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Ok my story starts about 9 months ago. I was dating this guy (we were together from last Sept to March when he left for Iraq where he still is) and ended up pregnant even though I was on the birth control patch. Then Feb 22nd I had a miscarriage at 7 weeks. During this time I was going through trying to figure out how to treat bacterial vaginosis and get it to stay gone. It kept coming back and I hopefully have finally gotten rid of it now. My way of dealing with the miscarriage was going out with my boyfriend and drinking to forget the pain and when we were both drunk we had sex and he actually came out and when he went back in he missed and hit me in between down there. It was the most painful thing and was sore and when I woke up the next day it was a cut and really painful. From there I decided to put neosporin which did not help at all. The cut ended up looking very infected and a little bit of a rash appeared. My right lymph node in the groin was very tender and swollen. I went to the STD clinic (this was in the beginning of March) and the nurse practicioner said it looked very atypical for herpes but still gave me a prescription for acyclovir and keflex for the infection. She told me the only way I would be able tell if it was actually herpes was if I got another outbreak since it had been a week since I got the cut and it couldn't be cultured anymore. She also told me that my lymph node could be swollen from the infection.

So it is now 6 months later since I had the cut. I have bacterial vaginosis again and a yeast infection. I used the gel and cream to treat both and I have noticed that it has gotten really red, raw, and swollen looking down there. And to the right of where I had the cut there is a mark. It almost looks like a pimple that someone tried to pop but skipped across it and it was very red and swollen. It is now going away. I know that it can be from all the stuff coming out of me and making things raw down there. But it can also be herpes. I also have the right swollen lymph node again. It is now not tender anymore and the swelling is going down as well. But I am also done with all my medication as well.

The thing that has me really worried is that when my boyfriend (well he's an ex now!) was in Iraq for about 2 months I got an email from his WIFE saying that she knows all about everything he has been doing. The email was sent to a bunch of different girls and apparently he was with me and his wife and 4 other girls as well. His wife just had his baby last week who was born about 3 weeks before my baby was due. So it is entirely possible that he picked it up from one of the other girls and gave it to me before he left and that would be why it took so long into our relationship for it to come out. I haven't taken any more medication since the first time taking the acyclovir because if it is herpes I want my body to fight it alone so I don't have to keep taking medication. I can't get in to see the doctor until November because I have to wait for my insurance to start up again. I will be asking for a blood test though.

At first I was very bothered that this might be herpes but that was just from what I had always heard about herpes. If this is what herpes is then it's not so bad. I've only had 2 outbreaks in 6 months and they have been so minor.. only a cut and a tiny little mark. I have never had the flu-like symptoms. I have always had my whole life that I can remember gotten this feeling like my skin hurts/aches around my period. It has always happened sporadically throughout the years and it has been my left upper back by my shoulder or down there or my legs or my butt or my side. But never a flu-like feeling. And it's the same feeling that a lot of my friends feel as well. The most recent time I had it was about 2 weeks ago when I spent the entire day sitting on a folding chair in a class and my bone on my butt was pressing through and it was actually painful after that. I am really thin and bony in places like that. So that was the last time I had it and it lasted for a day or so and then a week later I have all this fun stuff happening.

So what do you think? Sorry this is so long. I just really need to figure out what is going on and the waiting is horrible. I just wish I could get a definite answer. I'm at the point where I don't even care if I have it anymore.. I just want to know! Thank you so much!

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