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I had unprotected oral sex about 5-6 weeks ago and then about a week ago I started to notice that I had a weird white coating on the back of my tongue with some yellow in the front of it. After realizing this I went to planned-parenthood where I got tested along with having one of the doctors there take a look at it. She said it was nothing and said not to worry about it. I also tested negative for HIV and all other STDs, but I know that I have to get tested again in 3 months.

After this I went to the hospital so that I could get a second opinion about it. This doctor did say that it was thrush, but wasn't sure if I had HIV or not. He prescribed me this oral rinse called Nystatin, so I am going to use it for the next few weeks to see if it goes away, but if it does, does that mean I don't have HIV or it just got rid of the thrush?

Also around the same time I noticed the thrush I have been experiencing body pain. It started all in the lower back, then the mid and upper back and in my arms, and now in my shoulder blades and neck. Also since I went to the doctor I have been itchy all over. I am not sure if they are linked or not though.
Oral sex is not a risk for HIV and HIV is not diagnosed by symptoms. We DO NOT discuss symptoms here. You do not have an HIV concern.

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