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[QUOTE=krs123;5424545]Someone with experience please help! I am currently traveling outside of my own country and experiencing my first herpes ob (female, 21). I break down into tears every time I have to pee because it feels like peeing razor blades. Even water in the shower completely burns and is not soothing at all. I have been taking a pain killer around the clock but it isn't helping much. Everything is incredibly swollen and I have dozens of open sores. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get any relief?[/QUOTE]

Hi krs123.

Listen, I know what you are going through and I feel your pain. I had my first ob the last time I slept with my ex wife who eventually divorced me. Wasn't worth it but that's another story.
I can reassure you that yes it hurts a lot, I'm a guy and most probably had it much easier than you because I heard it's much worse for a female.
However, the good news is that the first ob is always the worse. After one year, you will only get obs once in a while and the severity and the longevity will be less and less by the year.
Don't get depressed thinking nobody will ever want to be with you because of that, it's not true. If they love you, they will be with you no matter what.

When I first had my first 2 obs, I didn't have any meds and sexually, it's so rare now that it comes out that it's not worth mentioning it.
Now, how you handle it or what you will do right now, at the beginning of the disease will be crucial as to how your immune system will deal with the virus in the future because now, it's learning to find solutions on how to deal with this new invader.

Of course, if you start using the meds right now, I have the 'feel' that it will somehow prevent your immune system to find a partial way to deal with the virus so my suggestion (and I'm not a doctor) would be to stay off the meds for a few months at least, thus allowing your body to create it's own immunity without any help. Again, I'm not a doctor but even doctors don't really know. Use your own logic in order to find out what you will do.

avoid cross contamination. The virus is at it's peak right now at the beginning. You want to avoid spreading it around your vagina, vulva, anus, back of legs, etc... DONT SCRATCH!
By doing so, you will release the liquid that the ulcers contain and it will spread in other areas of your body (below the belt most of the time but it is also possible to contaminate yourself ABOVE the belt line, though unlikely).

Always wash your hands very well before touching your eyes or your mouth!
For the first few months, absolutely NO BEER, wine or any alcohol. Cut down on chocolates. Avoid all nuts because the arginine amino acid will contribute to feed the virus, thus getting you to spread it in new places on your body (we scratch at night when we sleep and we have no control over that except by cutting down on arginine foods).

Calculate each food arginine ratio by dividing lysine mg by arginine mg. That will give you a %. Try to keep your foods above 65%

No coffee for the first 3 months either as herpes LOVES acidic environments. I don't suggest you take lysine supplements. Lysine counteracts the effect of arginine but if you take too much, it will have the effect of acidifying your body. Besides, your muscles need arginine to develop and grow. Just avoid eating too many arginine rich foods and balance those by eating a lot of fruits and vegetables containing high contents of lysine.

There are certain supplements you can take that helps me a lot like lecithin, copper and zinc, vitamin C, B, E, D (take vitamin D and E whilst eating a meal for better absorption)
Avoid oranges. Vitamin C helps Vitamin D and calcium to go where it needs to go, but take it under the form of a supplement, NOT an orange (orange again is acidic). At least for the first few months.

Essentially, the idea is that you want to bring down the inflammation as much as possible so to minimize the chances of spreading the virus elsewhere by your own action of scratching.

On a more encouraging note, I must tell you that when I received the diagnosis of my herpes, I really thought my life was over. It really isn't.
Let me tell you that if you cross contaminate yourself (above the belt), you will see that this virus is NOT a joke at all! It's happened to me. DONT EVER taste yourself from now on. I'm not saying you are but a lot of my girlfriends DID it because I asked them to. From now on, this is an absolute no, no...! If it starts in your mouth as it did to me, you will risk to possibly lose your eyesight and look really stupid with those red spots in your face.

Now imagine not being able to ever drinking coffee ever again or eating chocolate, nuts, etc?
Listen, I am 50 now and 2 years ago, I still looked as I was 35. Now all of a sudden, people never tell me they don't believe I'm my age. Before they always did. Why? Because I cannot eat balanced meals anymore. No more nuts for me which contain the essential building blocks of proteins that we build. I lost 30 pounds and I am getting very wrinkled. If your bf ever asked you to do that, tell him to take a hike. If he goes down on you and then wants to kiss you, it should also be a no no especially after drinking alcohol or eating high content of arginine foods as it will act as a catalyst to help the virus to replicate really fast.

What you have there is not as bad as it could be. Just ensure you read a lot about ways to deal with it (especially at the beginning as you are right now in the crucial part of trying to minimize the effect of the virus on your body. Afterwards it will not have the same effect as now. It's the same as a wound. When we get hurt, it scabs really fast and heals really fast at the beginning, much faster then than days later. Why? Because the immune response is at it's peak. Oh yes, ensure you have a lot of rest the first few weeks. That will be also determinent on your future obs which should be only a few times per year. During those periods, tell your bf or husband that you are not available for him. Tell him it's to protect him because you love him and don't want to give it to him because you care (which my wife didn't do because she didn't love me).

Communication is your best tool to protect those that you love when it comes to herpes.

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