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HIV risk
Mar 15, 2015
... transsexual girl friend, not the female sex worker the condom broke with. ... (7 replies)
... boyfriend during which time the condom broke. I had STD testing done after this incident, but again no blood test. ... (2 replies)
Mar 17, 2015
... I had sex with a CSW and during he sex I felt what was like the condom broke and also the sex felt a little better. After with drawing I glanced down and seen what appeared to be a intact condom so I just removed and flushed it. ... (3 replies)

... I had sex on feb 13th.On this month 3rd I met the doctor he told to do hiv test. ... (1 replies)
... Your 12 week test confirms that you are HIV negative, regardless of whether the condom broke. ... (4 replies)
... Hello I had an exposure to hiv. I am a male had sex with a female escort. Condom broke on the tip part. I don't know how long I was exposed since I was drunk. When I pulled out I noticed the condom was leaking. ... (5 replies)
... Hi! I had some potential low risk exposures to HIV and took an INSTI HIV test 7 months after the last one and the test came negative ( 1 dot ). But when i took the test i had lived in mexico city for 2 months and the day i took the test i took a plane from Paris to London. My concern is the test specifications state it can produce false negatives in people with high... (3 replies)
Condom broke help
Jan 31, 2015
... While having sex with the girl, condom broke. I did not notice until i took out my penis but the intercourse was 30 second max 1 min. maybe. I did not come, i was going to change position. ... (10 replies)
... Thanks for your reply... But please clarify if it is advisable for me to get tested after 3 weeks? If yes, which HIV test(s) I can go for and what is the accuracy of those tests? (I'm sorry I didn't understand your reply properly) (10 replies)
... relax... it would be very unlikely that you got infected by HIV. after 3 weeks time a test will pretty much tell you the story. the results will not change after that amount of time. you will be fine. (10 replies)
... Can you please tell what is the accuracy of a HIV PCR test? ... (10 replies)
... Thanks again for the reply. I just want to know How much does pep cost approximately? And what are the potential negative effects of pep as per your knowledge? (10 replies)
... ance of getting HIV pep could be warranted as preventative measure I would take that option to secure my negative status and more so I would kick myself if I got HIV if their was a chance I could have done something about it. ... (10 replies)
... You risk is still quiet low, one time exposures seldom result in the transmission of HIV. Of course it can and has happened but its rare, even more so with condom breaks. ... (10 replies)
... worker. After I ejaculated inside her, I pulled out 10 seconds later, and realized that the condom had broke. It was broken from the top. I am not sure at which point it broke during the act, but I know that it was in the final moments. ... (10 replies)
Condom broke help
Feb 12, 2015
... Stop worrying about symptoms, it will only make matters worse. Get busy with your life until you take a HIV test. ... (10 replies)
Condom broke help
Jan 31, 2015
... "Should she test HIV negative, your HIV risk would be reduced even more to the very remote possibility that she was very recently infected and is still in her window period (HIV infected but not yet producing detectable levels of anti-HIV antibodies)." I quoted this another forum. Do you think is it similiar case for me also? btw thanks a lot for your answers (10 replies)
Condom broke help
Jan 31, 2015
... You still have a risk a risk as well cannot be 100% sure she does not have HIV, although it seem very unlikely. Personally I would not take PEP ( their is a sticky thread at the top of this forum ) but its a personal choice for yourself if you choose to do so. (10 replies)
Condom broke help
Jan 31, 2015
... This happened yesterday. Would you advise me to do pep? I checked her medical paper and she is ok. She got negatif. Do i have risk still? (10 replies)
Condom broke help
Jan 31, 2015
... It is true the some if not many of these places do test women for stds and HIV and unlikley they would lying to you although I guess you can never be sure. ... (10 replies)

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