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... still very hard even with 2 exposures scareforce, trust me last week I have read a lot!!! Its a very remote chance even with 2 exposures from hetrosexual vaginal sex when you are the male - there is a chance though, but it is remote. The problem with me of course is that blood was involved - Also from what I have read, ALL the glands or a large amount of them have to be... (22 replies)
... Hey Scarforce - yeah I would advise u just to relax and not worry, I would say that it is very very unlikely that u got HIV from the circumstances u described. I have done a lot of research and it seems u would be very unlikely to get HIV from female sexual fluids from just one single exposure especially considering that you were wearing a condom for at least some of the... (22 replies)
... I dont know if there was ever any research done on menstrual blood. But blood is blood. It hard for a man to catch Hiv from a woman if there is no blood. But in your case there was blood. Goodluck and I wish you the best. ... (22 replies)

... Does anyone know if there are any studies or any scientific information on menstrual blood and HIV? ... (22 replies)
... chance to get it if there is blood and it made contact with a opening on you. It doesnt matter if it was menstrual blood or regular blood. Now if she wasnt bleeding then your chances would be almost impossible to get it from what you explained happened. ... (22 replies)
... Thirdly, I was pretty sure that blood being involved increased the risk, but did anyone have any idea as to how much it increases the risk? ... (22 replies)
... d Generlaized Lymphonadeopthy. You haven't even tested yet, so, cool your mind. Second doesn't matter if it was 5 seconds or 1 hour you can get HIV from both if blood was involved. Third please get tested to ease your mind. Psycholgically you can induce symptoms from Anxiety and stress. ... (22 replies)
... Sorry to hear about your situation. Menstrual blood does pose a higher chance of Getting Hiv. Reason why it does is because it is blood and HIV is mainly in the blood. ... (22 replies)
... working girl. Halfway through the condom broke, i withdrew basically after 5 seconds after this, however to my shock i noticed a significant amount of menstrual blood was present.... ... (22 replies)
... I am kind of suprised the doctors over there are kind of laughing this off. I have heard of doctors here recommending testing after much less risky encounters. Here it seems like the doctors and CDC are very cautious and conservative about this kind of thing. I cannot believe they are not even slightly worried for you. From what I have heard if you experience ARS that... (22 replies)
... Thanks for the kind words, Robbie. I'm back in Bangkok and staying at a pretty decent hotel off Sukhumvit near Nana. Staying here only for location....not bar scene. I see these guys walking around with these ST girls and I'm thinking...'You guys are asking for it'. What a difference a few weeks makes. :rolleyes: (22 replies)
... Rob... The main problem I've had has been with the glands in my neck. They've been very painful for about 8 days now. This is what prompted me to research this to begin with. No problems with glands elsewhere. Only the neck. For what it's worth, I had two exposures that evening...not just one. Just wanted to throw that in if you're a betting man. (22 replies)
... Hi, SCAREFORCE, Dont worry so much. Also dont look online because they will just say any sympntom is caused by HIV. In thailand they have test kits there for sale in thailand. So just go buy one so it can clam you down a little. From what you say it seems highly unlikely you can catch it from suchs a short time. If you are still concerned then go to another doctor and... (22 replies)
... Man I would be scared outta my arse! Thats some ordeal you're going through buddy. Relax and reduce the anxiety. You could be experiencing psychosomatic symptoms. You reading up on all the symptoms of infection and then, you know, kind of become a hypochondriac. Mannn o man I'd be sweating piss and pissing sweat . Good luck . :eek: . Relax.... :eek: Relax.... :eek: (22 replies)
... I struggled getting out of bed this afternoon with a high fever and body pain. Like the worst flu I've ever had. The neck pain continues. Also noticed a rash on my shoulders and stomach. I felt this warranted another doctor visit. Told the doc the situation and he just laughed about it and told me not to worry. Said very little chance of HIV infection. In his opinion, it... (22 replies)
... Ahh Scareforce When are you being tested? Whatever the outcome you can still have sex. Which ever way the test results turn out you can still have sex. you just need to be super careful even if your negative be super careful from now on. Im sorry you guys got mixed up in these situations. Take care (22 replies)
... Besafe... You hit the nail on the head. Look at it this way... If I have HIV, I'll never be sleeping with anyone ever again. If I don't have HIV, I won't be doing the P4P thing ever again (or drinking around go-go bars). (22 replies)
... I just cannot get over the fact that women are like this!! I could NEVER pick up a guy from a bar without even knowing him let alone take along a friend and sleep with him. Obviously they have done this before and with how many WHO KNOWS! Some people have no shame. And i understand how you may feel right now and i really hope everything is ok with you. And the sad part... (22 replies)
... You guys are nuts. Having sex with sex workers in thailand (or any other country) you are asking for trouble. See you already got ghonnoreah. I hope you all have learned your lesson from all this worry! I sincerely hope none of you are hiv positive. Just please start living a cleaner lifestyle. (22 replies)
... Nice post, Gary. Thanks. Can I ask...did you have an STD during these exposures? I've seen STD's greatly increase the risk factor. (22 replies)

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