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... Should I retest after 90 days or this 60 days is conclusive ? ... (7 replies)
... Thanks for lit bit hope :) (7 replies)
... 1. 8 weeks is 99% conclusive, from a low risk encounter. 2. We never talk about symptoms, only tests confirm your status. 3. No. If you symptoms were related to HIV, you would have tested positive.You have nothing to worry about. (7 replies)

... I tested negative after 60 days now its been 74 days of exposure..but not planning to test at 90 days.. ... (7 replies)
... TY SOTM and you are right that if I had symptoms from starting of May, I would have gotten this in test already. But the fear itself is a scary. ... (14 replies)
... If any of your symptoms were actually HIV, you would have had a positive test result already. Diarrhea, tinnitus, and gum color are not even symptoms associated with HIV. ... (14 replies)
... took 3 at home preg test all neg, one at docs office 73 days after last sexual incounter also neg . ... (7 replies)
... he did not ejaculate in my mouth...for a couple of weeks afterwards I obsessed over the risk of contracting HIV from possible preejaculate and wouldn't you know it? ... (8 replies)
... or 4 days are not going to matter with any HIV test. It is a guideline that is meant to include every last possible chance of someone catching HIV. ... (7 replies)
... A 4th generation test is not going to change after 10 weeks. ... (7 replies)
... any test taken after 90 days is considered conclusive. ... (5 replies)
... Sex with an unknown HIV status person. ... (5 replies)
... condom was used, no final ejaculation. She showed me negative tests for gonorrhea, chlamydia and even though she tried to hide it her hpv test opened and she had tested positive for HPV. This stressed me out even further. ... (20 replies)
... TY Apollo123, I'll get Home Access at 84 day mark. Also, "full checkup", Are you referring to only std panel or are you also recommending some other blood work done to rule out some cancer, etc ? (14 replies)
... You can take any test at 12 weeks for conclusive results. It's certainly worth having a full check up, for your health to rule everything out. ... (14 replies)
... Your question has no context. You never had a risk thus the time to a conclusive test result has no relevance to your situation. This forum cannot address your obsession with HIV. ... (3 replies)
... er you were right I did another test at a private hospital and my test for NAT is negative so maybe I can rest from this paranoia and the nurse told me that this conclusive now, since this is going to look for the Virus itself plus the anti body I took for 8 weeks..I hope this is gonna be an assurance for me.. ... (12 replies)
... Hi SOTM, Thanks for the wonderful reply. Actually the reason why I am so worried until now is that my counselor told me that I need to take the test again for next month, probably around Aug 8 to 9 to be accurate and that gives me a lot of worries, to add up with that is what I'm feeling now extreme fatigue every single day starting from may until now, also with some other... (12 replies)
... There is no real difference between 3 months and 12 is a guideline. ANY test at that point is 100% conclusive, and that window period is very conservative. Most people would have detectable antibodies (were they infected) at about 21 odd days, and 99% plus would at 6 weeks or more. Your symptoms mean nothing at all as far as HIV. Go for the 3 month(or 12 week... (12 replies)
... Because here in the Phils HIV is really rising like a rocket. Thats why Im so freaked out, but yeah this test that I took this week it was a blood work done from a lab and the counselor told me that this is a rapid elisa antibody test. ... (12 replies)

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