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[QUOTE=Apollo123;4934928]Well you have some risk as you may not be 100% sure if she was exposed to HIV within the 3 months. That said, she didnt have HIV when you tested as the test was negative .
In all honestly i do not belive she had HIV, but your follow up tests will prove this.
A test at 3 months will be conclsive, but really i would not be to concened.[/QUOTE]

Hi Apollo it's been 10 days now since my encounter,and I've had a few complications,3 days ago I developed herpes on my penis however I have had this before,but still made me a bit more worried,been to the doc and he said I certainly didn't catch it from her,also 3 days ago I also developed a slight sore throat which concerns me deeply,once a gain the doc said its just a viral thing.what are your views on this?the doc said that he is 99 percent that I haven't contracted HIV but still take a test in 4 weeks then after that another i conformation test just to put my mind at ease,I am struggling to come to terms with all this,,do you believe what the doc is saying is true?I am making myself I'll through all of this I would really appreciate your feed back.
Thanks in advance Apollo hope to hear from you soon.

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