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... sore throat, probably some fever, no rash. These symptoms last for a couple of days and then I developed a very dry cough which last for 3 weeks. ... (4 replies)
So stressed
Oct 16, 2014
... Thankyou Apollo. Really dont understand all this. I too thought i never thought i had a risk but when i got the symptoms in the exact ARS timeline i really freaked out. I went into so much testing. ... (4 replies)
... I have 1 last question sir. Do hiv infected person really experience ARS even in the latter part? ... (8 replies)

Maybe HIV
Sep 24, 2014
... associating everything to this incident. I just want a normal life back without this being in the back of my mind. I had stopped testing as I feel with all the symptoms I will test positive. ... (7 replies)
... Some experts say that there's low risk with condom, in such case is it possible that the low risk exposure may lead to delayed ARS, I'm in 11th week now & having fever cough, cold body ache. Also what about the other symptoms which are still continue since 4weeks & cough throughout. (10 replies)
... examination. So there was it, i was examined by I think 14th of february of the same year. It was negative. Few months from the exposure, now 7th month, i had no symptoms for initial infection. I am referring to ARS. Instead, i am gaining weights. I never had an intense fever as what people described nor diarrhea. ... (8 replies)
... I was wondering what will the windows period for ARS symptoms? ... (6 replies)
... I was wondering what will the windows period for ARS symptoms? ... (6 replies)
... th week. Is this normal ARS Symptoms? ... (6 replies)
... Thanks Apollo as usual for your kind and prompt reply so to reiterate in straight terms I was at no risk whatsoever of HIV or syphylis for that matter from the above described? and my canker sores dont represent any ARS symptoms per se I was thinking of getting tested but again but I do not want to waste money if it is no necessary (12 replies)
... So even with initial symptoms that seemed like ARS symptoms and with the ongoing white tongue and sore throat you would no longer test for HIV. ... (5 replies)
Rapid test
Jul 23, 2014
... thanks i lot.I was actually exposed thriugh my ex-fiancee who was +ve and kept that away from me.I only found out when i insisted on HIV test before walking the aisle.My exposure was between Feb 28-March 10 and April 11-12 2014.My negative rapid test results were on April 19,June 23 and july 5 2014.Besides the normal cough and ocassional diarhea, i have not had any of the ARS... (2 replies)
... Hi, I've re-entered a zone of confusion and anxiety after falling ill last week. exposure risk 9 and half weeks ago Hand job and anal fingering (received) from a massage HIV and STD screen tests at 32 days after - negative for all tests. Believe the HIV test was 4th Generation as it was done in a GUM clinic in London. (1 replies)
... Thank you, I know I cannot self diagnose myself but the diarrhoea just makes me feel like I am sure I've been infected. I know we don't go by symptoms but can diarrhoea alone be a symptom of ARS? ... (10 replies)
... Your fourth generation test would have been positive if your symptoms were due to HIV. I think your doctor is just being overly cautious. ... (3 replies)
... Yeah, yeah, you've heard it too, symptoms are not a good way to diagnose. But you're still afraid. ... (2 replies)
1 in 10000
Aug 9, 2014
... Didn't seem like poison ivy to me, but it did itch and the rash associated with ARS doesn't itch as far as I understand. ... (10 replies)
... Not only that 2 weeks later I had a moderate common cold and this had heightened my anxiety even more because it had me thinking that it was an ARS symptom. I don't understand how the symptoms work most sites say many come down with a flu or a cold. I'm not sure and it's confusing. ... (5 replies)
1 in 10000
Aug 9, 2014
... diabetes?, i know its not HIV i have it and i have never experianced that? listen the facts are you had oral sex = you will not catch HIV negative test result = you don't have HIV those are the only things that really matter here the rest is just fluffand should be ignored. "Someone told me that if my symptoms were related to ARS, that I would test positive 7-10 days... (10 replies)
1 in 10000
Aug 9, 2014
... I really appreciate your advice! :) I really wasn't concerned until I got a rash along with everything else. And do you know what would cause this persistent dry mouth? I've never had it before. :o Someone told me that if my symptoms were related to ARS, that I would test positive 7-10 days after the onset of symptoms. Is that accurate? (10 replies)

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