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... How is your blood sugar? Do you get palpitations, warm, light-headed or sweaty after eating carbs? If you are overweight and over 40 and your blood sugar levels are, or are not, fairly good you might be suffering from a pre-diabetes condition called Insulin Resistance. When your body's handling of insulin is dysfunctional, it can all kinds of nasty health... (5 replies)
Mar 25, 2018
... I have a bicuspid aortic valve with mild regurgitation and mitral valve prolapse. I have had palpitations for about 30 years and told I get PVC's PAC's and SVT. ... (0 replies)
... Were you placed on any new medications? Are you taking any new vitamins/minerals/supplements? Any other notable changes? There are many things that can stimulate the heart into beating faster, or to fluttering, or to jumping around, or to skipping a beat. The first thing that comes to mind is caffeine. Do you drink caffeinated drinks, like coffee, tea, energy... (7 replies)

... Greetings! Yes, I would stay away from tea, replace tea with water and add a bit more to see if the heart rate slows with more water. A person needs at least 6.25 glasses of water a day or more. I would stay away from coffee, sugar ( a cause of anxiety and also often something people add to tea and coffee with hardly a thought ) soda, chocolate, food addditives, tobacco or... (6 replies)
... Greetings Alejandro88, a trigger for anxiety can be sugar as well as some symptom for some people. ... (6 replies)
... can damage an organ such as kidneys or liver and a side effect is a symptom of damage to that organ. I would drink plenty of water and have a well balanced diet. Sugar can cause panic attacks and animal fats contribute to the plaque build up in the heart. A plant based diet may help keep arteries clear. ... (1 replies)
... e to the wonderful, confusing world of heart rhythm and heart beat irregularities. The good news is that you are not alone having to contend with tachycardia and palpitations and heart pauses and heart skips and heart jumps and heart pounding, etc. The bad news is that you are not alone ....... ... (1 replies)
... Not too strange, I don;t know why they would tell you Gatorade, the stuff is junk. they are maybe looking to get more electrolytes into you like sodium, potassium, and magnesium...all have a major impact on the heart. Im not your doctor, and work with him/her on it. But, really look into diet, make sure you are eating well and consider supplements like magnesium and... (2 replies)
... For the record, I eat very healthy, exercise, drink mostly water, never sugar drinks, and barely any coffee. ... (3 replies)
Heart palpitations
Oct 20, 2011
... What do you know about why these seizures happened? Did you get more seizures? How long did you suffer from the ear infection? One possibility is that you have become environmentally sensitive, perhaps caused by either the ear infection, a bad cold, or a previous infection? If that is the case, then you could be getting sick from your environment and your... (10 replies)
... Do you eat a lot of carbs or foods with high sugar contents? ... (7 replies)
... I hear you. I've been having similar problems as of late. First thing I'd say is that two of the biggest contributors to heart palpitations/PVCs (besides caffeine/sugar) would be fatigue and stress. If either of those have been factors this past week, that could be your culprit. You also mentioned you get them often while lying down; did you notice any pattern in that? ... (10 replies)
... Do you get a racing heart? I had anxiety as a result of a heart problem called SVT (superventricular tacicardi). I never actually had panic attacks, they were actually SVT attacks. I felt my heart race and thump around in a weird pattern though it never actually "skipped a beat" according to EKG. I would feel a weird buzzing in my chest before the racing. I also had a lot... (2 replies)
... ront. I had something like this in a very mild form in the past so let it go. This time it got increasingly worse. 5 days ago still with the headache, that night palpitations occurred every 10 minutes or so. I thought I might be dehydrated so drank water and felt better. The palps continued at a slower pace. ... (4 replies)
... Sounds to me like you have atrial fibrillation (or A-fib as it commonly called). You need to get to a cardiologist. There are meds available to treat it. You are so young (36) that a conservative med (like Toprol) should be tried first. It's best to get on top of A-fib before it happens more often. Best to stop it in its track because they say "A-fib begets A-fib"---once... (16 replies)
... give them a go and if they do not help get a holter test cut out the caffiene if you must have it try some green tea. 25 mg of the caffiene but all that sugar can lead to diabetes and anxiety like symptoms if not under control too. ... (10 replies)
... What do you mean by: "blood is being polluted"? Your symptoms, problems and reactions are very similar to what I will experience if I don't adhere to my very strict diet. In my case, I get most of the same problems, as you, but I also had soaring blood pressure readings during the evening among other things. I don't know if we share the same dreadful condition, but... (1 replies)
... t drank tea or coffee in years since caffeine has caused me to have palpitations ever since. ... (1 replies)
Jan 20, 2009
... I'm a 20-year-old male, 6'2'', 265 pounds. I was diagnosed with type II DM in August '08, but it is well controlled, and my last A1C was 5.1%. Since August '08, I've intentionally been on a diet and exercise plan which has brought me down from 311 pounds. Overall, I'm down from 334 pounds in July '06. Sunday night, I laid down to bed with a book to read and noticed that... (0 replies)
... other things first to decrease them. Personally, eating big meals causes mine so I try to eat small meals through the day. Drinking lots of water and no added sugar juice will flush out those stress hormones. Exercise will also get rid of the stress hormone. When I start to have one, I take deep breaths and this helps. ... (17 replies)

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