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... Like I said, as far as HIV is concerned you can rest easy. You were protected. ... (5 replies)
... how about other stds? so, do you think hiv concern should not be in my mind right? (5 replies)
... As far as HIV is concerned, no you're fine. You had protected sex :) Rest easy. (5 replies)

... d doing well not thinking about this, but today I felt like my glands were sore and so I took my temp and its 99.1 It's been 18 days since my incident so now I'm concerned ! My two week test was neg but the nurse told me to come bk after 4 weeks to be sure. ... (25 replies)
... You have no idea if you even had a risk and quite frankly its just paranoia to think you did. Time to calm down kel (25 replies)
... Oh ok., that's early. I wish u well and continued good health. (25 replies)
... i tested positive at 19 days and i started to show symptoms within the first 3 days from exposure and i feel i would of tested positive at that point and beyond. (25 replies)
... Even just after only 15 days? I can only imagine the Mind game, I'm so sorry. U seem so strong, and what u are doing for people here is great. (25 replies)
... tests results usually stay the same. your test is a good indicator of what the next result will be. i think you will come out of this ok. how do i cope? to be honest, it is a mind game and i push it out of my mind as long and as far as i can and it seems to work for me. i really can't complain much as there are a lot of people worse off then i am. i always think it... (25 replies)
... My testing was 15 days after possible exposure, your saying my results won't change to positive after 15 days? Also I wanted to ask u how u came to cope with being positive and how are you doing ? (25 replies)
... connecting how you feel to HIV is a waste of time. it cannot be done. you passed what is most important and the results won't change. (25 replies)
... Not a scenario to worry about. It didn't happen. (25 replies)
... Sorry I'm referring to the thing they like your finger with. ( if she forgot to throw it away) (25 replies)
... I was tested yesterday at 16 days& was negative :) I got home and started to think... I we t local Heath dept where they test a lot of people. & they test by poking your finger. Anyway, when I been in the room she already had the rest strip and the thing to poke your finger with out... I later started to think Wht if she forgot ( we r all human) to throw it away from the last... (25 replies)
... No. Needles hurt when they are jabbed but more of a point is why would anyone do that???? Don't let your imagination take over your sanity. (6 replies)
... OK thanks for the replies I feel better now. The only other thing about the horrible experience that concerned me was that I found a small ring shaped bruise of about 4 mm on my arm once I left the sauna. ... (6 replies)
... Hi I need a little advice. I recently visited a sauna with a friend and whilst I was there I never took part in any sex either orally or otherwise. The 2 issues that I am concerned about are,† 1 I have a small patch of sensitive, pink/pitted skin on my foot caused by hyperhydrosis and I know I definitely stood in semen in the video lounge as it was slippery and sticky. Can... (6 replies)
... i wouldn't be concerned about it myself. ... (3 replies)
... I have no idea why your testing tbh. As far as I can see, he may well be worried about sleeping with you in regards to catching something and passing it on to his wife in which he would have to explain his actions. take a test at 4 weeks, and I would close the door on this. (25 replies)
... Thanks Apollo. I'm going to go on Monday which is two weeks, then I'll go again at four weeks. He knew I wasn't hiv positive cuz I've been tested, a few times. So after the four week test, do I need to test again? (25 replies)

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