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Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. I am a heterosexual female, who had protected intercourse in July with a man who I have known for many years. We have an "on again, off again" relationship.I also know he has had many partners. In the past, we have not always been diligent about using condoms (I am on the pill), but given the risks and his unknown status (I don't know for sure if he is negative for STD's and HIV, although he says he is), we use them now. He tested inconclusive for Herpes from a blood test, so I am not 100% sure if he has it or not. In fact, last time we were together he brought up using condoms. That is actually one of the things that is making me nervous, as he didn't used to do this. Anyway, after we had intercourse and after he ejaculated, he withdrew and the condom slipped off. It was hanging out of my vagina a little (sorry to be graphic) and he grabbed it right away. There was no evidence that it broke or ripped and I don't believe any semen leaked out onto my vagina (although there was some on the bed). But, I'm not 100% sure, hence my worry.

I called him weeks later to ask him if there was anything to worry about and he said, "No" and that he remembered that I wanted to use condoms, which is why he brought them up. He also said he wanted us to be "safe". I agree and was relieved. But, then I became anxious again and decided to get an HIV test at 61 days post the event. It was the Oraquick Rapid Test and it was negative. The nurse told me that I should be fine and that result is at least 94% accurate. She told me I could come back after 3months, but I didn't need to because she felt my risk was very low. I felt so relieved, but then started reading on the internet about the "window period" and got anxious and confused again. Can I feel confident in this negative result? I am just anxious that I will be one of the 6% or something.. I can't shake the feeling that if he has lied to be about so many other things, why not this? I regret being with him this last time and want to move on, but am so scared that if he infected me, I won't be able to. Please advise. Thank you so much.

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