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Multifocal PVC
Jul 21, 2005
... Does anyone one have multifocal PVC and what treatment are you undergoing? ... (0 replies)
... penk, did you have healthy heart 8 yrs ago when the holter showed 14,000? do you think your pvc's came before the CHF(if thats what u have im not sure) do you think the pvc;s contributed to it at all? i know that is the worse case scenario with pvc;s it is possible if you have enough to get CHF from it and in that case my doc said i would need another ablation. its tempting... (9 replies)
... I have had pvc's and pac's for 13 years now and they are multifocal yet my cardio repeatedly assures me they are not dangerous. ... (0 replies)

... vascular crowding and frequent multifocal pvc's. ... (0 replies)
... Why are these worrysome? (except for 4), that I can understand) When I get PVC's, I get them like: normal beat - extrasystolic beat - normal - beat - extrasystolic beat - normal beat - ... Is this bigeminy or couplets? Also, when I have them, it's usually more than 6 per minute. How could this be worrysome? (23 replies)
... PVCs are among the most common ventricular dysrhythmias. They can be found in young healthy persons or in diseased hearts. It is a premature beat (in the ventricle) that occurs earlier than the next expected beat. Worrisome PVCs include the following: 1) more than 6 per minute. 2) PVCs that occur in bigeminy (every second beat), trigeminy (every third beat), or... (23 replies)
... I have cardiomyopathy and multifocal PVC's. I am 23 and at the age of 22 I had a cardiac arrest. my ef is 50 I have the clearance to go ahead and have a baby. I am on Topril and magnesium. ... (8 replies)
... I have PVC's, bigeminy, multifocal PVC, v-tach, and occasional PAC. I also had Raynaud disease when I was younger, my fingers would swell when I touched something cold or it was cold outside. It seems as though I do not have that anymore. I have not been told I had an autoimmune disease, however I have all of these unexplained rhythms. I am 23 years old. I had a cardiac... (7 replies)
... is when they can become dangerous. I have couplets and multifocal PVC and bigeminy. Most others may have a PVC every now and then and that is alright, but they become complicated, such in my case, they become serious. ... (14 replies)
... I was diagnosed with PVC since I was 14. I had a cardiac arrest! It was a miracle that I survived and recovered in 2 weeks. ... (14 replies)
... trical stimulation of the SA node through the AV node. PVC's are the result of ectopic foci electrically stimulating the entire ventricular wall to contract. The PVC appears as a wide, aberrant QRS complex. ... (18 replies)
... ne told me we could do the ablation because the previous EP study showed unifocal pvc's. When he took me in to do the ablation, he stopped because the pvc's were multifocal and an ablation was useless. He told me that the pvc's were not life threatening and live with it. ... (1 replies)
... I did not mean to alarm you, sick sinus syndrome is one of many possibilities. THe fact that is started when you were stressed may point you downa diffrent path...PVC's arise froma single aggrivated cell within the ventricles...out of millions..... One pvc may cause a symptom and look a certain way on a EKG, while if another cell generates it, it may produce completely... (11 replies)
... Hi Val: Not sure if what you felt were PVCs during your walk -if the sensation was similar to those you felt when you were wearing the Holter, but the Holter didn't pick up a PVC, I'm wondering if what you are experiencing is eosophogeal redux? Increased vagal tone could be perceived as originating from the heart, although I'm not sure why it would only manifest during... (7 replies)
... PVCs/PACs are very good at taking over people's lives... especially when they come in groups, VTACH. Beta blockers are the drug of choice in your case..especially Atenolol and Toprol...both will reduce, if not eliminate PVC's/PAC's/PJC's.. Now, believe me, I understand the fear those 4 beats of VTach put in a person.. and it's completely normal to feel the way you do..... (3 replies)
... t there are no documented cases of it not getting back in rhythm..In people with diseses such as Long QT Syndrome, or people who have R on the T phenomenon ..the PVC can lead to cardiac arrest, but those are rare exceptions, and if you showed any signs a doctor would of told you.. ... (2 replies)
P v c "s
Jan 23, 2002
... 2000 is a very annoying amount im sure....50 to a 100 isn't uncommon for a man your age..e.specially with stress... I know how annoying they get, mine knock the breath out of me most the time. It's VERY common for them to go crazy for a few days and then just disappear for a week or a month and hita gainf ull force, cause is unknown..... GERD (reflux disease) can aggrivate... (3 replies)
... is a awul lot... they obviously see something abnormal about these PVC's..perhaps they are multifocal instead of unifocal.. I've seen people with this many and only treated with beta blocker's.. ... (3 replies)

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