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Apr 13, 2012
... h nodes all over neck. toungue ridges, discoleration, hairy like and metallic taste. Also edema all over and I am not overweight or dehydrated. Also 2 confirmed CBC results withlow lymphocyte and high nutriphil count. ... (18 replies)
Scared to Death
Feb 16, 2012
... Hi Apollo! Well, I've only had 1 sexual partner before him. But he's had several straight sex partners, for one night stands, he always wore a condom. He's never been tested, but shows no sign at all of infection. This is why I'm freaking out, because I got a month after dating him, with all the classic signs of HIV. I had 2 mono tests-negative, and 6+ CBC tests that were... (27 replies)
2 lives on line
Dec 29, 2011
... was on bed for a week and took me 2 weeks to recover from jaundice... i had my usual symptoms sore throat,painful lymph nodes behind my knees,armpits and sinus infection all along.. ... (16 replies)

... posure I had a sinus infection. Quite severe, I was coughing blood with mucus and doctors ran the blood tests and all, they came back normal. They told me it was infection due to swimming. ... (9 replies)
My symptoms
Oct 29, 2010
... my WBC is 5400 and CBC is normal if u check the absorlute value.wld HIV infection effects my blood work? ... (10 replies)
... or is CBC has little to do with HIV diagnosis? ... (10 replies)
HIV information...
Aug 15, 2010
... You could have swollen lymph nodes after the Primary infection phase was gone but you telling me that your lymph nodes were swollen before this sexual encounter leads me to believe they aren't related to you having sex. ... (50 replies)
... Hi Guys & Gals Please bear with me as it is a long post 1st Exposure -with CSW in March -May 2009(4 encounters with the same CSW),it was protected vaginal and unprotected oral in UK.I had bad sore throat after a week after my 1st encounter.went away afer i took some antibiotics I came back to india my sore thoat was diagnosed as Chronic Pharyngitis(Sore Throat)... (82 replies)
... y of this. I was tested for HIV at 9 weeks post exposure it came back negative but I also had a high WBC at this point in time only my neutrophils were above the normal range everything else was right in the middle. Then reference range is 2. ... (2 replies)
Terrified by hiv
May 16, 2010
... vomitting. The infection was cleared by another antibiotic, but the stools took time to get some consistancy and the nausea still bugs me to this day. ... (4 replies)
... eling very weak and have fautage.His diet and appetite is decressed very much and he eats seldom.The nature of fever is like it start shooting when he gets up it normal when he get up but rise as day progress and reach around 100 frienhieght my mid day and then subside by night to normal or 99. ... (2 replies)
Am I Infected?
Apr 16, 2009
... that I smoked a cigarrete. Recently I had a boil in my armpit. I consulted a doctor, and he suggested me a blood test for diabetes and CBC. The diabetes test was normal but in the CBC, the WBC count was 10500. I asked my doctor about the WBC count and he said that it is due to the infection I was having in my armpits. ... (9 replies)
HIV oral sex risk
Jul 22, 2008
... I had a CBC done on Friday and everything came back completely normal. My doctor claimed that the results were "very good". I went in today and had more blood drawn. ... (7 replies)
Any Advice
Sep 18, 2006
... the results came back normal, CBC was done done along with a protein level test and some other test too. ... (6 replies)
... ponding. I am not a drug user and have been celibate for 13 years. My last partner was quite promiscus before me. I left him cuz he was violent. Yes I have had a CBC test and it was normal. Doctor thought maybe I had cancer. I have lost 30 pounds in 2 years and eat normally. I bruise badly, have night sweats etc. ... (6 replies)
... the results from the one I got this past spring. I also got a full CBC, liver panel, kidney panel, and metabolic tests when I had that pap smear, those came back normal too. ... (2 replies)
... s, including a steroid. the doctor really never knew what he had and just said it was a "very bad case of strep throat." a few days later, he developed a yeast infection in his mouth. he went back to the dr. a third time and the dr. ... (6 replies)
... Well, depending upon what the doctor was looking for may have been why he ordered the CBC with differential. However, if he didn't say anything at the time, I would think that the blood work came back relatively normal. ... (11 replies)
... A cbc will always be normal, and is not an indicator for HIV infection..I'm not saying this to scare you, but i'm just letting you know... ... (3 replies)
Nov 25, 2003
... Maybe indicated that if someone were 5 years plus into the disease then something would be wrong with your CBC count. Is this to say that if after 5 years a blood test was given and your CBC count was normal then HIV is highly unlikely? ... (12 replies)

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