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... and then dutifully forced myself to take Plavix every SECOND day for the next two weeks. ... (20 replies)
... keep your eyes and ears open and you will soon see more and more damning evidence for this GARGANTUAN money maker...and the WARNINGS will become more strident. ... (20 replies)
... So...risks of taking and risks from stopping. I admit and am thinking seriously, based in part on your comments, about how much fish oil I should continue taking. ... (20 replies)

... and cushions against the minor bumps that seem to be the cause of most of my bruising. And since I've had no GI discomfort or bleeding, I ain't too worried. ... (20 replies)
... I take fish oil in addition to the plavix and aspirin. I can not chance running the experiment to see if aspirin and fish oil act as effective as aspirin and plavix. ... (20 replies)
... depth research, consider their own circumstances, and make the decision that is best for them. I too would probably not be taking both Plavix and aspirin if I had suffered the side effects he has. ... (20 replies)
Bruising on Plavix
Jul 28, 2006
... n I already stated, I have not found lots of specifics, so I am wondering about peoples' experience here with bruising. I have had some real "good" ones lately, and they have just started appearing. ... (20 replies)
... aspirin or those on aspirin. And for THIS study, fatal bleeding will be included in the results, not ignored. ... (20 replies)
... I have been taking plavix daily along with bp meds for over a year and a half, when I had a stroke. I was taking an aspirin daily but my doctor told me to stop. I have had some bruising but not all that much. ... (20 replies)
... and he died at age 64 in early 1973. His only "treatment" was coumadin, nitroglycerine, and an occasional valium. ... (20 replies)
... Isn't it reasonable that for every bruise you see, or every case of a bloody nose or bloody ears, and there's probably an internal bleed or two that you NEVER see. Of course the worst of these internal bleed is in the brain, aka hemorrhagic stroke. ... (20 replies)
... I've been on both Plavix and aspirin since having a stent placed in early Oct '04. ... (20 replies)
... there was, in fact, a statistically significant benefit of taking Plavix plus aspirin for those who have heart disease. ... (20 replies)
... I've taken plavix for approximately 3 months now and I've wondered often where the brusing came from so now I know. I hardly ever bruised before my heart attack 3 months ago. ... (20 replies)
... beta blockers etc. dec 04 was last attack and have tried all therapy's, supps., drugs, etc. ... (20 replies)
... I have taken rather high dose aspirin all my life and NEVER saw any bleeding, or untimely clotting from it but after two weeks of Plavix I was a veritable GEYSER of blood. ... (20 replies)
... plaque and immune to clotting, furring, or other calametous outcomes. ... (20 replies)
... Just wanted to add that I appreciate this's always good to see different points of view, and it prompted me to update my own research on Plavix...had been awhile since Iwent to PubMed, Medscape etc. specifically on this med. ... (20 replies)
Mar 24, 2011
... I've been taking Plavix for about 8 months and have had manageable bruising and bleeding for about 6 months ,recently these side effects no longer occur, is this normal or has the drug become ineffective ? ... (1 replies)
... For what it may be worth, I've been on Plavix for over 4 years, with aspirin, and my cardiologist at Mayo Clinic is not yet ready to take me off. ... (3 replies)

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