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... ray so they said i was fine and said it was chest wall pain which is muscular i guess. Well they said it would go away in a few days and here i am again having this pressure on my chest and pain in my back... ... (0 replies)
... Over the last few months I have had continual chest pains, and lately they have gone from once or twice a week too almost every day of the week. ... (0 replies)
Chest Pains
Nov 4, 2016
... Over the last few months I have had continual chest pains, and lately they have gone from once or twice a week too almost every day of the week. ... (0 replies)

... Today he has had a sharp pain in his chest and again his heart rate became erratic after exertion. ... (1 replies)
... can someone please reply (1 replies)
Weird sensation
Oct 31, 2016
... Okay I don't know how to explain this other than to say it feels like every once in awhile my heart is falling and it will skip a beat my breath will go away and I feel like I have to cough. The reason I feel this so strongly is because I can feel and hear my heartbeat in my head like the pressure in my head strong likr a ringing with everybeat. my blood pressure runs norma,... (0 replies)
... in the last 3 months i have had 3 ecg first 2 were normal then yesterday i had left arm pain so went to hospital as i have panic anxiety and freaked out a bit they done the ecg and told me it was abit abnormal and i told him how my first two were normal and he just said it's slightly abnormal so they could of just missed it so now i'm panicking and crying in hospital my blood... (1 replies)
... Hi, I've recently been feeling very faint and light headed at random times throughout the day also sometimes during lifting weights, rarely after running or rowing. I went to see my GP and they decided to send me in for Chest X-ray, an ECG test and Blood Tests. ECG and Blood Test came back fine, Cholesterol was the high end of OK but my Chest X-ray there is the... (0 replies)
BNP blood test
Oct 16, 2016
... al pulmonary function tests. They were not as good he said as my last ones two months ago. I have mild asthma and mild obstructive sleep apena. He listened to my chest and said it was clear. He listened to my heart. He sent me for some blood tests, one of those being a BNP blood test. ... (4 replies)
... en times when I get this like aware of my heart moving and I get light headed with it. It's like for a couple of seconds. I feel my heartbeat strongly through my chest and at the same time light headed. It's a very odd sensation. My GP said that's palpitations. ... (6 replies)
... What you say makes sense. The length of the pause and the squeezing in my chest is something I need to get checked out. ... (4 replies)
... First off has what you are experiencing been documented as a pvc (premature ventricular contraction)? It sounds like you are describing a premature atrial contraction(PAC). A pac is when the atria contract prematurely causing your heart to pause and reset itself. The following "thump" is the ventricles contract with more blood than usual since they had two cycles to fill... (4 replies)
... ve me worried and am I am wondering if anyone has experienced something similar. Normally, I feel the premature beat and the pause followed by a hard thump in my chest as my heart pumps again. ... (4 replies)
... Hey all so as the title say I was just wondering if an echo cardiogram could miss a structural problem with the heart. for the last few months I have noticed that I am able to see my heart bulging out at the apex just when looking the mirror and I also can feel it beating against the bed when I lay on my side. So fearing an enlarged heart I went to go get an echo cardiogram... (1 replies)
... and chest pains. ... (2 replies)
... But I am wondering if this is Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy given that this patient has chest pain. ... (2 replies)
... Hello all. I am brand new to this site today. I am also brand new to having heart issues. The reason for my post is to get some perspective, hopefully allay some fears, and get on with my life. So here is my story; i apologize for the length. My problems for the most part started a couple weeks ago. I found that when I exerted myself, i become extraordinarily out of... (2 replies)
... blockage of the left coronary artery and had a stent put in where the blockage was. Since then I have had several instances of chest pains, probably angina as the nitroglycerine spray has generally helped in these cases. ... (0 replies)
... years and also left arm pains that happen on my shoulder and around the elbow. From what I can tell the chest pain and arm pain aren't necessarily coming together but they happen periodically and sometimes together, the arm one is more common. ... (1 replies)
... Hi has anyone heart of someone being left with pain, discomfort or other sensations on the left side of the chest after a prolonged hypertensive episode? ... (0 replies)

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