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... Since I can remember one had problems with chest pain. Sometimes it would come on randomly and other times it would come on while exercising or if I was stressed. ... (1 replies)
... You can get a combo watch and heart monitor from your drugstore or online that is between$20 to$40 and is ekg accurate.It is called Smart Health. I have been using this for several years . There is no chest band so its very convenien (4 replies)
... Hello there! So, my 5 year old had a crazy episode last week where after running around for 5 minutes, she started screaming saying her chest was hurting and “stabbing her.” She carried on for about 20 minutes screaming in severe pain. This also happened about a month ago with exertion, but I thought she was just being her 5 year old dramatic self. I took her to the... (2 replies)

... The electrical impulses running thru my atria are fibrillating all the time. I asked my cardiologist if an ablation was possible. He said, "No way! Your heart is too stretched out and enlarged. We wouldn't know what to ablate!" I don't know. I just feel my heart jumping around. No pain. I am just very aware of my heart flopping around in my chest. What bothers me the... (7 replies)
Heart or not
Oct 25, 2017
... Sounds like you have had quite a few tests. It could be that you pain is coming from muscles or perhaps an inflammation of tissue. There is something called costochondritis. There are plenty of other possible causes. I would try the standard pain killers like a 2 ibuprofin pills to see if it brings down the pain. I have found this site Non-cardiac Chest Pain... (1 replies)
... PVCs don't feel like a pop. I have had popping and whirlpool and also like a cellphone like vibration at time in chest area, but back then, I did not have PVCs. ... (3 replies)
Heart or not
Oct 24, 2017
... I have had chest pain on and off since May. ... (1 replies)
... I am a 31 year old male recently diagnosed with left ventricular hypertrophy. I went into the ER in May with tingling in my right ring finger and right nipple. I had been off of my blood pressure meds for 3 years. I left with an ekg stating LVH, but the other tests looked fine. They gave me 10 days of BP meds and told me to see my pcp. I found a pcp and she had me get... (2 replies)
Cardiac Ablation
Sep 16, 2017
... iencing extreme hell since. This doctors office stated that these after effects do signal CHF symptoms and he should be seen by his regular cardio dr. He has had chest pain, shortness of breath and was readmitted to the hosp for observation. ... (2 replies)
... and Atenolol 25mg. The Atenolol he is prescribing for the random rapid heart beat. I also take 20mg of Atorvastatin for high cholesterol. I have not had any chest pain to warrant taking the nitrostat and I have taken the Magnesium even though it is a bit upsetting to the stomach with food. ... (2 replies)
... As much as I would like to point everything towards high anxiety or anxiety disorder, I don't understand the laying down and feeling pressure in my chest part. Could that be anxiety related too? ... (1 replies)
... inducing incident, that resulted in severe fluttery chest feelings. Now, for the past 8 hours, they have been coming and going in waves. It feels like a big rush of adrenaline and lasts for a couple seconds. ... (9 replies)
... Thanks Sweetpotato13! I experienced it lik 4-5 times that night and it didn't matter on which side I was lying down on. Also, it didn't feel like one extra beat or something like that, it felt like a weird kind of fluttering or spasms in my chest. When I measured my heart rate while it happened, it was like there was no rhythm. Just random beats. I could only stand this... (2 replies)
... lled an ectopic beat. What feels to us like a missed beat is actually an extra beat. Also, when you lie on your left side, the apex of the heart is closer to the chest wall in that position so you may be more comfortable sleeping on your right side for now. ... (2 replies)
... I've had this feeling a couple of times before, but never 5 times in one night as I have experienced last night. It's like a 'flutter' in my chest, feels like the heart is beating in a very irregular way for a couple of seconds and I get a strong urge to cough. When I cough, it usually stops. I had this feeling a couple of times in bed last night and in the last three I... (2 replies)
... I'm having the same condition also but I have't hine to the doctors ,I'm 19 yrs old btw and for the past few days I've been having some pain in my mid upper back as well as my chest and I'm scared cause I don't know if it is a heart disease or what but I've been diagnosed with GERD but this time is different (1 replies)
... through the roof and I had thrown up. My mother took me to the emergency room and they did blood work, eekg, and other standard tests such as blood pressure and chest x ray. ... (4 replies)
... ray so they said i was fine and said it was chest wall pain which is muscular i guess. Well they said it would go away in a few days and here i am again having this pressure on my chest and pain in my back... ... (1 replies)
... years and also left arm pains that happen on my shoulder and around the elbow. From what I can tell the chest pain and arm pain aren't necessarily coming together but they happen periodically and sometimes together, the arm one is more common. ... (1 replies)
... Hi has anyone heart of someone being left with pain, discomfort or other sensations on the left side of the chest after a prolonged hypertensive episode? ... (0 replies)

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