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... I made 3 tests all negative and last test was at 78 days and result is negative. On february this year, I had sex with csw in malaysia and started with condom but during intercourse, the condom slipped out and on top of my penis shaft, at that time we had stopped and was noticed by csw. ... (1 replies)
Am i at risk?
Aug 14, 2014
... had oral sex with my ex, i just suck his scrotums but he perfomed oral sex with me and then rub his penis on my vagina, he also rub on my back side then we used condom perfoming sex. My fear is that when he rub his penis on my vagina sometimes slipped and went inside. Am i at risk? ... (3 replies)
... What i was worried about since this happened, I read a lot of these kind of things, and one of them is wearing the condom properly. ... (6 replies)

... as I was putting my condom it slipped a bit and i accidentally touched my penis head with the same hand I was massaging her vagina does this pose any risk? ... (12 replies)
... I was drunk and went to a local spa with friends. Somehow I was forced to have sex with women there. As I was drunk I am not sure how it went, my penis slipped from condom once and it was taken care by her. I am not sure if I entered in her unprotected as all this happened in drunken state. ... (4 replies)
... e oral and vaginal sex for the first time with a women with an unknown health history. The protection we used was ofcourse a condom. However during the deed, the condom slipped off twice, we made sure to liberally lube it up after each time it slipped off. ... (3 replies)
... I had protected sex with a CSW and as soon as I ejaculated I pulled out quickly and the condom slipped off. ... (8 replies)
Condom slip
Aug 11, 2013
... I recently had an encounter with a sex worker in thailand. During the encounter the condom slipped off. I don't really do this so i guess i just was losing my arousal. There was direct vaginal contact for probably about a minute. ... (3 replies)
... I pulled out my penis as I was unable to ejaculate and the condom slipped. From what I could see, the condom was hanging out partly from her vagina. So I think it just slipped when I was withdrawing my penis and I think that all the sex was likely protected. ... (2 replies)
... Thanks a lot for your reply mate. I am feeling very relieved now. I must add that the condom appeared to be very lose on the tip of my penis but it was not broken from what I could see (though I didn't test it by pouring water or anything). I was just satisfied that once I removed the condom, I could not find any evidence of blood on my penis. Also, the condom slipped a... (8 replies)
... I am 25 years old, My bad luck I had a condom slippage in Thailand. ... (11 replies)
... But now I do have lot of anexity...should I have to do the test...and I am clearly remembers that while inserting I do have condom on me and while withdrawing something means condom came off me and ... ... (9 replies)
... Hiya, well as you had a condom inside her and it came off aftet, you can relax, you have nothing to worry about. ... (9 replies)
... and my ejaculation was on bed only... after pulling...after pulling she asked me where is your condom... by that time I am ejaculated on bed and found condom is between her legs.. ... (9 replies)
... Hiya, did the condom come off after you pulled out of here, it sounds like it did but can you confirm this please? ... (9 replies)
... I have visited CSW the day before yesterday. After pulling out my penis from her I found condom is not me but found fall down infront of her. ... (9 replies)
Condom slipped off
May 11, 2012
... Regardless of your partners status you were protected from an HIV infection. The fact he left the condom inside you as he withdrew makes zero difference. You were not exposed to HIV. ... (2 replies)
Condom slipped off
May 11, 2012
... After he came and as he was pulling out, his erection had subsided just enough to let the condom slip off so that half of it was inside me and half of it was hanging out. ... (2 replies)
... Approximately almost seven weeks ago, I had sex with this girl. I used a condom but after I took a brief break, I noticed the condom was no longer on. So I put on another condom and the same exact thing happened after we finished. ... (7 replies)
... She said, "No, your cock even was not touch inside of my pus, just condom slipped , because you have been inside of my too long. " I am sure it slipped over only last few seconds because she was shouting "Stop, condom slipped over". ... (16 replies)

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