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... t themselves from you, not you from them. Given the fact they seem to take their sexual health very serious at this establishment it is extemely unlikely she had HIV in the first place. Even if she did have HIV your actions did not put you anywhere near close to an HIV infection. ... (4 replies)
... infected fluids will not penetrate thru skin you had no risk for a hiv infection also you are going on the assumption that hiv was present to begin with and even that would be highly unlikely with the regular testing that is done. good luck (4 replies)
... Can anyone here offer any insight on my chances, considering these sex workers go for biweekly HIV and STD checks? ... (4 replies)

... okay thanks so much. So the general advice given to me would be to not worry about it, that the chances of me contracting HIV or another STD were super low, and that I should get STD/HIV testing, as per usual, in three months? I'm still super anxious... not really feeling myself lately but i think it's due to anxiety. Mostly tired and having abdominal/GI issues like trouble... (7 replies)
Can't sleep
Aug 7, 2011
... There were no visible cut in my penis, what are the chances of me contracting hiv from this. ... (1 replies)
... times. I am not sure what chances of contracting HIV are assuming she was infected? ... (10 replies)
... Unprotected anal sex with somebody who as HIV is considered high risk but of course you are not sure of the HIV status of the person you was with. It is actually very unlikely he had HIV and to be honest with your encounter was very brief. ... (9 replies)
... Naturally you are concerned for her welfare and of course the introduction of HIV into any relationship is a massive shock to the system. But this is an HIV prevention forum where advice is offered on preventing the spread of HIV and supporting those who are concerned about contracting HIV. ... (7 replies)
... Had a HIV test yesterday, nearing 3 weeks after exposure... ... (69 replies)
What should I do
May 25, 2011
... re I got drunk and had vaginal sex with her unprotected. She originally lived in the UK and became a permanent resident in Australia they have to be screened for HIV before they can do this but I am not to sure how long ago this was so this is kind of just a reassuring thing for myself. ... (24 replies)
... Your last post carried weightage only in the Quoted lines. Congratulations buddy, we all knew that will be the result but good that you done for the peace of mind and now let it go and move on with your life. Experts out here have been in the same situation as you were some time and thats why they know what are the risks and what are not? I am pretty sure you must be... (20 replies)
... Hi there, No the operation and the sore throat will have zero bearing on the outcome of your test, negative. Buddy, no risk and a negative test. It seems pretty conclusive to me :) Kevin. (20 replies)
... Thank you Smiteler for everything really! Not only for me but for all the other forum members past and present that you've helped. Yesterday I was reading through some of your posts and it's a great thing that you're doing. Once again thank you for your advice and help. Cheers ! (20 replies)
... operations,your past/present health has no bearing on if you get infected or not. the only thing that matters is if you had the CHANCE or risk of being infected. in your case you have no chance of this happening.. your test just confirms what the facts are. good luck (20 replies)
... Hey guys please bear with me just got some final questions (since in my anxiety I forgot to ask the counsellor) I remembered that when I gave cunnilingus, I had just recovered from a sore throat (took medicine on sunday felt well on monday which was when I gave her cunnilingus) and I also had an operation on my shoulder in Feb (would this have affected the results in... (20 replies)
... Hi there, Yes please do let us know how you get on. You will be fine. Kevin. (20 replies)
... No worrys buddy, just dont worry they will be negative :) (20 replies)
... Thank you both of you! I realised I am worrying needlessly and all. Yea I guess I'm going for a checkup tomorrow for peace of mind and will let you guys know the result. Thanks! (20 replies)
... Hey guys sorry but found some other worrying signs? Recently (this week in fact at the 4th week mark), I had this swollen lymph nodes in my ear (although I used to have them before) and flu like illness (only in the morning though). But those 2 I'm not that worried since it has happened before however earlier this week on 2/5, when I woke up I found that i had these red... (20 replies)
... Hi there, No problem glad to have been able to help. It is almost an instant thing, I know exactly what you mean and it very easy to start prodding and poking areas of our body when we are worried. Hope everything stopped swelling and less painful now. Kevin. (20 replies)

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