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... Bodily fluids don't magically travel up condoms all the way to your urethra to infect you. Irrational thinking. You said you saw blood on the base of your penis, not the head of your penis. And you're not even sure if blood entered the condom. You're speculating. ... (3 replies)
... Thanks a lot Joggen. I know I might sound annoying but it could be partly due to my ignorance about HIV transmission. ... (3 replies)
... Are you sure it was menstrual blood? ... (22 replies)

... First, I thought that ARS occured in the immediate time period after the original contraction of HIV as the body tries to fight off new viruses. ... (22 replies)
... virus to transmit from person to person sexually. More so from a female to a male. Given your briefest of brief exposure, the unlikelihood that she actually had HIV and your negative four week test it is extremely unlikely you have contracted HIV from this incident. ... (5 replies)
... yeah I would advise u just to relax and not worry, I would say that it is very very unlikely that u got HIV from the circumstances u described. ... (22 replies)
... I dont know if there was ever any research done on menstrual blood. But blood is blood. It hard for a man to catch Hiv from a woman if there is no blood. But in your case there was blood. Goodluck and I wish you the best. Next time becareful please. ... (22 replies)
... From what I have read, its very difficult for HIV to go from a female to a male during sex from just the female sexual fluids, obviously it does happen but unlikely.... ... (22 replies)
... Sorry to hear about your situation. Menstrual blood does pose a higher chance of Getting Hiv. Reason why it does is because it is blood and HIV is mainly in the blood. To help calm you down a little if possible, if she was a Bar Girl then she has to do a routine checkup for HIV and many other diseases. ... (22 replies)
... with a working girl. Halfway through the condom broke, i withdrew basically after 5 seconds after this, however to my shock i noticed a significant amount of menstrual blood was present.... ... (22 replies)
... or EXPOSURE TO BLOOD during FINGERING is VERY COMMON. ... (1 replies)
... but her gp didnt consider HIV testing necessary. ... (1 replies)
... Even during unprotected sex, the presence of menstrual blood doesn't increase the risk of HIV, and as Apollo explained, you were completely protected so the point is moot. Seeing menstrual blood can seem scary, but it has no bearing on HIV risk. ... (4 replies)
... sex worker, I used a condom during the vaginal sex didn't last more than five minutes as I when into the restroom to remove the condom I noticed, some mestration blood on the condom and on the bottom of the penis. It seems her period was over and it was just some residual blood. ... (4 replies)
... You used a condom for intercourse. That's exactly what you're supposed to do. Every time. No exceptions. The fact that some of your partner's menstrual blood touched the back end of your penis and scrotum is totally irrelevant. ... (14 replies)
... ok i erm am really worried about this and have been putting this of for so long....i had had sex with this girl alex and i hadnt noticed and she never said she was on her period or what ever.....we didnt use protection either, i remmber that i had alot of blood on my penis.... ... (2 replies)
... menstrual blood onto the item. ... (2 replies)
... rs over there are kind of laughing this off. I have heard of doctors here recommending testing after much less risky encounters. Here it seems like the doctors and CDC are very cautious and conservative about this kind of thing. I cannot believe they are not even slightly worried for you. ... (22 replies)
... I'm back in Bangkok and staying at a pretty decent hotel off Sukhumvit near Nana. Staying here only for location....not bar scene. ... (22 replies)
... Also from what I have read, ALL the glands or a large amount of them have to be swollen, for example neck, armpits and groin, as HIV provokes a response from the whole body... ... (22 replies)

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