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... I still wasn't convinced, so I went to a cardiologist who ran blood tests for about 7 different ailments, did another ekg, ran an ultrasound of my heart and even did a stress test, which I excelled at. It wasn't until after browsing a bodybuilding forum that I came across Costochondritis. ... (4 replies)
... like something is popping in my chest, and the pressure with dissipate for a bit. ... (1 replies)
... I have been getting heart flutters for a few years on and off. When i get these some are weak and some flutters are very strong! It kinda feels like a flicking in my heart.. ... (5 replies)

... ctor to be referred to a specialist. BUT over the past couple of weeks, during exercise i have had a strange feeling in my chest, which almost feels like bubbles popping right in the centre of my chest, and when my pulse gets quite high its like my heart is beating out of time and just thuds randomly. ... (1 replies)
Chest Popping
Dec 15, 2008
... I don't know what it might be.....but it doesn't sound like a heart issue. Some of the folks on here who are more learned than me might be able to give you some better answers. ... (1 replies)
Chest Popping
Dec 15, 2008
... I am 16, 5 "11 about 240lbs, I play Football and basketball and for about a year or so I get this tight feeling in my chest and if I lean back it pops but hurts very bad, and if it doesn't pop I lean forward and touch my toes over and over and then lean back and it pop's, if I push my hands together and tighten my chest it hurts really bad to. It sound's crazy because I am so... (1 replies)
... t heard of painful heart flutters allthough anything is possible, i suffer from heart flutters myself its scary!! ... (6 replies)
... I just had a look on WebMD for answers to the popping feeling I have in my chest currently. I found nothing so I decided to search "popping feeling in my chest near heart" and I found this board. ... (6 replies)
... The sharpe pain occurs with the heart beat! ... (6 replies)
... Sorry that I can't tell you what the popping is but I would strongly suggest that you see your heart doctor about it. ... (2 replies)
... it would be best to wait..... so two months ago my chest pain had gotten worse and I noticed everyonce in a while probably a couple times an hour I can feel a popping sensation right where the aortic valve is it feels like someone popping their knuckles..... how bad is this? ... (2 replies)
... I have this strange heart thing going on, and nobody understands what I am talking about - sometimes when I breathe in, my heart feels like it is going to pop - it is painful, and I used to try not to breathe, but lately I have been breathing in deeply and it does indeed "pop". This has been going on for years, rarely, and just recently in the past couple weeks occurs way... (0 replies)
... I was amazed when I read your post, because I have exactly the same condition you do. A popping noise around my heart that feels like a bubble in the stomach. My cardiologist said my heart was fine, but this problem really bothers me. ... (6 replies)
... the popping and pain in the heart region sounds like trapped wind. If u take a big breath in does it pop and ease a bit? ... (6 replies)
... I would advice you to continue with your tests. See a gastro since it may have to do with heart burn, acid reflux or anything of that sort. ... (6 replies)
... ad to the left side of my neck were it meets my shoulder then down my left arm. I went straight to the doctor and had an EKG done because it was what felt like a heart attack or stroke. The doc told me my ekg was abnormal and i soon rode the ambulance to a hospital nearby. ... (6 replies)
Cold heart
Feb 23, 2007
... I know this sounds strange but my heart is really cold and it feels like it is popping. I am also getting some sharp pains in my chest. ... (3 replies)
... Sometimes I get other chest pains where it's almost crippling, and I actually do what you see in cartoons when someones having a heart attack. I sort of have to dig my hand into my chest and bend over... ... (1 replies)
... What helped me the most after my heart attack was joining cardiac rehabilitation. ... (3 replies)
... Hi, I don't know what this is, but my heart, or something very close to it, keeps feeling like it 'pops'. It keeps doing it now. No pain though. I have anxiety but I haven't felt something like this before. It kind of lightly 'pops' - its hard to describe. No pain, and it seems to happen more when I sit still. Its getting worse / more frequent quickly. Please help if... (0 replies)

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