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... tely numb, very painful and my balance is off along with muscle weakness. Mg question is this.. Is there anything that would cause delayed seroconversion.. The ars symptoms I experienced started at 2 weeks and lasted til week 5.. Then at 7 weeks is when the gbs started. ... (7 replies)
... Read the top sticky threads about 'symptoms'. (2 replies)
... Symptoms are lack of them can never indicate your HIV status and that's why the form members do not get into debating them. If you test at 6 weeks from your last exposure then your more or less HIV negative and then test at 12 weeks for final confirmation. Best of luck. (2 replies)

... flat non itchy red rashes on my face and chest. I started panicking. I have had several flu in the past but I never got a rash. I then researched about the early symptoms of hiv which is ARS. ... (2 replies)
... hung up on them, as they link what they feel with a risk they had. But "ARS symptoms" are very non specific, meaning almost anything can cause them. Alot of the symptoms listed online as being HIV related refer to the late stages of the disease, namely actual AIDS....this further scares people. ... (7 replies)
... Hi 7 weeks ago I had a risky sexual exposure. Since then I've had all the ars symptoms almost. I still have night sweats now and the psoriasis like rash on my knuckles is still lightly there, going on 4 weeks now. ... (7 replies)
... days would be to early for ARS to give you any symptoms, but this forum really never gets involved with symptoms speculation as it only seems to create more concern and further more symptom speculation can never confirm your status. ... (1 replies)
... No one can guess your status from symptoms, only a test will do that. Ars very very rarely comes after 6 weeks but for your peace of mind take another test now and that will be very much conclusive. ... (7 replies)
... As i am reading on the internet, all my symptoms related to ARS .. ... (2 replies)
... After all these symptoms I decided to go and get the oraquick oral swab test. It came back negative! So this is three months past my experience which was February 16. ... (4 replies)
... It just seem so coincidental because of all of these unexplained symptoms that me and my wife are having. So I should get a blood test to make sure? ... (4 replies)
... 1. Symptoms are NOT DIAGNOSTIC OF HIV INFECTION. READ THE TOP STICKY THREAD ON SYMPTOMS. 2. 3 months is conclusive 3. You don't have an HIV concern. (4 replies)
... Can ars start up to 11 weeks? ... (4 replies)
... Your oraquick is conclusive. You don't have an HIV concern. (4 replies)
... HIV requires exposures deep inside the body for transmission (vagina, rectum), because it's a fragile virus and needs the environment of the host to survive. In your situation, contact with air would render the virus unable to infect. So you had no significant risk and don't require testing. So please try not to let your OCD make you overthink your exposure- there was none. (2 replies)
... The symptoms I described. Am I right in thinking this is not HIV related as it is too early to start experiencing ARS symptoms with the symptoms starting barely two days after? ... (5 replies)
... HIV is not past passed on via unprotected sex. Many studies have been done with couples who had one partner positive the other negative and they continued to have protected sex and unprotected oral sex and their were no recorded cases. Saliva is also an excellent barrier against HIV as it has over a dozen enzymes and proteins that render the virus inactive. You have... (2 replies)
... I have had protected vaginal sex with a guy, and then we had unprotected oral sex (I did it to him), then he come on my face, my eyes were closed but still it was on my eye lashes also a little bit came into my mouth i spit but anyway. So this is the story line, after the exposure around 1 week-9 days, I had sore throat, and feeling so tired, in the mean while, I travelled... (2 replies)
Mar 17, 2015
... uess it was dark and it could have torn or tore on the underside where I did not inspect. So anyways starting around the 2 week period i have had almost all the ARS symptoms and a few still going on. ... (3 replies)
... anxiety. My advice to anyone reading this with symptoms like mine, don't give up hope like I had done many times throughout the process of getting my results. Stay off google!! ... (0 replies)

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