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Worried of hiv
Aug 30, 2016
hi all feeling some relief to share my thread here . my english is not good sorry for that . i had 3 exposure on last two month . i had 1st exposure to unkonown status on 14 may 2016 which was unprotected after some two weeks i feel myself sick severall night sweats , oral thrush , joint pain of my elbow ,swollen lymph nodes , ilness tiredness and i googled and find all are related to hiv symptoms and i scared planned to get tested and tested of hiv VDRL HCV HBsAG after 1 month on 13 jun 2016 all came NEGATIVE i feel relaxed and throwout hiv from mind and engaged on 2nd exposure unknown status on 15 jun 2016 that was protected but condom broked same happend on my 3rd exposure on 28 jun 2016 with unknown status condom broke while having vaginal sex and i continued after condom broked ..symptoms dint dissapeard and again i scared of hiv i tested on july 10 2016 came back negative and again feel some relief and had oral sex with my girlfriend only kissing and rubbing of penis on veginal symtoms remain din't disappeard and tested hiv VDRL HCV HBSaG spot all came back negative on august 8 2016 which was 87 days of first exposure which was unprotected. i asked 2nd and 3rd exposure females of their healths status and their replied was they are having high fever after some weeks ...and my girlfriend to whom i had oral sex is feeling same symtoms that i have after 4 weeks of exposure .. my questions
1) 1st exposure was high risk so i tested at 87 days after 1st exposure . at same date 2nd exposure was at 51 days and 3rd exposure was at 37 days and oral sex 30 days should i retest again for conclusive result ? if yes then when it will be good to test ? i dont know which test was used
2) risk of transfer hiv while oral sex only kissing and rubbing of penis... if it is zero risk why my girlfriend have same symptoms that i have?
3) what are all symtoms about ? i am having them them till today which are killing me
4)how conclusive are my tests ?
5 ) does second and 3rd exposure affect on test of 1st exposure ?

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