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Yes there are ways to catch HSV1 other than sexual! HSV1 is normally associated with the cold sore(mouth) herpes virus. Absolutely! You may have even caught it from one of your children. So many people have hsv1 it's like about 80% of the population! Most children get it from drinking after someone. Maybe being kissed by Grandma...whatever...So let's say your child drank after some other child at daycare and caught it and you kissed your child...voila...HSV1! Recently when taking a course in Cosmetology...they were stressing sanitation and were telling how easily unsanitary tools can spread HSV1! Even though some will tell you it dies quickly...according to the CDC it stays active for quite a while like 24 hours! I certainly wouldn't freak over being told you have is very common! Unfortunately the word herpes has a stigma attached to it that really needs some education!

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