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... I had an exposure 64 days ago with a CSW female and the condom broke after approx a minute into the act, both vaginal and anal. So I got very nervous and went to take a shower right after. ... (7 replies)
Oct 14, 2014
... I had protected sex with a SW and I was not sure if the condom broke and I also had a few small cuts on my shaft that may not been covered during the act. ... (1 replies)
... I know I am, or at least until then was, HIV negative, so didn't put him at risk. ... (4 replies)

... prostitutes. It lasted for about 20 minutes and I had a condom on. However, as I was changing positions the condom was still on and not broken, but as I put my penis in her vagina the condom broke leaving my head exposed and I pulled out as soon as I heard this. ... (10 replies)
... t just scare she are on her window period. I ask her have she been having unprotected sex in the last 3 month and she did not said anything back, all she said is condom broke do happen but rare. The guy at the lab told me duo test are worst than pcr, no reliable and he not recommend. ... (13 replies)
... have sex than condom broke while I'm trying to insert from behind her and I'm not sure if my penis inside her or not when it broke, all I know is that I heard it broke and get it out as fast as I can between her leg, not sure if it in or not because she lay down with two legs straight I was on top behind try to insert. ... (13 replies)
... Hi everyone, I would appreciate immensely your thoughts on my situation. Exactly six weeks ago in July 10, 2014 I had an encounter with a man of unknown status. I was the receptive partner in this and the sex was protected (Don't know if condom broke). After the sex I had some white/yellowish fluid on my rectal opening that didn't smell at all and I thought it was anal... (9 replies)
... GI issues are not diagnostic of HIV infection. ... (10 replies)
... Ah buddy sorry to hear that :(, hope it hasn't had a major effect. If that's the case then that's a relief because I cannot sleep thinking this stomach issue is to do with HIV, thank you for your assuring answers I will keep you updated on my test results. (10 replies)
... what you have is not related to HIV in any way. ... (10 replies)
... Excuse my lack of knowledge of HIV, it's because wherever I look on the internet it says diarrhoea is a symptom of HIV infection and ARS. Are you saying diarrhoea is not a early symptom of being infected with HIV? ... (10 replies)
... people who have HIV get diarrhea from the medication they take. ... (10 replies)
... Ya you defiantly have HIV, I wouldn't even get tested just start treatment right away hahah, dude you defiantly are at very minimal risk is this a joke. (10 replies)
... from what you say,you had a slight risk. her willingness to get tested with you says she is pretty sure she does not have it. it is not worth getting all worked up over this. you cannot self diagnose HIV,testing is the only accurate way to know. get a test at 6 weeks then forget it ever happened most likely you are fine. if you are stressing out alot,you might want to... (10 replies)
... It really do affect me a little, I feel like some where, some how, some one still care about me and I really appreciate that you take your time to reply back! I just need to express my feeling but don't know who to talk to except here. You make me feel I still have hope and feel not to scare to take my 3 month test! And live another day. Thank you so much you guys!! (13 replies)
... God has nothing to do with it. Reality does. HIV is not some kind is punishment handed out from above. The reality is that your risk level is not worthy of concern. ... (13 replies)
... and the result will not change after this couple more month. I try not to think and not to read online but it hard. Before I never see anything on tv talk about hiv that much until now. Maybe I don't pay attention, now everywhere I go there hiv sign or people talk about it. ... (13 replies)
... When is symptoms of hiv, I do not have any symptoms except diarrhea, which I think due to anxiety I'm 4 week now should I still worry about symptoms if I sunderly have a flu???? Sorry my English is not so good hope you can understand me, thank you for your comment lately it really help me a little bit peace of mind. I do not have some one to talk to except here. (13 replies)
... Your problem is that your conflating your guilt with your HIV risk, which was minute. ... (13 replies)
... y 30 min, my mind keep thinking about sex, I sometime try to stop it but it keep happen. Now when this happen every 1 or 2 min I think about is hiv, std. I think condom will never fail me but it did, I wish I should never trust it. ... (13 replies)

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