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... cardiomyopothy means enlarged weakened heart ,I have congestive heart failure, sleep apnea, high blood pressure and my infraction level was 14 months later it went up to 39% so it takes time but it does scare it takes time and a lot of walking is good for your heartI also was pretty weak and had a hard time sitting good luck from slystriker (16 replies)
... Is there anyone who has gotten disability because of their cardiomyopothy????????????? If so, what was your ejection and perhaps other factors that they gave you disability???? (16 replies)
... The Pac and nurse were slinging around the word CARDIOMYOPOTHY and when I asked questions they said they couldnt answer. ... (16 replies)

Jun 7, 2003
... yes, what kind of cardiomyopothy do you have? ... (9 replies)
... I am new to this site so please bare with me. My father had a massive heart attack June of 2002. He was diagnosed with alcohol induced cardiomyopothy (he is/was an alcoholic) and he has an ejection fraction rate of less than 10%. The doctors say that he should have been dead over a year prior to the heart attack. I was just wondering if anyone has any info on alcohol... (16 replies)
Jan 31, 2003
... Good luck with answers, i have congestive heart failure, and was just told that i had viral cardiomyopothy...told by the nurse and doctor will not discuss his findings until 3-7-03... No one will answer my questions either...i am 53 so your problems dont apply to me...but please keep posting until someone gives us the answers........ My neighbor who is a nurse... (7 replies)
... hey sorry for doin the dissapearin act again just another dose of stress goin on here :(...i went to my gp round 2 weeks ago and asked him for a copy of my conditions im still waitin his hopeless i tell ya but i got an appointment this mornin to go see him cause i need other things to and im gonna get it one way or another...i read a little on cardiomyopothy and mitral valve... (164 replies)
... oh they know my condtition is very rare it's not in the sense when some1 has just one of the problems but all together lets just say i get used as the gunieau (no idea how that's spelt) pig, some1 new starts at the heart specialists they call em in with me to study me and see if they can figure out what's wrong with me cause im a very strange case which is lovely to hear all... (164 replies)
... My view? The more a patient understands about their illness, the better the outcome. We aren't powerless, you know. The best way to live with a chronic illness is to learn to control it and not let it control you. It's a matter of knowing enough about it that you can work effectively as a team with your doctors. It's not taking everything they say without question. It's... (164 replies)
... ouch yeah that would make it hard to type....don't think i gotta infection thank goodness the thing is drivin me nuts though bamdage or no bandage if there's a bandage on it it's itchy if there isn't i wanna tug at it cause it pulls lol can't wait to get the stupid things out most certainly do not want them ever ever ur not a lecturer and i sorta know what they are... (164 replies)
... My sister only has 10% of her heart left, she is doing well dose anyone know If it can be fixed..She has an injuction infraction of the heart. What is it and what cause's it...Rags (16 replies)
... I have post natal cardiomyopothy they picked it up in the ambulance after my second child I had another child 4 years later i was told not to but didn't listen had to go off my meds and i felt ok thru the whole thing except couldn't stand for long and blacked out a few times. I had a normal birth (only 2 mins) and was fine up until about 2 years ago that's when i found out... (8 replies)
... well im 27 and had my first mild heart attack last week. was diagnosed with post natal cardiomyopothy when i was 19, they have since discovered that i also have left ventricular dysfunction and an enlarged heart oh and there's nothin post natal about it... ... (34 replies)
Can't stand it
May 11, 2007
... I am a 27yo f with 3 boys. Found out i had a heart condition after the birth of my second child in 99. Have been told I have post partum cardiomyopothy left ventricular dysfunction and an abnormal heart beat. They don't know how I got it and all that has been done for me is medication. ... (5 replies)
... I have never applied for disability, however from what I have read (from reliable sources) heart failure is less than 29% EF and compensable. Recently, I read a patient can be in the HF range and if physically and mentally able to perform regular duties would be ineligible for compensation. At least that is the trend, but there are states and insurance poicies that differ so... (16 replies)
... What is infarction level? (16 replies)
... There may be some misunderstanding. As an analogy it seems to me a kink would be comparable to a blocked artery. A hole in a hose would affect the output and pressure. Somewhat similar to valve regurgitation as a percentage of the blood flows back into the chamber and the decreased blood output requires the heart to work harder to meet the same blood volume demand of an... (16 replies)
... I had a heart attack but no blocked arteries either.I have a heart valve problem that caused my heart attack.The Dr explained it like a garden hose that got a kink in it which stopped the blood flow to that side of the heart. (16 replies)
... thank you all...My problem is the only thing he does is come into the office and say how "busy" he is, that my heart is very weak and leaves....Im not kidding if he spends 5 minutes in the room its a miracle..I am very timid and shy and let him get away with it..My friend is going with me Friday...she is like a "she devil", bad in a way, but good cause she wont let him brush... (3 replies)
... thanks for your response..I do not understand, Cardiomyopothy, I do not understand the reason why I had a heart attack..that was 1 year ago today and I had a angiogram at that time, with clear arteries, with the exception of something called a BRANDLE BUNCH, which he said means nothing. Toay 2-25 I had to call 911, I had chest pains so bad, and they did the things they hook... (16 replies)

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