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PEP is only ever prescribed as a last resort and in extreme circumstances. The side events of PEP can and often are very severe and very extreme. It can in some cases be disabling, laying patients up for weeks with vomiting and diarrhoea. It is not something that anybody would wish to be on. If you had been prescribed PEP you be on it for 28 days and would then need to test out to 3 months from completion. Meaning that rather than have to test out to 3 months you would have to test out to 4 months. And being on PEP offers no guarantee of supressing an HIV infection. The success rate is between 60 to 80% depending on when it was administered, which as to be done at least 72 hours after infection.

As it is, you are not on PEP (because your exposure does not warrant it), so go for your test tomorrow, which will be 6 weeks. This test, if it is negative, will be pretty conclusive.

And please stop posting up your ailments, they mean nothing with regards to your HIV status. They cannot and will not be commented on in this environment. The correct enviroment is with a doctor.

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