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After learning a great deal about sexually transmitted diseases I've come to have quite a fear of them. I am not sexually active and have not had any sexual experiences; however I feel that I will contract these diseases from inanimate objects or other people through everyday actions. It's turned into a full-blown disorder. I'm washing my hands thirty times a day and I need to sterilize my hands before going to the bathroom. It's getting out of control and it needs to stop.

So I ask everyone this, my main fear is herpes type 2, genital herpes. Is there ANY way one could contract the disease from any object anywhere, such as towels, doorknobs, peoples drinking glasses, etc. For example, if I touched a drinking glass that was used by someone with herpes type one then touched my genitals while going to the bathroom, could I contract it?
Also if you have a herpes sore on your body and you take a shower could the running water from your herpes sore on your lips run over your genitals and give you the disease?
Thirdly, If you have a herpes type one sore on your lip can and you touch it and then touch your genitals can it be spread and can you contract genital herpes? I know you can get sores on your eye from it but I havn't read anything about getting herpes type two.

Lastly, Does herpes ONLY show up on your genitals, lips or eyes? Because I'm starting to think every pimple on my face, stomach, chest, arms, or back is a herpes sore and I'm worried I'll contract it. It's absolutly rediculous, I know. But I just want to go back to the old days of not having to worry if my hands are washed before I go to the bathroom or just have contact with myself.
So if anyone could give me some well-sourced clarity, it would be much obliged.

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