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... Hello, A little over four weeks ago I began noticing symptoms of possible infection. The first week I was having difficulty with urination (frequent need to urinate and slight discomfort after I was done as if there was still more left). I went to the doctor and they tested for chlamydia, gonnorrhea, trich, and any possible uretheral infection. All came back negative but my... (2 replies)
... eover my creactive proteins are also positive which shows inflammation in my body..all this things are freaking me out..moreover i have got viral pharyngites and fever also 1 week after exposure..and my joint and muscle pains are still persisting.. ... (7 replies)
... from day 5th after exposure i hv got sore throat i went to doctor he told its viral pharyngites it took 1 week for throat to become between i got fever also of around 37.3 degrees..after that m getting joint pain in knees fingers of hands palms and elbows..the muscle pain is continued from last 2 weeks.. ... (7 replies)

... I'm sorry, I didn't make myself clear. You never had any risk from HIV and nothing health related can be from HIV at all in a zillion years. As long as your penis head is protected, as yours was, you cannot be at risk from HIV, no ifs buts or maybes, no risk mate, I'm what ever spin you make of it, you had zero risk of HIV. (10 replies)
... Can sore throat without fever can be a symptom of ARS? ... (10 replies)
... Thank you Apollo for your reply. But still I am worried, If there was a condom slippage I did not notice that. But want to know can sore throat without fever can be a symptom of ARS? ... (10 replies)
... Hi, I am a male of 31 years of age. About 38 days before I had sex with a CSW. It was protected vaginal sex and protected oral sex. Also there were deep throat kissing which lasts almost minute. Since last 3 weeks I have sore throat and mild joint pain. No real fever. Some times during afternoon time temperature raise up to 37.2 degrees centigrade. The sore throat was... (10 replies)
... to die and all that. But they found a way with a new anti coagulant drug to save me. I had a high fever, rash, night sweats, the whole nine yards associated with ARS as well. I was in my early 20s at that time. ... (1 replies)
... I apologize for being another person fretting about the possibility of contracting HIV, but my incident actually did involve unprotected vaginal intercourse. This was May 25th, with a man I thought I really liked, but whom, in retrospect, I actually knew very little about. The penetration occurred for maybe 20 minutes, and he did not ejaculate inside of me. What would have... (3 replies)
... mph nodes where swollen then after all the sore throat issue clears like a week later I get a rash that is spotty on my chest and itches so if these where truely ARS issues wouldnt they have came on all at once or could ARS be be drug out as such? ... (12 replies)
... Is a runny nose for several days ars symptom, no fever, no diarrhea. ... ... (10 replies)
... Doesn't this sound just like HIV ARS to anyone else, I am trying to find a clinic that offers antigen testing, but I can't seem to locate any. ... (5 replies)
... As you would have seen lot of people talking about ars symtoms.iam sure you have a idea about how the symptoms occurs like type of symptoms,their severity,there timing,etc. ... (8 replies)
... low grade fever with excessive sweats and chills.As again i measured temperature thought the course of fever it was varying up and down from a minimum of 98.9 c to maximum of 99.9 c. ... (8 replies)
... scared and worried about the HIV infection. She has just tested HIV positive that means when we kissed she must had high viral load that time. I had symptoms of ars and the time frame was also exact. Now i am very afraid to do the HIV test but i know i have to do it. ... (1 replies)
... I am a 21 year old gay male. In July 2013, I met someone and fell in love. I was a virgin up until I met him, and with great reluctance at the age of 20 I lost my virginity to him. It was unprotected, as was everyone encounter after that. We ended badly, and I had found out he lied about his sexual history. Towards the end of our relationship, I was diagnosed and... (2 replies)
... but no fever, rash or fatigue. Not exactly classic ARS but enough to get me concerned. ... (5 replies)
Ars Fever
Aug 24, 2007
... the only way you can diagnose an ars fever is by getting tested with a positive result. ... (2 replies)
Ars Fever
Aug 24, 2007
... I was wondering I had a fever of 100.5 for about 2 hours. Is this a typical Ars Fever or would an ARS FEVER LAST LONGER. I took my temperature after from coming inside for about 10 mins. Two hours later my temperature was 97.9. ... (2 replies)
... cts thus differently to their body.Some may get few symptoms, some may get many symptoms. I wont go in more detila with that symptoms. But all i can say is 2 day fever doesnt sound like ARS to me but still get checked out. ... (24 replies)

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