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... About 3 months ago, over a three day period, I had several episodes of chest pain with left arm weakness. I could hardly hold my arm up in front of me. ... (0 replies)
... de of the valve is at 44 which is considered "severe". That coupled with the fact that I have a racing heart from time to time, heart palpitations and tinges of chest pain have me somewhat concerned. Here are my questions. ... (0 replies)
... Having trouble breathing and a slight pain in the chest I found our my right cardiac artery is totally blocked. I now wear a nitro patch for 12 hours on and 12 hours off. ... (0 replies)

... You can improve your ejection fraction rate! I was at 25% 9 months ago. I had cardiomyopathy and my heart was enlarged. I was having a lot of PVCs which is why I went to the doctor. I had a stress test and thought it went fine. My only symptom was fluttering in my chest (PVCs). Doctor found out my ejection fraction rate was 25% and said that was probably causing the PVCs and... (8 replies)
... Have a talk with your doctor. Are you asking your doctor questions when things show themselves. You need to be proactive and ask. Good luck. ;) And eat your fruits and veggies that won't mess with Gerd. You need to meet your nutritional needs when you diet. Eat sensibly now. (4 replies)
... your answer mam yes I am trying to loose weight I stoped eating fruits and vegetables and only drinking water. One las question how does anxiety make my arm and chest hurt I dont understand ? ... (4 replies)
... Well, hate to tell you, you should listen to what the doctors all say. To help with the GERD, you need to change your eating habits, lose some weight and relax. The reason it might feel like something else is exiety, you must have relations who have had heart issues. You have your GERD diagnosis and treatment plan. Please just do what to doctors tell you. And please relax, you... (4 replies)
... ling of something stuck in ky chest all he said is ama give you prilosec for 3 months I keep on feeling the pain on my chest the feeling of something stuck in my chest i lost my appetite i keep on woring whats going on why do i feel this do i need to go back even though they tell me im ok? ... (4 replies)
... About the last 3 weeks I have had constant belching. And feels like I have some trapped gas. Also I have had spells with diarrhea. Then about 4 days ago I started having like a aching kind of soreness in my chest, and across between my shoulder blades.. Of course now I'm worrying about my heart. I did have a very mild HA. 2 yrs ago. And had a stent placed. I also have... (1 replies)
... Well, i appreciate the posts. Unfortunately none of you guys helped ease my anxiety :) I went and saw a primary care physician. He confirmed the acid refulx diagnosis. Also told me the acids can irritate the nerves in my neck, shoulders. ears and chest. The pain in my back is the worst of it all, hopefully it will get better because the pain is so distracting. Thanks All (6 replies)
... of blood tests. The other test that would be helpful is an echocardiogram to check the valves in your heart. Valve problems can be associated with arrthymias and chest pain. If you are still uncomfortable today, I would go to see your cardiologist. ... (6 replies)
... ordered the blood tests twice after that. They came back normal. Both of my EKGS were normal and a CT scan with contrast of my chest came back normal. They sent me home. ... (6 replies)
... Thanks I will ask him, sorry about that I meant to say I stoped eating junk food and now I only eat fruits and vegetables and only drink water. (4 replies)
... That is, by going to VA, which is insurance through the military service, and telling all of you symptoms, they may not hold off surgery, if it is needed. The only bad thing about VA, there are changes coming, but it would take a long time. But maybe you might be able to go through the red tape and possible months of waiting if your condition is bad enough for surgery, they... (3 replies)
... my breath almost like I'm not getting enough air. It's not enough to pass out or get dizzy but noticeable. I get this tearing or pulling feeling in center of my chest usually throught day however not debilitating. ... (3 replies)
Help me :(
Jul 19, 2014
... it happened on july 1st i was using computer on bed my setup is different : / i also have mic with stand i put it under my neck and put over weight then pop something popped out having panic attack and stuff then after 3 days i went to hospital the doc said its nothing just swelling and your muscle he gave me 5 medicines i take em 2 times a day he also gave me... (11 replies)
... pulse 67. It has also had pulse rates of 138. I have had episodes of sweating and chest discomfort and it seems that I get a lot of irregular beats, pac's, skips, flutters right after eating. ... (1 replies)
... I've been told a few times that pains and tightness in my chest are costochondritis, and I think this is likely, because it is often distinct from the other symptoms. ... (9 replies)
PVC daily
Jul 16, 2014
... I am wondering if anyone else has had the same symptoms as me. I am 31 years old and have had an under active thyroid for more than 13 years. I have 4 kids and during my last pregnancy ( youngest son just turned 1) I started have trouble breathing and a squeezing feeling in my chest. In and out of the hospital for the last 2 months of my pregnancy. My bp was recorded at... (0 replies)
... Today my left chest has been getting weird feelings. Sometimes it's pain, sometimes it's pressure, sometimes it's tight. ... (4 replies)

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