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Re: Herpes and odor
Sep 27, 2009
Hi, i never thought that there was someone with the exact same problems as mines. i to suffer from the same things its embarassing everone at work knows i smell and i know they talk about me i have tried everything but nothing works which is why i came to this sight to get help i have a strong fishy odor i tried flagyl metrogle all kinds of thing the doctor gave nothing works it comes back a loud fishy smell if u find something that works please please tell me this is ruining my life as well as my marriage i dont want to have sex or be around peole because i stink and i know it i just cant help it im embarassed
Re: Herpes and odor
Jan 11, 2010
when i have an outbreak i also have an odor that comes from my penis. does not smell pleasant, but i have to say, the smell is a good indicator when i am going to be getting an outbreak.

i am a guy, so i hope i am not out of line in saying this, isn't douching not good for women to do?
[quote=always16;3788008]no i am only 27 so menopause is out of the question. I have read other posts on here about chronic bv and some women had suggested trying a hydrogen peroxide douche. I started it a week and a 1/2 ago, but only got 4 nights in before i started my period. The smell really seemed to go away while i was doing that, but when my period came, so did the smell. So now my period is over and i have started again with the hydrogen peroxide. This really seems to be my last hope as i don't have the money to keep going back to the dr. And everything they have given me up until this point hasn't worked anyway. I will consider the supplements if this doesn't work, so thanks for the suggestion. I guess my main question for this thread was if there were any women with herpes that had been going through this same thing, if the herpes had anything to do with it. One of the symptoms of a herpes infection is a foul odor/abnormal discharge so that was why i was wondering...and i guess also because i never had this problem before the herpes. I am going to go post under "women's health" for chronic bv and see if anyone has experienced it as well. Thanks again for the suggestions!!![/quote]

hi how are you well first dont knock menopause out the box studies have shown that a woman can go through menopause as early as 24yrs. Old i have a friend who goes through it already and she is 28 also my 12 yr old cousin had a heart attack 3 yrs ago and he was born healthy no heart conditions so n e thing is possible. And as far as your douchn you have to be careful with that doctors dont recommend u douche but if u have to do it mayb once a month. What a lot of women dont know is we have natural bacteria in our vagina and it cleanse itself if u douche to much u wash away ur vaginas natural bacteria that helps to fight infection in that area. There is good bacteria and bad bacteria. Our vagina is suppose to have an natural odor and white discharge. But i know ur case is different. Try changing ur eting habits and look at side affect of all medicines u take cause some have that as a side affect. (foul odor) also if u are on one medication and start takn another the medicines can also interact with each other an cause that reaction. I hope this will help u some. I know what ur going through i am a medical assistant and i have herpes.
Re: Herpes and odor
Apr 22, 2010
Hi. I have experienced a simar problem. I have had H for close to 3 years now. The first several months I noticed a foul smell and had it investigated by my doctor resulting in nothing showing up. Since that time I have also noticed a medicinal smell, particularly in the mornings upon awakening. I'm taking Valtrex every other day and have noticed this smell accompanied by a milky discharge. Although it is not recommended to douche I have found that this the only way to get through the day (emotionally comfortable). I douche with only water several times in the morning and the discharge is noticeable in the toilet bowl after doing so. As well, the crotch in my pj's is usually damp in the morning and have the smell. I am convinced that these particular symptoms are from the meds since they are not noticeable on the days that I do not take Valtrex. If I miss a day douching the overall smell becomes quite significant to the point where I am so self conscious about it. Others have subtly commented on it, in the mornings, but without having knowledge of my diagnosis. It is comforting (so to speak) that others may be experiencing similar symptoms. I wish I could offer some advice to you; however, I having been struggling with this myself. As far as hormones, etc. I am at an age where hormones have been changing; however, these smells were not present prior to the initial outbreak so I doubt there is any relationship there.
Re: Herpes and odor
Apr 28, 2010
Hi Im in a similar situation (I'm sorry to impose on your post, but this is the only one I have found still active). Im 18, first year in college and I'm pretty sure I have GH. I have also had/currently being treated for BV with metronidazole twice. I did a culture of a vaginal blister to test for GH, but it came out negative, but since then I believe I have had 2-3 outbreaks. I tried to build the courage to go back to the clinic and be actually diagnosed, but from the initial culture the amount of emotional stress I went through I just can't do it. I'm in need of some sort of emotional support from someone who is going through this or has been through it. I believe I have or is coming close to accepting it. I haven't told anyone, tempted to tell my mother but it would only devastate her and I can't do it, despite the situation being my fault or not.

My Story...I initially went to the doctor to treat discharge and a smell. When she got down there she said she thinks I have Herpes. She did the culture and a couple days later it came back negative and put me on BV treatment. After intercourse with someone who I am still talking to I have what i believe it be my first outbreak. No bumps just blisters/ulcers. After 3 days I was fine.
After crying my life away I rationed with myself that "we wore just rough." I still am having intercourse with him, but don't get ulcers/blisters anymore. I get "bumps" on my inner thigh and/or next to my vagina.

Although I have somewhat come to terms with it, I still get sad when I try thinking of the future or telling my partner. He's 19, and has no clue. I don't engage in any sexual contact when my "bumps" appear, but I don't know what to do. I know in my heart I have to tell him, but it's my first year, and he plays a sport but I really don't want me telling him be a slippery slope to a very embarrassing/depressing/who knows college career. I didn't know before engaging with him, but because I am still having intercourse with him I know I am in the wrong. But I don't know what to do...A piece of me wants him to just leave me so I can just be alone, but that is selfish and irresponsible and the other piece wants to tell him and see how it goes, EVEN THOUGH...I wish I knew him better, but it's only been five months....

I was hell bent that I was going to be lonely forever, never get married or have children, but reading this thread has given me hope.

I hate to change the topic of your thread, but am looking for advice of any sort on anything. I am very alone mentally being that I am a suffer in silence and smile to the world type of person. So anything from anybody will do. Thank you and I pray for ALLL of our health.
Re: Herpes and odor
Apr 29, 2010
hi guys i have not been on the post for a while. i have been getting emails on your posting i thought i was replying but it was 2 a no reply email, i want to ask u guys do u still have the smell. because i do and its terrible, im so embrassed at wrk i have no friends no one wants to be around me i dont know what to do i get the discharge the doctors keep giving me the pills and the gel but it is not wrking im so fustrated i just want to give up i cant get rid of this smell do any of u have suggestions?
i really need some help the doctors dont know shit, im dying slowly i hate going in public im a very pretty girl and my self esteem is down the toliet i dont even take care of myself any more i've gained alot weight i dont know what to do, do u have any suggestions about any medications for the odor
Re: Herpes and odor
Apr 30, 2010
[QUOTE=since1999;4161197]when i have an outbreak i also have an odor that comes from my penis. does not smell pleasant, but i have to say, the smell is a good indicator when i am going to be getting an outbreak.

i am a guy, so i hope i am not out of line in saying this, isn't douching not good for women to do?[/QUOTE]

Hi, please feel free to join in - it doesn't matter what sex we are - we all have this in common. Besides it is great to have a male voice in this. You may a good point about the smell being an indicator. If this works for you then great. I tend have the smell on an ongoing basis so I'm not confident it would for me.
Re: Herpes and odor
Jun 13, 2010
I know how you feel i came on here for the same reason, i am 21 i was diagnosed with herpes 1 a little over a year ago and about a month later i started noticing a foul smell and a milky discharge..iv been treated for everything from BV, to YI, one doctor ever tried treating me for clamidia based on a visual at my wits end, i dont even wanna have sex anymore the odor is so embarissing. Iv been to 3 diffrent clinics and 5 doctors, no one can give me anything that gets rid of it. I was put on fluconazole by one doctor as a treatment for a YI that wouldent clear up and it seemed to work...for about 2 weeks, than it came back! right now im jsut liveing with it but i want some resemblance of a normal life back its hard enough dealing with herpes..iv been to doctors in 3 diffrent states and no one can i feel your pain and am here looking for help too

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