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... Home measurements. They even made Office measurements in quite rooms!!! I have pasted all the rest of tests for damage in the target organs, and I was found with borderline LVH. ... (6 replies)
... y tired for the past few years and wondered if it could be cardiac related, so I had another echo. This time it showed mitral valve redundancy, with no MVP, and borderline LVH. I do not have HTN, never have, especially since I have been on atenolol. ... (3 replies)
Diagnosed with LVH
Oct 12, 2007
... Hi Lisa, There are two issues: A heart murmur could (but often not) indicate heart valve insufficiency (doesn't prevent abnormal back flow of blood). The other issue is left ventricle hypertrophy. For some insight on LVH, it can be an increase in chamber size (dilated) and/or heart wall thickness. Good for a reference, an echo enables and records calculations for heart... (2 replies)

... Your is borderline which means it getting there. So it really depends on how high your blood pressure is. ... (6 replies)
... Thanks Jim, my worry is mainly my 1,1 LVH. Can it be because of white coat hypertension? When I was 19, it was 0,8. Does it grow over the years? Am I about to have a real LVH, or is it possible that it stays within limits for the rest of my life? If not do I need medication for my blood pressure even if a have just the white coat one? Another thing is that I work out a lot... (6 replies)
... That can cause LVH and can be reversible if your blood pressure is then controlled via medication and lifestyle changes. ... (3 replies)
Diagnosed with LVH
Oct 11, 2007
... wo months ago. Now I recently went to doctor and they say I have a murmur and want to do echo. Oh and multiple Ekgs that they said were fine. Now they say I have Borderline LVH. ... (2 replies)
... I copied a pasted my echo... 2-D: Underlying rhythm is normal sinus rhythm. There is no pericardial effusion. The mitral valve appears slightly redundant, but I not really appreciate any mitral valve prolapse on either the parasternal long axis, apical three-chamber, or apical four-chamber windows. The aortic valve is trileaflet with no unusual calcifications. Pulmonic and... (3 replies)
... Hi Matt, Measurement of walls are somewhat subjective with an echo due to tech's inability to clearly define borders to a moving heart wall (fuzzy representation). An EKG is unreliable with a sensitivity rating of about 50% or less for chamber size... Critical geometrics resulting from the interaction of wall thickness and chamber dilation to appear on the EKG output is... (9 replies)
... I followed the instructions for determining LVH that I found online. ... (9 replies)
... if "high lateral leads" are greater than 11 mv. Use conversion of mv to mm listed in prior post. I agree with Flowergirl, the probability is slim that you have LVH based on your age, history and present condition. ... (9 replies)
... Well, my ECG last year said "Minimal voltage criteria for LVH, may be normal variant". Lately, they've all been saying "Normal ECG" I know that my V1 is 10 mm, my V5 is about 17mm, and my V6 is about 15mm. So my V1 + V5 = 27mm, which is less than 35mm, which seems to make me okay, no? (9 replies)
... Why would these doctors ignore a possible borderline hypertrophy? ... (9 replies)
... Thanks Jim, It wents pretty much as you said. They hesitated and then advised me keep in toutch and revisit in 6 months. They did not like that number 1.1.!! (6 replies)
... Not on Meds anymore, I am a pretty big guy and once I started to lose weight my blood pressure was going way too low on them. When I was off them it did not go high so I was ok for now. (6 replies)
... Thanks again Jimmysyd. Are you still on meds? (I going to the doc on Monday and I will leave with no quesntions unanswered) (6 replies)
... White coat hypertension means every time time your blood pressure is taken by a doctor or during medical test your blood pressure is why higher than what it is normally. I have this. Every time I have my blood pressure taken by someone in the medical profession it is sky high, because no matter how relaxed I think I am, I am thinking "please don't be high" and lol, yep it... (6 replies)
... iac CT Scan. My Echo Test came back with extreme thickness of the heart, so I then went for a Cardiac CT Scan which showed that the Echo Test was way off. I have Borderline LVH. ... (13 replies)
... No, not HTN. Been on atenolol for many years, so BP has been controlled. Though I am taking it for tachycardia...or assumed tachycardia. I had quite a stress load back then and also started having panic attacks around the same time... (3 replies)
... e if "high lateral leads" are greater than 11 mv. Use conversion of mv to mm listed in prior post. I agree with Flowergirl, the probability is slim that you have LVH based on your age, history and present condition. ... (9 replies)

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