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Knee & Hip Problems Board Index


a couple months after meniscus surgery (18)
a crackling sound in the knee (12)
a fall right to the knee (526)
a gluteus medius tendon tear (131)
a hip mri cost (43)
a loose body in the knee (81)
a lot of pain inner knee (40)
a low inr (94)
a low inr level (24)
a muscle at the back of the knee (1019)
a pain above my left knee (324)
a pain in my left hip means what is going on (81)
a partial hip replacement (74)
a pulled muscle behind the knee (19)
a shot in my right knee (317)
a tendon tear in gluteus medius r hip (42)
a week and knee still locked (18)
about pain in bottom of leg (713)
above (55624)
above knee hurts (128)
above knee pain (817)
above my knee hurts (126)
above the knee hurts (128)
accident and pain in leg (1352)
accident and pain in leg (1352)
accident hip nerve pain (135)
accupuncture for hip pain (33)
accupuncture hip pain (37)
ache after hip replacement (25)
ache at front of hip (29)
ache back of knee (346)
ache back of leg behind knee (22)
ache behind back off knee (17)
ache behind knees (31)
ache behind the knee (40)
ache from hip to knee (63)
ache hip on standing (42)
ache in both knees (128)
ache in bottom and legs (74)
ache in buttock (48)
ache in buttock when sitting (11)
ache in hip after hip replacement (24)
ache in hip and calf (38)
ache in hip and knee (100)
ache in hip and leg (160)
ache in hip and side of thigh (27)
ache in hip butt (38)
ache in hip thigh and knee (21)
ache in knees at night (143)
ache in left buttocks (50)
ache in the buttock (48)
ache in upper calf (28)
ache pain in knee to thigh (59)
ache when i sleep (1425)
aches after hip replacement (45)
aches in legs and bottom (69)
aches in my knees only at night time (42)
aches in thigh area (65)
aching after hip replacement (13)
aching hip after replacement (13)
aching knee joints at night (11)
aching knees (389)
aching knees and feet (118)
aching knees and lower back (73)
aching knees at night only (32)
aching knees during the night (21)
aching knees only at night time (27)
aching left buttock (23)
aching left hip back thigh (12)
aching lower back and knees (73)
aching pain in my hip and down to my knee (29)
aching pain in my knee only when i sleep? (15)
aching shins (14)
acl (756)
acl recovery (39)
acl 5 month (52)
acl 7 months (179)
acl after 8 months (105)
acl and mcl recovery (10)
acl and meniscus brace (16)
acl and meniscus recovery (14)
acl and meniscus surgery (115)
acl and meniscus surgery and still pain (17)
acl and meniscus surgery recovery (13)
acl and miniscus (10)
acl at 8 months (62)
acl best mri (29)
acl feeling great (13)
acl ice (44)
acl knee pain years after surgery (34)
acl knee scope (10)
acl locked knee (13)
acl mcl and meniscus surgery (27)
acl mcl and meniscus surgery (27)
acl mcl doctor (26)
acl mcl injury (37)
acl mcl meniscus (30)
acl mcl meniscus injury (20)
acl mcl meniscus surgery (23)
acl mcl meniscus tear (10)
acl mcl recovery (12)
acl mcl surgery (47)
acl mcl tear surgery (15)
acl mcl when to have surgery (19)
acl meniscus injury (35)
acl meniscus mcl surgery (27)
acl meniscus pain (65)
acl meniscus recovery (14)
acl meniscus surgery recovery (17)
acl pain after 2 year (41)
acl pain after 2 year (41)
acl pain in the knee 8 months (61)
acl pain years after surgery (47)
acl reconstruction (112)
acl reconstruction and pain (52)
acl reconstruction ice (10)
acl reconstruction pain (54)
acl reconstruction problems (24)
acl recovery (39)
acl recovery 3 months (21)
acl recovery 6 months (21)
acl recovery 7 months (26)
acl recovery 8 months (26)
acl recovery how long (10)
acl recovery time (24)
acl recovery, 7 months (26)
acl repair meniscus pain (12)
acl surgery 3 years out (71)
acl surgery 8 months (111)
acl surgery meniscus problem (14)
acl surgery recovery time (19)
acl tear repair (15)
acl tear, meniscus tear, and mcl tear (15)
acl tear, meniscus tear, and mcl tear (15)
acl, mcl and meniscus surgery (23)
acl, meniscus surgery (88)
acl,mcl, and meniscus surgery (27)
active life ceramic ceramic hip (13)
activity post thr (13)
acupuncture after hip replacement (20)
acupuncture after hip replacement surgery (12)
acupuncture and hip bursitis (22)
acupuncture and hip replacement (24)
acupuncture and hip replacement (24)
acupuncture for bursitis hip (23)
acupuncture for hip bursitis (22)
acupuncture for hip bursitis? (23)
acupuncture for post hip replacement (11)
acupuncture hip bursitis (23)
acupuncture hip replacement (19)
acupuncture treatment of hip bursitis (11)
acute pain in buttock (13)
acute pain in side of right knee (20)
addicted to walking on my treadmill (19)
addicted to walking on my treadmill (19)
addicted to walking on my treadmill (19)
adjust my hip (179)
advice for knee going out (319)
advice on hip problems (426)
advice on hip replacement (245)
advice re hip pain (765)
after (656809)
after knee surgery inflammation (44)
after 3 months on my full knee replacement surgery i still have pain on right side ot my left knee (15)
after 6 weeks of tkr (87)
after a fall , how do you know if you broke a hip ? (15)
after a fall , how do you know if you broke a hip ? (15)
after a hip replacement how long does it take for the pain to go away (41)
after a partial hip replacement (31)
after acl problems (66)
after ankle fusion pain (639)
after arthroscopy knee pain worse (14)
after bursectomy surgery (14)
after cortisone shot in knee post (12)
after effects from hip replacement (47)
after foot surgery leg very swollen (80)
after hip left replacement after 2 weeks i feel a little pain on the hip when i walk im using crutches (14)
after hip op (869)
after hip replacement (one leg longer than the other) (26)
after hip replacement 3 months for dental work (10)
after hip replacement can i drive (63)
after hip replacement gardening (14)
after hip replacement is it good to do exercise every day or every other day (13)
after hip replacement one leg longer (71)
after hip replacement restrictions (107)
after hip replacement surgery when can you drive (27)
after hip replacement what you can do after 5 months (106)
after hip replacement when bend to floor (17)
after hip replacement when can i drive (48)
after hip replacement x ray (52)
after hip surgery-questions to ask (188)
after hip tear surgery (80)
after i sleep my knees ache (55)
after knee arthroscopy what now (30)
after knee replacement recovery (130)
after knee replacement should the knee feel as if it is locking up (74)
after knee surgery for a tear, how bad is the pain (30)
after knee surgery knee still really hurts (84)
after knee surgery my knee still weak (45)
after knee surgery pain causes (110)
after knee surgery pain causes (110)
after meniscus knee surgery (183)
after meniscus surgery i have leg pain (42)
after meniscus surgery knee still hurts (11)
after meniscus surgery my knee still hurts (14)
after meniscus surgery still having pain (39)
after meniscus tear surgery (100)
after my lateral release (122)
after one week meniscus tear surgery (18)
after replacement how long before i can go back to work (105)
after right hip replacement (647)
after sitting down my knee hurts when i get up (43)
after sitting for a while my knee hurts (51)
after sitting i get hip pain when i walk (102)
after sitting my knee hurts when i get up (58)
after sitting when i get up i have an ache at the back of my knee (172)
after sleep knees hurt (238)
after standing too long my hip sore (14)
after synvisc one injection (10)
after synvisc-one injection (10)
after the hip replacement (2217)
after the hip replacement (2217)
after tkr pain on right side of knee (22)
after total knee replacement what is the recovery time? (88)
age 30 with hip replacement (30)
age for hip replacement (323)
age for knee replacement (146)
age knee replacement recovery (36)
aggrivated knee (11)
all 3 hip bursa hurt (22)
all body sore no reason (424)
all joints pop (317)
all my joints are popping (272)
all my joints are suddenly popping (11)
all my joints click (83)
all my joints pop (305)
all my joints popping (376)
all my joints snapping (45)
all of a sudden i became sore (54)
all of my joints are popping (294)
all of my joints pop (282)
alot of pain after meniscus surgery (26)
alot of popping joints (32)
am i ready for a hip replacement (107)
am i ready for a knee replacement (84)
am i ready for a total knee replacement (39)
am i ready for a total knee replacement (39)
am i ready for a total knee replacement (39)
am i too overweight for hip surgery (19)
am i too overweight for hip surgery (19)
anemia after hip surgery (20)
anemia after surgery (420)
anemia post surgery (160)
angry knee after knee replacement (12)
ankle and leg pain (2726)
ankle knee back leg pain (528)
ankle leg pain (2780)
ankle leg pain back of knee (506)
ankle leg pain outside up (200)
ankle lower leg pain (560)
ankle lower leg pain (560)
ankle pain up leg (1774)
ankle, knee, leg swelling, no pain (81)
ankle, leg, knee pain (778)
ankles crossed hip pain (12)
ankylosing spondylitis and leg numbness (12)
annoying knee injury (22)
annoying knee pain (167)
another loose body (658)
anterior approach hip replacement recovery (18)
anterior approach thr (11)
anterior approach to thr (31)
anterior hi replacement (29)
anterior hip approach (56)
anterior hip replacement (41)
anterior hip replacement and walking (13)
anterior hip replacement back to work (12)
anterior hip replacement pain (41)
anterior hip replacement pain (41)
anterior hip replacement problems (13)
anterior hip replacement procedure (23)
anterior hip replacement recovery (15)
anterior hip replacement recovery time (12)
anterior hip replacement restrictions (19)
anterior hip replacement surgery and recovery (25)
anterior hip replacement surgery recovery time (10)
anterior hip replacement, recovery time (12)
anterior hip replacement-problems (14)
anterior left hip replacement (18)
anterior thr (55)
antiflamatory (10)
anxiety and thigh pain (184)
anxiety and thigh pain (184)
anxiety thigh pain (179)
any help for leg pain (6217)
anyone had a torn meniscus (35)
anyone have lateral release (51)
anyone have synvisc (72)
apparent leg difference (12)
apparent leg length (22)
apparent length of leg (25)
are muscle spasms normal after surgery (220)
are synvisc injections painful (14)
are you able to do the same things after having a hip replacement (2954)
arm muscle spasms after neck surgery (102)
arthogram (21)
arthritic deterioration (17)
arthritic knee mri (39)
arthritis (26646)
arthritis (26646)
arthritis average time to diagnosis (31)
arthritis did not show on xray (25)
arthritis in back mri (1457)
arthritis in knee, mri (411)
arthritis in knees and hips (465)
arthritis in the knees how to read the mri (24)
arthritis knee mri (412)
arthritis knee say no (180)
arthritis knee scope (26)
arthritis knee xrays (93)
arthritis lumbar spine car accident (18)
arthritis mri knee (403)
arthritis of knee, mri (398)
arthritis x rays (878)
arthrits of knee (16)
arthritus in the hip (22)
arthritus in the knee (23)
arthroscopic knee debridement (39)
arthroscopic knee surgery time off work (19)
arthroscopic knee surgery when back to work (15)
arthroscopic meniscus (36)
arthroscopic scar tissue (60)
arthroscopic surgery - scar tissue (61)
arthroscopic surgery for meniscus tear (16)
arthroscopic surgery knee swelling (36)
arthroscopy for meniscus tear (21)
arthroscopy knee debridement (14)
arthroscopy knee time off work (11)
arthroscopy lateral release (10)
arthroscopy scar tissue (91)
as (1152847)
ask a doctor bursitis hip (34)
ask a question on hip surgery (152)
aspirin after knee surgery (16)
at 33 years old what can i do with my life (229)
at night my knees hurt (536)
at what age are hip replacements done (22)
at what age should one have a knee replacement (12)
athroscopy (34)
athroscopy knee (16)
athroscopy on the knee (13)
atrophy after knee injury (14)
atrophy knee injury (29)
atrophy quad muscle (24)
autologous blood for gluteus medius tendon tear (10)
avascular necrosis of the hip (96)
avascular necrosis of the shoulder (16)
average time off of work for knee surgery (17)

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