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... I have only explained serious ones here . I know my risk of HIV was low, iv tried to move on, leaving all this behind but these symptoms are taking a toll in my daily life. ... (5 replies)
... Thankyou Kevin Your Forum have helped me a lot i should get on with my life after hearing from everybody that i am negative. ... (30 replies)
Am i hiv?
Oct 29, 2012
... Greetings from Moscow! Thanks for your help, please do not leave without an answer my question. I am a man, 26 years old. I had homosexual contact with an HIV positive. Had oral sex, as well as kissing. Before that, I certainly did not know that the guy is positive, it turned out later. ... (13 replies)

... Do You Think after all those many test I need a test after 6 months and should I be worried anymore even in case of a weak immune system or whatever the late seroconversion senario. ... (30 replies)
... iv been having skin problems that started 2 weeks after oral sex. I havent worked up the courage to take the test yet. ... (2 replies)
... I am 29 years old. Had 2 risky encounters about 6 years ago. ... (6 replies)
... Anyway...there are differing opinions on the 6 month mark. I just know for myself, whenever I have been tested for HIV through the years...I have followed it up with one at 6 months as it gave me more peace of mind as there have been incidences where it has showed up then. ... (4 replies)
... There is no truth to it. You are conclusively HIV negative and given the fact you were to even exposed to HIV this is not surprising. Buddy this is now your call. You can continue to needlessly "freak out" or you can move on with your life. ... (13 replies)
... Just an update. I went in for a rapid HIV test today, and the results were NEGATIVE at 6.5 months. I asked the nurse how accurate the test was, and her response was "very accurate". ... (13 replies)
... You wore a condom. Symptoms don't mean a thing. You have absolutely nothing to worry about. Condoms when they don't fail (which when they do, the failure is drastic and you will know because it's designed to be visible the failure, the condom would either be gone in her vagina or ripped in half exposing free willy) are 100% effective against the transmission of HIV. Relax... (2 replies)
... I am 22 years old and made the stupid mistake of having sex with a prostitute 5 weeks this Tuesday. I wore a condom and she told me everyone else does as well. ... (2 replies)
... infection is nothing more than a myth. It dosent happen. Their were a few reported cases many years agao but that was with older generation tests. ... (13 replies)
... We know approximately how long it may take a person to produce antibodies to HIV based on years of data, research and advancements in testing. ... (7 replies)
... a planned parentood clinic last week where the tech was very cold and told me the 2.5 week result I took didnt count whatsoever and I wouldnt know for sure until 6 months. Yes they say 6 months the negative test is conclusive but its all how some of these healthcare workers explain it and say it to you. ... (3 replies)
... I'll first say that I have tested neg to hiv into 6 months post exp. ... (3 replies)
... ntibodies and your own body's reaction that can bring about ARS symptoms, not the virus itself. Once your body as produced enough antibodies to be detected by an HIV antibody test you will test positive. ... (27 replies)
HIV worries
May 21, 2012
... Also i do know how you feel, i was in your shoes many years ago, so i know how the last test feels and the daze of thought you have, but thats why im trying to ensure you understand how conclusive you are.. ... (10 replies)
... You did not even put yourself at a risk of an HIV infection. Oral sex with or without a condom is not a risk of an HIV infection. In over thirty years it has been around there has not been a single verified case of it ever being transmitted this way. ... (14 replies)
Help Please
May 12, 2012
... Thanks for taking the time to help me out. If tests are conclusive after 12 weeks, why are doctors still insisting to do one after 6 months? ... (12 replies)
... Ok please stop here. There is a world of difference between being convinced you have HIV and actually having HIV. Every single person that comes here and other HIV forums for that matter is convinced they have HIV. ... (5 replies)

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