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Aug 22, 2015
... sometimes appearing and go away and itchy, several pimples on face which I seldom have. I don't know whether they are related to the pep and anxiety. Should I be concerned with them? ... (16 replies)
Aug 22, 2015
... Thank you for the quick response. Indeed these three weeks I am in anxiety. I cannot sleep well because of worries. I often look at my arms to find out any rash. Even one red dot or pimples on face worry me a lot. I am very very regretful. I need to pretend to be normal in front of my wife. I freak out with it. Doctors and experts, the first doctor who sold and gave me... (16 replies)
... Thanks Apollo, Thats really comforting me, and sorry to bother you again, some say p24 antigen can be detected by 4 weeks and goes undetectable. after 4 weeks antibodies will be developed and test cant detect neither antigen or antibody for a while. Antigen positive by 4 week but no detectable antibodies by 14 week? concerned because of all ARS symptoms (including... (6 replies)

... My significant other started to feel stomach cramps and upset stomach. I am really concerned and I worried. Would I be able to pass anything I have even on PEP? ... (8 replies)
... e a new client and she mentioned condom is a must and when I asked her about a test result, she replied by asking my test result as well stating that she also is concerned bout that. is this a good sign that she is negative? ... (22 replies)
... i'm with your doctor and i wouldn't be that concerned about it. ... (22 replies)
Chances of HIV+/-
Aug 11, 2015
... Hello Smiteler, yes your sstatement about the false negative was what im looking for! Seeing that I have had 3 negatives and the 4.5 and 6 week mark, I really dont have a cause for concern about false positives. My exact worry was about false negatives! I am concerned my negative tests were false and that the rapid tests didnt pick up the ag/ab at both times I took the... (25 replies)
... and it was negative. the nurse was not too concerned and said its up to me if i want to retest at 6 weeks and 12 weeks...she said i really didnt have to come back. is that legit? ... (16 replies)
... Hi thank you for getting back. When you say most likely, I am a bit concerned as that does not give me a good indication of the risk, is it quantifiable? ... (14 replies)
... Hi, I am very tensed I am 26 yo and wanted some urgent feedback. I had vaginal/oral sex with a woman (age 50-60) on July 19th in USA. Oral sex was not protected (which i believe anyway does not cause any problem). So, the next part is that I had vaginal sex with her which lasted for a long time. I used 3 condoms in all. While inserting for the first time (using the first... (14 replies)
Am I negative
Aug 4, 2015
... As Apollo said, 12 weeks is conclusive. That goes for ALL tests. You would have to try to F that test up, it is about as simple as it gets. Symptoms mean nothing at all as far as HIV is concerned. The ONLY thing that matters is antibody tests, for which you are conclusively negative. The "symptoms" associated with HIV are too non specific too use as a diagnosis. Meaning... (4 replies)
... ern is I did receive protective anal for about 5 min or less. I don't think they came and remember feeling to make sure condom was on the whole time. Should I be concerned or get tested for this? ... (7 replies)
... Well indeed if you were pregnant then you would have a good reason to ge concerned but let's deal with facts. ... (12 replies)
... I guess I'm a give an update (even though I'm repetitively told I have no risk please understand it was a first time with high risk woman) this week would be 7 weeks from the incident at 5 weeks I got my blood drawn by labcorp and was tested for all stds which came back negative. My Hiv test said Hiv 1/0/2 ab index <1.00 <1.00 Hiv 1/0/2 ab non reactive (negative) according to... (9 replies)
... However I woke up this morning feeling very concerned about what sort of STD's I could be at risk for giving my future wife. ... (6 replies)
... Thank you. This is just the very beginning of testing, I was not expecting this result at all. The reason why I'm concerned because all started from "Hiv ab/ag raised value" I don't know how the specialist interpreted it but she also said that this is known to happen with pregnant women. Step by step, Now, do you know anything about indeterminate western results in... (10 replies)
HIV concerned
Jul 15, 2015
... You had conclusive test results for HIV. You donor have it. I don't understand the point of posting here when you are just going to ignore what is stated. Move on. (5 replies)
HIV concerned
Jul 15, 2015
... I have had condoms not break completely before (once) so there is a chance I had a risk. My stomach bothers me daily and I have like a swollen lymph node under my left are that just stays. So I think there is more to this than you think. I also read a story on poz that a guy tested out over 3 months with Oraquick and got negative then blood confirmed he was... (5 replies)
HIV concerned
Jul 13, 2015
... You had no risk here, you are overthinking the condom possibly breaking. The test you took was 100% conclusive. Any test after 12 weeks is. Move on from this, you do not have HIV. (5 replies)
HIV concerned
Jul 13, 2015
... Not sure how you dont see a risk as I have had condoms break without complete failure in the past, so there could have been a risk. Is there ever a time that the oral fluids test will not pick up antibies as maybe the body doent produce sufficent amounts in the oral area even at 30 weeks this was just over 6 months for the exposure. I just feel unlucky and that I have... (5 replies)

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