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... Ignore any symptoms you have.....they are never used to gauge HIV infection. They are far FAR more likely caused by any one of thousands of everyday things that affect us. Your anxiety (which is totally understandable) over this will have you noticing every little thing that is wrong with you. I have seen it a thousand times on this forum, yet I have never seen anyone report... (6 replies)
... also could you please let me know what are considered to be high risk exposures? (10 replies)
... she may be just as concerned as you are. ... (10 replies)

... Look at it this way, if HIV were that easily transmitted it would be at pandemic level. Calm down, take a deep breath and if still concerned you can get a free rapid HIV test at your local health department. ... (5 replies)
Oral sex and PEP
Nov 22, 2016
... Hello there, so I went to the clinic today 2 days after finishing the PEP, and they did the rapid HIV test, it came back negative, the nurse told me that if I want I can come back in 3 month for another test but she said that it was all good. Do you think I need to go back for a confirmatory test.? (7 replies)
Oral sex and PEP
Nov 21, 2016
... Do not be concerned, there simply is not a risk here, especially considering the fact that there was no ejaculation. At this point you are nearly complete with the PEP, right? I would just finish it. But really, There is ZERO reason to worry here buddy...if there were even a sliver of a chance of HIV being a concern we would say so. If you want to calm your nerves,... (7 replies)
Oral sex and PEP
Nov 21, 2016
... Now they made me so concerned because they told me that the bleeding gums could a door for the virus to get in my system, regardless if there was not ejaculation inside my mouth. ... (7 replies)
... As you recognize, you had a risk and you need to test. There are no studies on length of exposure and risk, although logically one would expect a relationship. The average risk for the insertive male partner for anal sex has been estimated at 1 in 500, and that assumes the other partner has HIV. The best thing you could probably do to lower your anxiety at this point... (3 replies)
... Dna pcr is only for hiv1, should I be concerned about hiv2 ? ... (8 replies)
Blackout HIV?
Oct 28, 2016
... night and not remembering it and getting HIV. To be honest I didn't have any memories or signs that made me think this, but I am homosexual and I am always very concerned about HIV. ... (3 replies)
Am I positive?
Oct 27, 2016
... The reason I'm concerned is because I read in multiple places that PEP can delay seroconversion. ... (9 replies)
... To all the amazing Forum people, I had a terrible slip in judgement on October 17th. I had unprotected oral sex (she gave me a BJ) with an escort from Russia (I met her in the U.S.). The oral sex lasted 2 mins without me finishing and we than moved to protected vaginal sex. I am scared because so many sites and talk small cuts and bleeding gums and theoretical risk and I am... (2 replies)
... If so, you can always ask her to take a test WITH you. I say with, because she is still a human being. You could express that you are an anxious type, and concerned for both of your health. Including yourself in the testing would show some respect towards her. ... (7 replies)
... OK, cool. I sent her a text afterwards telling her I was concerned and she replied with "I'm very clean :)" So, based on that I think I'm just gonna move forward and not worry about. Lesson learned though about having sex with someone I don't know.. (7 replies)
... d she always takes care of herself. She had a thick spanish accent so it was hard to understand her but she kept emphasizing how I shouldn't worry because she is concerned for herself too. ... (7 replies)
... The only reason why I am still concerned is because my symptoms have been devastating. ... (3 replies)
... I forgot to mention that he gave me a blow job. I'm just really concerned. Last night and earlier today, i had an episode of LBM. (4 replies)
... The blood has no way of entering your body if you were wearing a condom. As Apollo said, the tests you took were pointless, as you had no risk here. Symptoms mean NOTHING as far as HIV. But your tests prove you are negative. (4 replies)
... I'm feeling anxious because of the night sweats that I had more than once where I woke up completely drenched. and a ulcer underneath my tongue. Would you be concerned if you were in my position? ... (4 replies)
... I am deeply concerned as the physical symptoms are REAL and I really experience bad dizziness from time to time even while doing menial tasks. ... (11 replies)

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