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... I have SVT. I have never ever had chest pain when I've had an episode of arrythmia. ... (1 replies)
... Hi everyone, I am 18 and was just diagnosed with SVT, but have not found my specific symptoms on any websites that I've looked at. I would love to see if any of you that know you have SVT have these similar specific symptoms, for my own peace of mind. Here are my symptoms: My SVT episodes only happen when I am exercising. I can always tell when SVT is about to... (1 replies)
... years and also left arm pains that happen on my shoulder and around the elbow. From what I can tell the chest pain and arm pain aren't necessarily coming together but they happen periodically and sometimes together, the arm one is more common. ... (1 replies)

... Hi has anyone heart of someone being left with pain, discomfort or other sensations on the left side of the chest after a prolonged hypertensive episode? ... (0 replies)
Heart disease
Apr 17, 2016
... (2 replies)
... I don't think it's cardiac pain if it only lasts a few seconds. Does the pain get better or worse when you move or change position? Cardiac pain is constant - it does not get better or worse if you change position. Does the pain get worse if you press on it? Cardiac pain will stay the same if you press on it. (1 replies)
... Sometimes it feels like my heart is punching me on my chest and my back just for standing up from resting, and i have heat flashes and sweating, i sweat easily and much. And i'm tired and pale. ... (0 replies)
... sometimes. I had stopped walking for about four weeks and gained about 15 pounds because I was having headaches and other issues. When I started again, my chest feels heavy and I am more easily out of breath. ... (0 replies)
... anytime you have chest pain that's been going on for a while should be investigated. I read yesterday that the nerves in our abdominal cavity, and chest area is different than say the nerves on your fingers. ... (1 replies)
... I am new to this message board, and found Health Boards when I was searching the web for my heart palpations. They started two days ago, at night when my heart was beating very weakly, and I seemed to feel palpitations in my chest, every so often. I tried to feel my pulse in my neck, and my heart rate was really weak. When I felt the palpation my heart rate seemed to pause... (3 replies)
... When I was reading your post I thought it was myself writing it. I have had the same symptoms for over a month now. Chest pain near breast. To the point I am unable to wear a Bra, arm pain, pressure and the feeling of having a heart attack. ... (19 replies)
... Hi! Did you ever figure it out? I am having the same issues. My EKG's are normal. I am currently wearing a monitor for 48 hours. I had a bunch of episodes last night, almost every 30 minutes. I am starting to lean towards sleep apnea. It scares the crap out of me when it happens. It feels like my heart might have stopped and then it gets this jump start and explodes back on. (4 replies)
Chest Pain
Feb 15, 2016
... For almost a month I am having a pain on my chest are mostly on my left side closer my armpit. ... (0 replies)
... ed about everyone has leakage they didnt even put it in the report, and obviously felt no need to monitor it, but im getting this wet cold dripping feeling on my chest alot, and it sometimes comes with like a needle pain very sharp and aches on the left and right side like knotting. ... (1 replies)
... Umm I'm here because I have chest pain and it's scary and you don't know what it is! Frig! ... (19 replies)
... Thanks again for the replies. I Feel so fortunate to have a place to chat, discuss and hopefully offer support as well. I'm sorry to hear you are going through many of the same symptoms as I am. It's horrible. I have had chest X-rays. Nothing. I do have a rib that needs adjustment though. 4th rib I believe...according to naturopath. Well, I was on the fence about this... (19 replies)
... I too suffer from unexplained chest pain very similar to yours! And this has been going on for quite awhile but recently has amped up. ... (19 replies)
... low to intermediate risk atypical chest pain in the emergency department. ... (19 replies)
... of any of this. They have no idea what they are doing. I have no idea who to believe or what path to take. Crazy dull mid sternum discomfort accompanied by sharp chest pain mid sternum that I "think" is aggravated by movement of trunk or arms but I'm not sure because it happens lying down sometimes as well. ... (19 replies)
... answers with ur tests and I hope that the prescription that they gave helps even tho u don't really want to take them maybe it's best to especially if ur having chest pains? ... (19 replies)

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