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I met a girl about a week ago and I found out she has both types of herpes.
I did not sleep with her, but here is my story.

I DID drink after her and I think I had a cut in my mouth.
Also , my friend did sleep with her while drunk and she said he took off the condom during sex.

Heres the deal.
I dip chewing tobbacco and I dipped out of the same can as my friend (keep in mind I had a cut and his hand did go in his mouth when he got his dip of tobacco.)

My friend is having no simptoms and is not worried. But I am.
I have had this thing where it does not really burn when i urinate but it has kinda been feeling like when it does when someone has a bladder infection (feeling like you need to pee more).
Also sometimes I get this feeling in the tip of my penis a warming feeling.
It will come for a few hours then leave.

Can you get genital herpes through drinking after someone if you have a cut in your mouth?
Can I get both types from blood exposure like that?
I heard that if you get herpes it only affects the area you get it from meaning I would not get it in the genital area, but I have no clue.

I'm just really confused and worried. I want the REAL FACTS.
Plus it has been over 48 hrs since this happened so I will have to wait how long before I get tested?
Please someone help me.

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