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... I swear Im having al kinds of weird heart things going on. Woke up with racing heart beat and breathlessness and feeling faint last week, and Im legit scared of going to bed. It really messing up my sleep. Even worse I have exams and thesis going on. ... (7 replies)
... I get very breathless, get chest pain, have thousands of palpitations in one day alone, sometimes so many heart rate is down to the low 40's and i can feel i'm going to pass out. ... (3 replies)
... (19 replies)

... I also have palpitations which I am waiting for tests with my cardio doc as I have other symptoms as well chest pain etc.. ... (1 replies)
... There are so many possible reasons for foot and ankle swelling. You certainly don't have the more common signs of heart disease, except for the difficulty breathing, which could be related to your asthma. ... (27 replies)
... I have mild swelling across my left foot and on one side of that ankle. Heart palpitations? ... (27 replies)
... have had about 30 years of on and off epicodes. just within the last 2 years has this become more frequent and with epicodes of weakness, dizziness, breathlessness, and weakness. our family have been with heart problems for years and i guess i am not exempt. ... (9 replies)
Painful heart
May 5, 2004
... I still don't know if my murmer and pulmonary valve stenosis is the same thing? ... (18 replies)
Heart Palpitations
Apr 13, 2004
... i have been ill the last 10 months or so stemming from a bad labor and delivery. lots of stuff went wrong but now i am dealing with my mind. ... (7 replies)
... s started 4 years ago also on me. They never left. I still have a horrible time at night since all this does not allow me to sleep. My chest pain is retrosternal and left sided, it strikes when I lie down and then extends from face to toe. ... (6 replies)
... react and malfunction and become environmentally sensitive. ... (6 replies)
... I had the same systems as you starting 30 years ago. I have spent so much money on Cardiologists over the years and all wasted. I am still alive. ... (6 replies)
... Im no dr but i had those symptoms was anemic due to peptic ulcer and atrill defibulation caused shortness of breath and chf with a low ef im sure that your promblem isnt that serious but your symptoms do match mine . ... (6 replies)
... I have so many of the same symptoms that you have. This line in your email really caught my attention as I have this very same thing happen to me. It is so scary. "Or more frequently will be that I will try & sleep but feel breathless, my heart rate appears to get weaker & weaker & I can as though I am slipping away into either sleep or blacking out and what appears to be a... (6 replies)
... Greetings! Yes, I would stay away from tea, replace tea with water and add a bit more to see if the heart rate slows with more water. A person needs at least 6.25 glasses of water a day or more. ... (6 replies)
... E with a heart rate of 180. ... (6 replies)
... I spent about 10 weeks in hospital this year, due to a knee injury, during which time I was very inactive and eating alot of very unhealthy food. ... (2 replies)
... is it came back or some other kind of heart disease. ... (9 replies)
... this is my first post here, but i'm really feeling at my wits end. I am 31 weeks pregnant, and have been having episodes of fainting and palpitations and breathlessness. i was tested for anemia and it was negative so then i had an ecg. ... (1 replies)
... I found this somewhere else on the internet. Hope it helps. (8 replies)

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