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Well, I am about to go for my 3 month test.

According to some online info, my negative at 28 days (actually mine was 29) should be 85-90% accurate.

Yet I am still worried by oral symptoms.

I went to my docs back in April who said the tongue problems didn't look like thrush but prescribed me an antifungal anyway.
It didn't seem to help and I self-diagnosed geographic tongue and enlarged papillae.
Eventually these went away but now, 3 months after exposure I still have a white-looking tongue. Not really a coating, just like when you are run down.
It is red and sore around the edges and tip probably due to rubbing on the teeth.

This doesn't seem typical of HIV infection, even if it is thrush, yet the fact that it has gone on for so long does worry me.

I had swollen lymph gland on the right side of my neck for probably 6 weeks but they have now gone down.

Apart from a sore throat which lasted 3 days and which other members of my family also got, I haven't had any other symptoms recently.

I know I am not being anxious needlessly since I did have a high risk exposure.

I am just so scared to even go for this last test for fear of the result. A negative would prove to me 100% - I'm not a hypochondriac normally!

I am just clinging to the fact that a 4 week test is mostly reliable and hoping to hear those precious words - negative!

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