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... I'm pregnant and suffer from PVC's and have also been tacycardia. My cardiologist told me that they do give beta blockers to pregnant women but like everything else during pregnancy the effects are unknown (or at least not enough research) so they weigh up the risks to the mothers and babies health etc. I have heard that the first 3 months are the worse time to take them??... (4 replies)
... And baby is great at 21 months now. If you had SVT during pregnancy it could deprive your baby of oxygen which can do damage. ... (4 replies)
... My gp and cardiologist both told me that it was ok to take a beta blocker while pregnant. My pharmacist on the other hand told me that if I were his wife, he'd never let me take it. ... (4 replies)

... Just curious about the effects of beta-blockers (specifically Inderal) and pregnancy. My goal has always been to be off all meds (which currently is only Inderal) when I get pregnant. But just curious about the effects of these on the fetus if I still need to be on it. (I'm not pregnant another year or two!) (0 replies)
... ong term side effects. In the absence of asthma or underlying diabetes there are no known long term side effects. It has been demonstrated that children taking beta blockers throughout their growth and development years seem to have no adverse consequences. ... (9 replies)
... is inderal safe 9 weeks pregnancy (0 replies)
... ears, but was just diagnosed with Mitral Valve regurgitation 2 months ago. I am 35 years old with two kids and would like to consider another pregnancy. My first pregnancy was good, afterwards I felt sick, heart beat was faster, but seemed to get better a couple months child number 2.. ... (7 replies)
... Toprol XL SHOULD NOT be taken at all during pregnancy. The sites I looked at said that other Beta Blockers would be OK IF medically necessary, including regular Toprol. ... (3 replies)
... I was on them due to palpatations. I had been on them for about 5 years even through my last pregnancy. After i had my daughter i weaned myself off them because i just had no energy to take care of her and work full time. The only complaint i had about them was not being able to sleep through the nite and no energy. I was told i can go back on them if the palpatations get... (6 replies)
... a day, did you feel every single one! I think it is a hormone related thing. I trying my hardest to stay off beta blockers but as they get worse i'm finding it hard! ... (4 replies)
... The few years I was on Propranolol my rate was always in the 60s and 70s..even throughout my pregnancy (my OB always said "Boy, sure can tell you are on BBs!"). I was happy with it. Well, I switched to Metoprolol (50 mg two times a day) about 6 weeks or so ago. I have been happy with it. Less PVCs even. But the past couple days I have noticed that I am sustaining at in the 80s... (6 replies)
... I was taking 80mg a day during my pregnancy becuase for some reason my sx were way better during the pregnancy. ... (6 replies)
... time low!!!!!!! We're not even talking pregnancy options it seems we're destined for the tubal. Plus, I think my Doc would kill me if I bring it up again !!!!! ... (42 replies)
... Did you have pregnancy induced hypertension, or did you have hypertension prior to being pregnant? ... (42 replies)
... Good point abbygirl! I probably should have said Ontario...the guidelines here suggest methyldopa as a first line agent to bring down high blood pressure in pregnancy, and labetolol as a second line agent. (42 replies)
... In canada, the beta blocker of choice in pregnancy is labetolol. ... (42 replies)
... one again. The pernatoligist was just a waste of time. He told me something totally different then he told my other doctor. He said he would moniter me during a pregnancy and it would be fine to stay on the Coreg. ... (42 replies)
... I took Tenormin 100 mg. throughout my pregnancy. 41 weeks later, my healthy daughter was born. She is now 16 and has been in the gifted class for years, plus she is beautiful and normal. I also nursed her while taking the Tenormin! :) Best of luck! (42 replies)
... I have mixed feelings about this perinatologist I saw. I don't know what to think now. He didn't tell me I couldn't do this but he said there are risks with ever pregnancy and my case was just slightly higher a risk then someone who has no conditions. He said from a medical opinion no one should ever be pregnant. WHAT? ... (42 replies)
... Hi Christina, Maybe we should carpool !!!! We're going in the same circles :eek: Anyway, I had my follow-up echo done with my Cardiologist yesterday. Again, he said that it would be "too risky" to contemplate pregnancy.....that at some point and time, my heart would need support and I would probably end up in Intensive Care and possibly lose the baby and MYSELF! ... (42 replies)

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