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Hello I'm currently terribly concern about my health condition, just after two year and a half (June/July 2012) years after my zero/negligible exposure (sucking CSW breast, I'm having a bit of mild bleeding gum condition), I do recall that the CSW was not bleeding in pain but definitely arouse, I don't recall of seeing any sore on her nipple. That was my first and probably last encounter/exposure to such unsafe scenario. I also remember that I've not brush my teeth before the encounter, but I do believe that I probably brush my teeth after the encounter perhaps 1-2 hours after such encounter. Unfortunately due to anxiety and panic; I've caught up with fever, probably due to anxiety and guilt and later consume paracetamol to ease my situation. Two weeks after the encounter, I've started to experience various conditions that I've never felt before, especially the muscle aches and shoulder pain followed by on and off fever.

In Oct 2013, I've gotten myself a swollen submundular gland on my left side of my neck (probably below my jaw); the condition started immediately just after I rinse my mouth with a mouth wash that was prescribed from my dentist. It started to swollen in the morning, I went to my GP the next day, and he was also stunned about my condition. But the reason I gave to him was the same thing which is due to the mouth wash I presume to be very 'Spicy/High in Acidity'. My GP informed me that if the condition persist for weeks, then it would be serious. BTW the size of the swollen gland is huge (bigger than a golf ball). However, fortunately the swollen gland tend to subside later in the afternoon and persist to shrink to its normal size the next day.

In Dec 2013; for the first time, I've managed to get my self 'Rapid Test kit' conducted in a private pharmacy based on 'Blood' pricking method. Thank god the result was NEGATIVE.

End of 2014; starting to feel unease sensation on my throat.

Now 2015; I'm now suffering from repetitive unease sensation on my throat and neck. Even my Dr. start to query about my condition and even referred me to ENT specialist, but only to diagnose me for acid reflux. He prescribed me Omeprezole. Unfortunately my unease sensation on my throat and neck still persist till now which already lasted fro a week plus. It only subside temporarily when I consume throat soothing candy continuously with interval, followed by drinking plain water. My anxiety definitely hyped at throughout the past weeks, I haven't notified my Dr. about my past exposure yet. I'm suffering a long uneasiness sensation on my throat and neck for quite sometime. What is worrying me the most is whether the previous test in the end of 2013 is 'FALSE NEGATIVE'. Or perhaps, I've contracted the disease from the ***** lancet.

What I am experiencing right now ranges from; uneaseness in my throat and neck (on and off warmth), continuos feel of thirsts, warmth a bit on and off swelling of my gland that previously swollen 'Ball' sized in 2013. But it subside when I rub ice over it regularly, a bit of multiple minimal lump on my limb at the edge of the left joint of my limb ( I assume my lymph nodes), on and off sensation of itchiness and warmth around my limb, feeling of out of balance or vertigo followed by on and offf dizziness, muscle aches and occasional shoulder pain, neck stiffness. Some of these symptoms have persist for quite sometime but increase its intensity for the past two weeks just when I started to encounter my constant need for taking candy to sooth my unknown throat condition. Does all this symptoms shows deteriorating condition in progression of HIV/AIDS? Despite of negligible/low/high risk exposure? After 2.5 years of exposure?

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