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ARS symptoms
Feb 15, 2006
... All those symptoms point to ARS, I know it's pretty pointless dwelling on it but I cant help, I am very anxious, not eating, and to be honest extremely depressed about it. ... (12 replies)
... Seven days is somewhat early for ARS symptoms to appear. ... (4 replies)
... ARS symptoms come with seroconversion which on average takes 22 days, not 2 days. ... (6 replies)

... As you have already been advised, nothing you have described remotely resembles ARS symptoms and nothing you have described put you anywhere near an HIV infection. ... (12 replies)
... are but whoever they are they are incorrect. ARS symptoms and antibodies do not develop five months after an infection. ... (62 replies)
... Yes and you can also test postive before ARS. Once you have the HIV infection, your body goes into overtime to fit the virus ( average 22 days ). With the lastest 4 th generation testing kits 99% will test postive at 4 weeks and 99.6% by 6 weeks. So in short, if you had the flu and thought is was ARS, tested negative than you had the flu and not ARS :) Which goes to show... (18 replies)
ARS after 6 Weeks?
Jan 27, 2011
... days and then i am fine for a day or 2 then get fluish again. from this 13th Jan i have been fluish for like 8 days till 21st Jan and Red Sots on my shoulder appeared from 9th Jan to 25th 26th Jan which is very close to the ARS Symptoms. ... (66 replies)
... Yes, I'm aware that you don't need to have ARS symptoms to seroconvert, as some people never get them. ... (7 replies)
... Can someone please tell me the likelyhood that ARS symptoms would START at 9 weeks. ... (6 replies)
... hung up on them, as they link what they feel with a risk they had. But "ARS symptoms" are very non specific, meaning almost anything can cause them. Alot of the symptoms listed online as being HIV related refer to the late stages of the disease, namely actual AIDS....this further scares people. ... (7 replies)
... No seven hours is far too early to be having any symptoms of a primary HIV infection. ... (10 replies)
... body will react, as it does to any viral infection, by producing antibodies. It is the production of antibodies and your own body's reaction that can bring about ARS symptoms, not the virus itself. Once your body as produced enough antibodies to be detected by an HIV antibody test you will test positive. ... (27 replies)
Worried sick!
Apr 8, 2012
... cause the body to have symptoms. The average time frame for this reaction to occur is 22 days. ARS symptoms as they are called happen between two to four weeks after an infection. They come together and they go together. ... (27 replies)
Scared about hiv
Dec 4, 2011
... is first introduced into the body. During this stage your body will go from HIV negative to HIV positve.This process can cause a reaction which can result in ARS symptoms. On average this takes 22 days. ... (35 replies)
... Ok, you had a risk yes, HIV symptoms will never start that soon NEVER. ... (6 replies)
... on average takes 22 days. As somebody goes through this period their body may react to the production of HIV antibodies. ... (50 replies)
... So basically here is my non medical nerve calimg answer. None of us are Doctors, nor tend to be. Most of us are average people who have been in your situation and found the answers to our concners. ... (6 replies)
... of people who experience symptoms actually test positive. OK, here are some figures. ... (58 replies)
... s and makes it unlikely to bee infected. Wht im wondering is if these people are actually experiancing these scary symptoms with exactly time frame with specific symptoms such as thrush and nightsweat, which i think puts me in a more higher category of people that may change their negative to a positive after 4 weeks. ... (58 replies)
ARS after 6 Weeks?
Jan 30, 2011
... The body temperature goes down during sleeping so it's not uncommon at all to experience some sweating. I even woke up this morning fairly sweaty after waking up in the night cold. I will admit it made me a bit worried considering I only have a 6 week negative test and have had very strange rash and dry cough, however with true night sweats you wake up literally drenched your... (66 replies)

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