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... Thanks for the info Bob! The Coreg was increased to 6.25 twice a day. Its my understanding the coreg will continue to be increased.. Home health is doing therapy, and soon will be attending rehab at a local clinic. I'm sure it takes time to bounce back from these things. ... (2 replies)
... A low ejection fraction indicates that the heart has been weakened and damaged. ... (1 replies)
... My last echo was at diagnosis 12.26.06 and ive improved a tad. ... (15 replies)

... Does it tempt you to decrease your meds in response to your much improved situation? ... (15 replies)
... ime in the hospital for CHF that anyone, including his cardiologist, even mentioned the idea of a pacemaker. Apparently the patient has to meet certain critera, be at a certain "stage" of heart failure, to qualify for one. ... (15 replies)
... Oh! Now I know. You are referring to a post where I was assumed to be Donald Trump and you are Rosie. ... (15 replies)
... nevertheless, the doc prescribed isosormide. I am going to ask doc for something in the event of angina, apparently there could be a problem and no angina, and then silent HF. I don't know. ... (15 replies)
... Sorry to be a pain Keith but are you still on those medications now even though your heart size is normal and your EF is 59%? Thanks! Will (15 replies)
... the heart workload by dilating vessels, reducing heart rate, reducing body fluids, and increase heart contractions. With time the recent echo shows my heart to be normal in size, pumping efficiency is normal, and my mitral valve regurgitation is moderate. The wall motion impairment does not appear to be an issue. ... (15 replies)
... How well one can improve depends on the underlying problem. ... (15 replies)
... i Machaon, thanks for the response. Your exercise regimen is impressive for any person of any age. That is awesome! Thanks for the encouragement and I'm hoping I can keep improving. From I had read on the internet, it sounded like heart failure usually got worse not better, so it's good to know it can improve. ... (15 replies)
... I can only say what has happened in my case. ... (15 replies)
... There is an assumption the heart will not withstand very well a burden of continued resistence from constricted vessels and valve disorder. Stability and consistency of the cardiovascular with medication is a conservative approach. And as sujkap states proper weight is less burden and exercise increase stronger contractions. Unfortunately, diabetes and some heart... (15 replies)
... thanks for inputs. been reading all and more. mom is overweight, will have her shed some wt. yes, heart is enlarged, I guess the heart failure was precipitated by high fever and chills brought on by urine infection and developing blood sepsis for which she had to go to emergency. she is also diabetic , type 2 ,on insulin. I guess diet, wt reduction and exercise, all life... (15 replies)
... Heart failure is an EF below 29% (amout pumped out with each stroke) My EF is around 59% with meds so the heart isn't failing, but some blood goes back into the atrium, so the amount that goes into circulation is less than 59%. (15 replies)
... Thanks for your answers KenKeith, So have doctors said you are no longer in heart failure? what is your EF now? I go for a follow up after all the tests they did on me in the hospital 2 weeks ago tomorow. I am soooo scared. Thanks again! Will (15 replies)
... Will, Lisinopril (ACE inhibitor) to dilate vessels, Coreg (beta blocker) to maintain a slower heart rate and help dilate vessels, Digitek for stronger heart contractions, Furosemide as a diuretic, and Isosorbide that targets the coronary arteries to dilate specifically (expected to relieve any angina). My cholesterol and weight has always been OK, but I continue to eat... (15 replies)
... Thats awesome KenKeith, what type of medicine did they have you on and what kind of diet/exercise do you reccomend? Thanks! Will (15 replies)
... Hi Ken im new here. Were you diagnosed with HF or cardiomyopathy? Did they have any idea what caused it? and are you back to "normal" now? Sorry for the barrage of questions I havent mustered enough courage to post but have been trolling for a few weeks since my initial diagnosis of cardiomyopathy... Will (15 replies)
... My mother, 68 years just suffered an episode of heart failure. Her LVEF has fallen from 34% to 30% during this episode. Are there any ways/surgery to improve the heart's pumping power. She has undergone angioplasty and has 2 medicated stents for her blockages which are working fine. She suffered a heart attack 9 years ago but leads an active life. Thanks for any inputs, (15 replies)

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