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Thank you friends, I hope you guys can understand what's going through in our minds when these symptoms haunt.I know Apollo and Smitler, you guys have been doing your best to provide us the best accurate opinions and we come up in denial because of these symptoms. I've never had this sort of swollen throat gland and night sweating in my entire life if I remember correctly.

One of the major reasons for my mental trauma other than these symptoms is the set of questions arise because of the herbal drink i consumed. My mind is saying that must have reduced the accuracy of my combo tests though it was the right period for testing. Guys seriously, what are the chances of such herbs that got anti-bacterial, viral and fungal to act as PEP and reduce the accuracy? Most experts deny that there could have been an effect but you never know. I'm so messed up!

@ GoingCrazy, yeah I know we are going through such a hell! I never thought that even the lowest risky incident can be this fatal

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