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... TY People for giving me great advise so far. I'm getting so much worried because of my symptoms/blood results as well.. The symptoms that I'm concerned about because on top of all the ARS like symptoms I'm also having these: 1) From last month, I do have chronic loose stool (sorry to be graphical but it's like getting icecream in a cone). 2) My GUMS has been turned... (7 replies)
... Yesterday I was having anal sex with a guy who had not bottomed for about a month. We were having protected sex, and when he got off my dick there was blood on the condom and dripping out of his hole. I guess that means he was a little too tight. Anyway, the blood really freaked me out and got me concerned, but the blood was only on the condom and he cleaned it off, not me. ... (1 replies)
... There is no risk for HIV from what you describe. Before you reply again stating your symptoms....symptoms mean nothing as far as HIV is concerned. There was not even a need to test in the first place. Move on and stop worrying. (2 replies)

... The presence of blood during sex can be disturbing, but it doesn't change the fact that you were protected. Not sure what else to tell you. You seem to already know this. (1 replies)
... Hello - thank you in advance for reading my post. This past weekend I had a few too many and hooked up with a male on line. Of course he said he was negative. He offered me a condom that I unwrapped myself. He was bilingual and I believe or imagined that he said they were Lambskin. Since I'm in a committed relationship and strayed I was already feeling guiltjy. He gave me a Bj... (9 replies)
... This morning I noticed the skin on the bottom of my feet peeling on my big toes and upper soles. I heard that peeling skin is a symptom and now I'm more afraid. (5 replies)
... Saliva has over a dozen enzymes and proteins that render the virus inactive, this has been proven with 15 years of research where couples had oral sex ( one partner positive the other negative ) and their were no recorded cases of HIV transmission. You have nothing to worry about. (5 replies)
... Okay. Is saliva really damaging to the virus? I also learned that a few years ago the guy made multiple trips to Africa for work. I know that doesn't necessarily mean he slept with anyone but it still concerns me. (5 replies)
... oral sex is only a theoretical risk. you should have zero HIV concerns from this... (5 replies)
... No, the risk is effectively zero. Your situation is not an HIV situation, regardless of the spot on the inside of your cheek. There are a number of biological reasons, but suffice it to say that medical science has ruled out oral sex as a route of transmission for all practical purposes. You should not have any HIV concerns over this. (5 replies)
... About 5 weeks ago I performed unprotected oral on a guy I really don't know well. He said he was std free but who knows. He didn't ejaculate in my mouth but there may have been a little pre-***. The part that concerns me the most is that there was a spot on the inside of my cheek where like the top layer of skin was peeling but it never bled. Most of what I read says that the... (5 replies)
... Hi all I'm just after a bit of advice. I recently visited a sauna with a friend and whilst I was there a few things happened that have concerned me. I never had any anal or oral sex at all. I was in the video lounge and I stepped in semen as it was slippery and sticky. ... (2 replies)
... d doing well not thinking about this, but today I felt like my glands were sore and so I took my temp and its 99.1 It's been 18 days since my incident so now I'm concerned ! My two week test was neg but the nurse told me to come bk after 4 weeks to be sure. ... (25 replies)
... I guess I have just been concerned because the guy who loves sex got tested last in March I think. ... (3 replies)
... Like I said, as far as HIV is concerned you can rest easy. You were protected. ... (5 replies)
... how about other stds? so, do you think hiv concern should not be in my mind right? (5 replies)
... As far as HIV is concerned, no you're fine. You had protected sex :) Rest easy. (5 replies)
... You have no idea if you even had a risk and quite frankly its just paranoia to think you did. Time to calm down kel (25 replies)
... Oh ok., that's early. I wish u well and continued good health. (25 replies)
... i tested positive at 19 days and i started to show symptoms within the first 3 days from exposure and i feel i would of tested positive at that point and beyond. (25 replies)

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