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... I REALLY think the bleed risk from Plavix is far worse than the clot risk without Plavix at this fact I will go so far as to say I'M CERTAIN. ... (20 replies)
... ation after one year. It seems that you only hear the horror stories when something goes wrong but in reality, in the majority of the cases, people stop taking plavix after a period of time after stent implantation with no ill effects. ... (2 replies)
... Enie, There is scientific evidence suggesting that people who stop taking Plavix after having stents run a higher risk of having stent thrombosis (blood clot). The FDA just recommended that the length of time a person stay on Plavix (and aspirin) after a stent be raised from 3 mos (for the Cypher stent) and 6 mos (for the Taxus stent) to at least one year for both types,... (22 replies)

... asprin, and stuff that thins the blood, plus cut out all animal protein's seems to be working. Plavix is short term use from studies I've seen. being at high risk for stroke now I'm keeping the blood thin but cut back when nose bleeds, and seems to help prevent any more attacks. ... (20 replies)
... I've taken plavix for approximately 3 months now and I've wondered often where the brusing came from so now I know. I hardly ever bruised before my heart attack 3 months ago. And my nutristionist said she was going to have to get me off this stuff, is that bad? ... (20 replies)
... I have taken rather high dose aspirin all my life and NEVER saw any bleeding, or untimely clotting from it but after two weeks of Plavix I was a veritable GEYSER of blood. ... (20 replies)
... there was, in fact, a statistically significant benefit of taking Plavix plus aspirin for those who have heart disease. ... (20 replies)
... ing the combo, even for a short time. The recos go out to 12 months, I think because no data exists for longer than this. I have posted somewhere else, a quote from a cardiologist about this. ... (20 replies)
... Ken, I dispute there is convincing evidence showing the efficacy of Plavix over aspirin alone and evidence only for showing additional benefit for combining aspirin and Plavix (clopidogrel) for 2 months...and then no more. And there is just too much of this kind of stuff: And then there's the CHARISMA TRIAL: My opinion, which is STRONGLY fact based, is that... (20 replies)
... I predict the drug will eventually be removed from the market but not before it has killed a mighty multitude. ... (20 replies)
... I've been on both Plavix and aspirin since having a stent placed in early Oct '04. ... (20 replies)
... Van, I have had 3 caths and had very little bruising with each. I have heard of many, many people that have terrible bruising. I just don't bruise at all , and I have taken plavix for almost 2 years. ... (8 replies)
... for people continuing Plavix and aspirin for the prescribed duration vs. those discontinuing prematurely. ... (19 replies)
... ok cvcman.. here's the scoop. i just got back from the dr. he took alot of blood! ouch! ... (39 replies)
... t know, so i wrote it, and i got an "infraction". i pleaded with them not to throw me off, cause i do get good advice and answers from all of you! so they retracted it!!!! i was so my age!! ... (39 replies)
... is arm was aching, and the dr kept telling him to go home and "ice" it, that it was bursitis... well 3 weeks later he was dead!!! it was bone cancer metastisized from his lung!!!!! and it wasn't until my mom took him to the ER one night because the arm was swollen and he was in alot of pain. i can only imagine! ... (39 replies)
... i was gonna call him anyway monday even tho i feel like i'm a pain! because i think i might have a slight problem from the least i think it's from that...all of a sudden since yesterday... ... (39 replies)
... sorry... i thought you meant what meds i took...i have 2 b/p machines.. one is digital, and the other is an old fashioned type of sphygmomonometer with the stethescope and cuff/guage. i told the dr what my readings were, and he said they are pretty close to what he gets in the office...but told me to bring them in next appt and he will check them along with his. (39 replies)
... i had been taking bystolic, but i got too many side effects from it so he changed me to the atenelol. ... (39 replies)
... i think alot of people on plavix do have similar problems, as do people on aspirin regimin...aren't they all blood thinners of some sort? ... (39 replies)

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