. I find that when I don't worry about them, they don't scare me as much. I have that whole situation pretty much under control. ... (9 replies)
... blems. I have smoked for about 15 years, but have drastically reduced since this started and I'm almost quit. Still, my Pulmonary Function test came back normal, as did the chest xrays. I'm asking because nobody I've read that's posted about having this issue gives closure. ... (3 replies)
... EP study hoping for ablation but they weren't able to provoke arrythmia long enough for mapping. I didnt want to go through it again so I decided to live with it as best I could. My health anxiety is mostly under control as well and really only rears its ugly head when I have a legitimate health issue. ... (9 replies)
... I have consistently had low blood pressure.. Very few times has it ever been high. (21 replies)
... Blood pressure can vary considerably during the day, to a greater extent as we age. Blood pressure also is usually lower during the earlier part of the day and gets higher as the day progresses. ... (21 replies)
... They called me back a little after this post, they said i passed the stress test and echo test and that i was normal in those regards. I was very relieved, I may have very strong anxiety about a lot of things. Some symptoms i have are real like the palpitations and dizziness, but my anxiety just makes them worse. I hope i can find some solace in knowing that my results were... (21 replies)
... And can anyone dumb down the medical terminology as to what it means? ... (0 replies)

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