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... Muse, Ah I see, I completely understand your concerns. I bet you're very frustrated because sex is a part of life and should be enjoyable, you try to take as many precautions as possible to ensure your safe, and yet these symptoms appear. I feel the same way. Since you had protected anal sex and unprotected oral, I would definitely say your risk is very low. However, I'm... (19 replies)
... I have only had one sexual partner in the past two years. Prior to this sexual experience, I was conclusively tested negative for all STDs including HIV well beyond all window periods. This is my timeline On June 1st, an ex-boyfriend that I haven't spoken to in 5 years contacted me and told me he would be in town for a night on business and asked if we could get together.... (19 replies)
6 weeks hiv test
Aug 5, 2017
... Sir, i am not getting your mean, please tell me 6 weeks negative hiv result can turn into positive after 12 weeks or not & ORAL sex can also a reason of hiv or not, what other risk in oral sex. (7 replies)

6 weeks hiv test
Aug 1, 2017
... you have been told before that the probability is next to zero test results after 4 weeks time do not change. you really have nothing to be concerned over if you test at 12 weeks expect to get negative results. good luck (7 replies)
... I am just concerned because I do have contact with blood regularly so technically my risk isnt non existant. ... (4 replies)
... Hello, I'm just wondering if anyone here could tell me if I'm at risk for HIV and if I should be concerned. Ive had and enlarged lymph node for about 5 months that goes up and down in my neck but never fully resolves. I had bacterial tonsilitis 4 months ago and recently have had a viral URTI. I've never had sexual intercourse. I've never done intravenous drugs. I work... (4 replies)
... Yesterday I was having anal sex with a guy who had not bottomed for about a month. We were having protected sex, and when he got off my dick there was blood on the condom and dripping out of his hole. I guess that means he was a little too tight. Anyway, the blood really freaked me out and got me concerned, but the blood was only on the condom and he cleaned it off, not me. ... (1 replies)
... d doing well not thinking about this, but today I felt like my glands were sore and so I took my temp and its 99.1 It's been 18 days since my incident so now I'm concerned ! My two week test was neg but the nurse told me to come bk after 4 weeks to be sure. ... (29 replies)
... is was a very stupid move. HIV is endemic in the country I'm in. I really hope I dodged a bullet. I'm going to get tested for STDs when I get back but I'm really concerned about contracting HIV. ... (2 replies)
... Anyways I had a sex with a hooker and it was very brief but I felt uncomfortable and stopped the sex because I was concerned the condom may fail or whatever and the condom kept feeling as if it was not on or maybe torn so again I just stopped. ... (3 replies)
... Thank you for the reply. I really want to believe that but find it very hard. Seeing these symptoms show up only 2 weeks after my last potential exposure and disappearing 2 to 3 weeks later is very concerning. I had no nasal congestion or cold just all the other symptoms of severe fatigue, fever, muscle aches and diarrhea. I also neglected to mention very red eyes and a... (10 replies)
... Hi everyone, This is my story, Im a young married man with a 3yr old and another on the way, 17 days ago I had an inapropriate run in with an ex girlfriend, we went out on a dirt road and got out of the truck and she deepthroated my penis one time for lets say 3 seconds, I then told her I didnt have a condom and oral would lead to vaginal so I stopped her and she finished... (8 replies)
... i was tested about a month ago and all was clear, should i be concerned based on symptoms... ... (1 replies)
... Recently tested, generally get tested monthly just for peace of mind..I tend to sleep with a lot of girls, protection is used 100 percent of the time, aside from oral sex, both giving and receiving, and fingering... My concern is hiv risk with vaginal protected sex...unsure of the girls status...there have been 5-6 girls in the last month or two... 3 weeks after the last... (4 replies)
... She was concerned that whether i have any after that discussion. ... (19 replies)
... the more i am thinking of the symptoms , the more concerned i am getting . ... (19 replies)
... Do yourself a massive favour, if you are so concerned have ONE HIV test, collect your negative result and move on with your life. ... (4 replies)
... A very concerned male of age 28. ... (8 replies)
... I think your risk was almost nil....btw this is for everyone...please read my post and advise me. (9 replies)
... Hi TJ. Your symptoms are way to soon to be HIV related, so worry not about anything currently. That said we all get ill from time to time and its nothing to get concerned about, It sounds like you have a very good doctor their, take his advise and get tested at 4 weeks with a DUO or Combi test. For finish, indeed people do make themselves with worry and self belief, we see... (9 replies)

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