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Is It Possible?
Jan 7, 2004
I am wondering, is it possible to get HIV If you and your sexual partner were doing it while it was your first time, but it was unprotected? When I was younger, I am 20, 14 at the time and yes I should have known better and I do now As I've not had unprotected sex since. But the girl I had "sex" with, we had unprotected about 2-3 times, now my dick never actually went inside of her, and neither of us came. I am asking this because about a month ago I was feeling sick and one of my neck glands was swollen and I read all this stuff on what is a symptom of HIV. Let me tell you, it seems everything is a symptom!!! But none the less, I went to the docs that same day I received a prescription for an antibiotic called Apo-Cephaplex, I read that is an antibiotic to cure growths, IE: my swollen neck gland, and i took the pills as prescibed, and next day or two it was gone. I also had a sore throat and a cough, a continous one at that. After i had taken my pills I felt better.

Niow just the other dya I cam down with sniffles, and that thicky spit **** in your throat, but a sI right this it has gone down a lot, maybe thanks to my drinking of lemon tea. And I have a bit of cough, plus the weather has dipped down a lot lately, and my job I am sometimes outside without a jacket or gloves on, in a t-shirt, and keep in mind I did not get a flu shot this year, I did last year and never got sick at all!

Should I be concerned or am i just scaring myself?

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