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Ars Fever
Aug 24, 2007
... the only way you can diagnose an ars fever is by getting tested with a positive result. ... (2 replies)
... and stupidly had sex with a prostitute walking the streets. First time travelling and this completely ruined my experience and had to fly home prematurely due to symptoms of HIV infection. I advise anyone reading this to not engage in sex with workers as imo just isnt worth it. ... (2 replies)
... hay fever symptoms. Runny nose, clear nasal discharge. I didn't have a sore throat or temperature, it's pretty much passed now after about 4 days. ... (7 replies)

... So since my earlier symptoms I stated, 13 days after post exposure I got a strange rash on my chest...look like small, red spots near my hair follicles...only like 20 or so spots in total. ... (5 replies)
... that had an article about ARS and it said that people who suffer from ARS generally test positive three weeks after showing symptoms. ... (2 replies)
... (20 replies)
... I know ARS can last from "several days" to "several weeks. ... (20 replies)
... But i would like to mention further on Symptoms which Possibly infected person MAY or MAY NOT get. ... (24 replies)
... You are lucky it was only oral sex that has very low chance of transmission if any, according what most expert are saying. My question is, How did you find she was HIV positive that is impoossible with most. I suspected the gitl i met to be positive but i have no way of finding out, how did you find out. (58 replies)
... Received oral sex later on found out she hiv positive. I have big headache, fever, vomit, diaharra last about 3 day. Now I have white tongue n muscle pain on n off on my right shoulder. As for rash, I always has that before this. I test 6 time always to 14 n half week. (58 replies)
... ources online that thrush and night sweats do occure as part of ARS. Although thrush is not as common, nightsweats does occur along with many of the other common symptoms fever, headache, and rash. I would like to believe they dont otherwise i would be much relax but sites like webmd and others do list these symptoms. ... (58 replies)
... chasing those symptoms is a total waste of time. ... (58 replies)
... If your symptoms were due to HIV you would have seroconverted by the time that you took your 4 week test, which would have resulted in a positive test result. ... (58 replies)
... days after the exposure. fever, headache, stomach pain, lympe node. Ok these symptoms can be caused by many things thats understood. but thrush and nightsweat were additional symptoms i felt, that worries me most than anything else. ... (58 replies)
... you have read too much... what symptoms you have, has no bearing on what your hiv status is. only the tests can determine that. the test results are a much better indicator to what your status is then any symptom you could have. you will see it for yourself with your next test. good luck (58 replies)
... I do read many that had many scare and end up negative. Having 1 or 2 symptoms can scare people but in my case i felt multiple fever, headache, thrush and nightsweat within the time line ARS occured. ... (58 replies)
... days following the incident. Reading online all symptoms seem to match this has me very scared. I felt swollen glands in the neck, slight fever, diarrhea, nausea, headache, night sweats, and Thrush. ... (58 replies)
... Sorry but I don't think you have more symptoms than me. I have listed quite a few more symptoms and changes in my body than you have. I'm not trying to get into a pissing contest of about who has more symptoms. ... (42 replies)
... Anxiety11 is correct. You cannot diagnose HIV based on symptoms you are exhibiting. ... (2 replies)
... It sounds to me like an allergy...perhaps you could see your Dr about it? I have never read about red eye being an early symptom of HIV, and i've done alot of research...As Cflas said, almost everyone on this board has felt one symptom or another after having unprotected sex...I would be a bit more concerned if you had typical ARS symptoms, fever,night sweats etc(although we... (4 replies)

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