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... Draining fluid from the heart usually refers to the draining of a "Pericardial Effusion"..... a fluid buildup around the heart in the Pericardial Sac. ... (2 replies)
... my 34 yr old daughter was told she had phumounia on saturday and today they put her in ccu and she has fluid around her lungs and heart and has one collaspe lung ( sorry about my spelling today i'm kinda out of it ) they are draining the fluid right now how is that done and is this normal (0 replies)
... i went to my doc, he said if it doen't get better in a week he will send me to a cardiologist. Well two days later i woke up and felt hot and like i was going to pass out. ... (15 replies)

... I have just been released from the hospital, i had fluid around my heart, around lungs, and in my lungs. ... (6 replies)
... My husband's grandmother had open heart surgery a few months ago and did have fluid buildup around the heart and lungs a couple of times. She is fine now and has recovered well. It is normal to some degree. ... (3 replies)
... Congestive heart failure is when the heart muscle becomes weak and does not circulate the blood properly and causes fluid to build up around the heart and lungs. Among other medications, the doctor will normally prescribe Lasix or another diuretic to help remove that fluid. ... (4 replies)
... I will try to keep this short but I am at a loss and need some help. For the past few years I have occasionally had chest pain when hiking etc. It stops once I stop whatever activity I am doing. ... (0 replies)
Heart Condition
Apr 9, 2010
... and just happened to demand another. The previous two were normal, the third showed "mild mitral valve prolapse." I'm perplexed. I see a cardiologist on Monday and want to ask him if these things just all of a sudden develop. It also told me I had some kind of fluid around my lungs...sheesh!!!!!! ... (4 replies)
... Your mom just had major surgery and the symptoms you discribe are normal. I had excatly the same surgery done and it seems like that 3 month date is the magical number. ... (9 replies)
... Hi Bob...I am not sure what you mean about funny or different about the breathing but about 3 to 4 weeks after my surgery I was having trouble breathing and turned out I had fluid around my lungs which had to be drained off and I was much better then. ... (4 replies)
... medication. I slowly started feeling better after I got home, it was a slow, long process. By the first of March I felt so good I went away on a trip to Europe and walked a lot and felt like my old self. ... (9 replies)
... I'm sorry to hear about your story. I was pretty much in CHF when i was 26. I'm 28 now. I don't know what my EF was but my heart was grossly enlarged and my body was retaining 80lbs of fluid,my feet, face,neck,hands,belly,legs all were swollen. ... (18 replies)
... when resting. The cat scan showed fluid around my heart, and my lungs, and that my heart was enlarged. So i know it does show them some things. ... (2 replies)
My heart problems
Oct 28, 2006
... Well it all started in 2000 when I had me first heart attack I was 38 years old. I was lucky really because at the time I put the pains down to a pulled muscle in me chest and that I was round a friends place. ... (0 replies)
... Sounds like I used to be. You can tell by my nickname that I loved my beer. Even after I was diagnosed with Heart Failure, I continued to drink and eat anything that I wanted. Popcorn...... Potato Chips....... Pizza....... Eating out...... Subs....... Ice Cream, etc. ... (1 replies)
... My father thought he had a really bad cold and cough. He found out today that he has fluid around his lungs and heart. He use to smoke but I think it's been about a week now since he quit. He drinks beer but he cut it down to a limit. ... (1 replies)
Enlarged Heart
Oct 24, 2005
... I'm posting this message for my grandmother. She had a chest Xray 2 weeks ago and I was told today that her heart is enlarged. My doctor didn't give me any advice on what she should avoid, what things I should look out for if something's wrong or any new medication. ... (3 replies)
Heart Failure
Oct 27, 2004
... I'm a little puzzled about your doctor's comment that lack of fluid around the heart means that your problem isn't CHF. ... (21 replies)
... npain, my mother is 52, has had the exact symptoms as your mother. AFter taking her gallbladder out, a few years later, after continous symptoms, she went to ER and had what nurses said was 8 mini heart attacks with some ekgs normal , others showing heart attacks. HMO doctors denied it being heart attack and released her. ... (4 replies)
... As for exactly what you are looking for seems to be a sports heart rate monitor with a heart rate alarm feature. I can't recommend one as I don't know them that well. They are nice for athletes, but not made for medical purposes. ... (1 replies)

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