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Apr 26, 2014
I had a possible exposure to HIV, 2 and a half weeks ago, and i now have most of the symptoms listed on most online sites. I did something very stupid on the an anaversery of a very devastating event in my life. I had sex with a high risk sex worker. I wore a condom and got about 1 minute of oral sex and 2 minutes of vaginal sex. I was very careless at the time, and now i am facing the concequences. It all started with a strange feeling in my gentials, then persisted to a headache later that night with night sweats and a minor sore throat. This happened the same the next night.... I now have developed Thrush in my mouth, kind of like a yellow texture on top of my tongue. As well as sore lymph nodes in my groin, i feel like it hurts to walk. I have a loss of apetite as well and for the past 2 weeks my weight has gone up and down. and i have today, 3 days since having a headache started to get strange rashes on my body.. very small but red marks and unusual spots. I am very scared because i have gone back and thought about all of the different possibilties, I noticed she was very wet when feeling her vagina before intercourse, and when i took the condom off it felt very wet on the outside after only about 2 minutes of intercourse. I am very scared that when i slipped it off some of the fluids on the outside may have touched my penis head. or that even worse she had her period. I also had a small razer burn in the my pubic region that i noticed afterwards. I have been told by everyone that because i wore a condom i was protected from any possible HIV transmission, but these symptoms are very unexplainable. I have just felt a body-wide sickness come over me, and because of what happened two weeks ago i am very very concerned.

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