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... doing this but now I am rather concerned that this guy has never really been tested and if he is indeed positive that I may have messed up big time. How much should I be worrying about this? ... (4 replies)
... Hi. I seem to be overly concerned with hiv as of recently. I've never had sex, I'm a virgin. ... (0 replies)
... No idea, its not HIV related and its not a HIV test. If your doctors not concerned, then you should not be either. Maybe you should speak with your doctor about your mental concerns with HIV and how's its effecting your depression because zoster, in the nicest way, their is little else I can do for you. You don't have HIV and that's as much knowledge as I can pass on to you. (10 replies)

... None of that matters- your test results prove that you were not infected. Let it go. (3 replies)
... Intact condom I am wondering if it could have broken on the underside and could have been missed. Also what about the cuts from shaving along the shaft would that be a risk? Being the person was positive and I feel I have/has symptoms that I am safe and free. (3 replies)
... You never had a risk for HIV infection and therefore never needed one HIV test let alone four. Your overtesting has confirmed that you are HIV negative. I would advise you to not waste any further mental or emotional energy on the matter and let it go. (3 replies)
... My risk was sex with another male my first experience with another male as I was the insertive partner. I used a condom but during this brief encounter the condom felt like it broke as the sensation changed and it felt like nothing was protecting me so I withdrew and seen the condom still looked intact but I went ahead a reinserted again and it still felt like nothing was on... (3 replies)
... Dan, in these cases their very little we can do to help. You didn't have a risk but even if you don't belive that, your tests are negative and HIV tests do not lie, they are one the most accurate in the market place. Hiv is not a mystery virus, you don't have HIV, end of story. Your rash could be down to stress, I can't say but see a doctor if concerned. (1 replies)
... Your risk is quite small, so fingers crossed you will be fine, but if your concerned take a test at 4 weeks with a 4th generation test or 6 weeks with a antibody test for a good indication of your status and the follow up at 12 weeks. ... (1 replies)
... sed me with strep throat. And they gave me 10 days of Amoxicillin. I felt better for first couple days while on the medicine but then the sore throat came back. Concerned about my sexual encounter I visited the nearest local STD clinic. And I had a full spectrum STD test done, testing for everything including HIV. ... (1 replies)
Very Nervous
Apr 7, 2015
... So about 9 months ago I had a sex with a lady believed to positive for HIV since she offers sex with or without condom depending on how much you give her. Anyways I did choose condom and it felt like it broke but when I glanced down it appeared still intact so I started back with sex and after 10-15- seconds it was still bothering me that it may have broke so I stopped. The... (3 replies)
... Why the first positive? Do you think the PCR-RNA <20 Neg was a good test? I did three oraquick home test at 6 months bit I heard a lot about false negative. I still very stress and nervous and concerned. Thanks for your answer and help. (6 replies)
... I can see your concerned about symptoms, but they are quite pointless in diagnosing HIV, just stick with the facts of testing, nothing else counts mate. ... (7 replies)
... Were I you, I would not be overly concerned here. Please relax and test at 6 weeks. ... (16 replies)
... Is it high enough to be concerned about? ... (27 replies)
... insertive sex, no intercourse was done. However, i am concerned that her vagina fluid was infected and transmitted to me through the penis hole. ... (11 replies)
... I'm really concerned about getting the blood test in a few weeks.. ... (8 replies)
... days ago I had sex with a woman whose HIV status is unknown to me. We used a condom but I'm concerned that I didn't pull the condom down far enough. Also she had her nails slightly scrape the inside of the condom as she was putting it on. ... (8 replies)
Mar 17, 2015
... I had sex with a CSW and during he sex I felt what was like the condom broke and also the sex felt a little better. After with drawing I glanced down and seen what appeared to be a intact condom so I just removed and flushed it. I guess it was dark and it could have torn or tore on the underside where I did not inspect. So anyways starting around the 2 week period i have... (3 replies)
... hat I vaguely remember being quite small and didn't cover the full length of my penis. She performed oral on me briefly and remember her being quite bitey. Which concerned me wether she could of made a small tear in condom, although I'll never know. I came off inside the condom and she continued shortly, then got off. ... (2 replies)

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