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... I really have to agree. There is nothing in your post which suggests you should be concerned about infection; however its screaming "guilt". Maybe you might want to think about talking to a therapist about what you did and how you are feeling about it now- that might help you to get this right in your head. Assuming you never get caught, or dont care if you do- this might also... (2 replies)
... had sex with a sex worker and the sex was brief to the point that it was less than 30 seconds. I also received oral from her which was protected which I am not concerned about. ... (3 replies)
Brief penetration
Jan 12, 2015
... is your could argue that your risk is so small its not a concern. The very brief nature of this would mean their was no friction taking place, and dipping is not concerned a huge risk by any means. ... (1 replies)

... I could see vaginal fluids and blood that has found its way into the condom through the base. Do I have to be concerned because right after I took the condom off, my penis was a bit wet too. ... (3 replies)
... Well, your doctor probably understands that: 1. HIV is a rare disease that is infrequently transmitted. 2. Heterosexual transmission of HIV is rare. 3. The 3rd generation tests will pick up virtually all infections after 6-8 weeks. 4. Symptoms are not diagnostic of HIV infection. (8 replies)
HIV tests
Jan 5, 2015
... Well a duo test in fact any antibody test is pointless before 30 days. I would not go getting concerned about symptoms, they are unreliable and will only stress you out until you test. ... (3 replies)
... Hello, I have been concerned about possible HIV transmission. ... (2 replies)
... get tested in a few months even though i used a condom, im slightly worried because she was a street hooker and has probably slept with thousands of guys, so im concerned about STDs and STIs including hiv, and herpes even though i used a condom i know they're not guranteed. ... (5 replies)
... Basically, just over 2 weeks ago I had an unprotected one night stand with a man who I believe was Egyptian. For the past couple of days I have been extremely concerned that I may have contracted hiv. I have not had any flu like symptoms other than a slight ache in my leg muscle ... But I have had 2 big pimples appear on my arm. ... (1 replies)
... How on earth do you think you managed to get your penis out, pull up her dress, start thrusting without knowing, more to the point, if she would be willing. Their is no point what if's, its just bizarre. If your really concerned, ask her, im sure she will see the funny side. (6 replies)
... Saliva is not infectious, so that means HIV cannot be transmitted at all in the manner your concerned about. ... (3 replies)
Dec 28, 2014
... Sorry I'm such you have a lot of repeat questions but I guess everyone is like me and feels they are unique. I also am concerned the condom may have split or developed a hole and exposed my gland and not my urether opening. As stated before I did not inspect the condom. ... (4 replies)
Dec 27, 2014
... d a very bright control line and no T line and the 18 week test had a very faint control line and I mean faint and no line at test so both would be negative just concerned with the faint line on control with the 18 week test? ... (4 replies)
HIV scare
Dec 26, 2014
... d she was totally fine with it. She was actually happy to take the test and see my result as well. If you offer to test with him, it will show that you are just concerned about the health of both of you. ... (14 replies)
... I have been ill for like the past month, flu like symptoms swollen glands all over and behind the knee and down by my groin, i have been feeling run down lately and am just very worried. About 4 months ago i had a rapid hiv test done which was a 3rd generation INSTI test. My result was non reactive and i was over the moon. I had my test done about 3 years after my exposure and... (5 replies)
... Hi Chris. Im sure you had read many posts in this forum and most will all have symptoms, risk or not, that most disappear when they understand they don't have HIV, either from testing or accepting the facts they may have not been a risk. Of course you say this is a miracle but the reality is our minds can and do play tricks on our body. Stress can certainly create most of... (7 replies)
... Hi, Thanks Apollo, that's pretty much the reply I was expecting to be honest. I know I may be overreacting about my exposure but, I honestly feel terrible. huge breakouts of spots, glands up and down, weird ulcers, mild sore throat etc which is why I'm so concerned. Do you think its possible my fears are getting the worst of me and all of these physical ailments can be... (7 replies)
Lost and afraid
Dec 14, 2014
... mptom after symptom but the biggest is the lymph node under my arm pit it feels swollen when my arm is down to my side and feels uncomfortable. Should I still be concerned of hiv? ... (3 replies)
... For MSM activities, you only need to be concerned about insertion of a bare penis into a rectum. Those are the only conditions in which HIV can be transmitted sexually between men. ... (6 replies)
... I'm sure it will concern you but I think you met an idiot so try not let you concern you. I think he maybe more concerned about being a father. ... (3 replies)

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