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[QUOTE=vantasias;3477558]i am new to learning about this as well. my daughter has it. from what i understand is that the poor diets, lack of sleep and stress are all factors of having more outbreaks due to the fact that those things play heck on the body's immune system. so by taking better care of your self and taking vitamin c and maybe something like danactive all help boost your immune system in order to better fight against the outbreaks. but i could be wrong like i said i am new in this as well i am just learning myself on how to better help my daughter as well as trying to figure out if i can get it from her since her's is on her mouth. like drinking after each other and so forth. plus i need to protect my 2 yr old grandson. i really hope this helps you.[/QUOTE]

Well I appreciate the response. I've done a little research myself as precautionary measure and concern. As far as your situation I believe that the only way of passing the virus to someone else is when there is an out break. Herpes from what I hear is realitively versatile virus. It can remain as a relatively mild and common sore that can be caused from large consumption of acidic foods and such as well as common ailments. In combination with gental contact can cause HSV2 then intern can become a more sever sore wuth gental to mouth contact. Either way the point I'm attempting to make from my knowledge is that the risk to you as well as you grand child is minimal as long as your daughter takes the needed precautions when the virus appears. Take care and thanks for your response.

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