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... I was raped a couple of months ago and I am worried about HIV infection. Just last week I got a HIV test after about 8 weeks and it was negative. ... (1 replies)
Freaking out
Aug 23, 2015
... Thanks buddy. Now I see 4-5 small red dots on my feet, may be due to skin rash. I'm tired of checking my body for symptoms, this fear is going to kill me. I have 2 questions: 1) Do you guys think 4 weeks after exposure, Is a negative ELISA reliable? I'm going to have my test 5 days later, at least for a little bit relaxation. I know for a conclusive result I have to wait... (7 replies)
Freaking out
Aug 22, 2015
... Thanks god I didn't experience any skin and spesific HIV problems like skin rash or swollen lymph. I'd probably killed myself if I had seen them, lol. ... (7 replies)

What is my risk?
Aug 22, 2015
... nothing at all with HIV. Even if you experienced every single "typical ARS symptom" in the book, symptoms still mean nothing. The ONLY thing that can be used for HIV diagnosis is tests. ... (3 replies)
Aug 22, 2015
... Thank you for the quick response. Indeed these three weeks I am in anxiety. I cannot sleep well because of worries. I often look at my arms to find out any rash. Even one red dot or pimples on face worry me a lot. I am very very regretful. I need to pretend to be normal in front of my wife. I freak out with it. Doctors and experts, the first doctor who sold and gave me... (16 replies)
... hi I had multiple exposures (2/ months over the last 5 years) with mostly asian prostitutes in germany in clubs, always wearing a condom, not doing any anal things nor iv drugs. Now I'm scared to death that maybe I would have experienced some condom break or slippage, even I'm quite sure it did not happen. this is the question about "what if" that nurrish my anxiety. I... (10 replies)
... Good day. I am a 29 yr old male. Like almost everyone here I am one of those who are really worried about having HIV. I am bound to go to work overseas so I decided to make the most out of it before leaving my country. From the months of January-April 2015 I had protected vaginal sex with 7 sex workers and unprotected oral sex with them. Unfortunately, last April 8 my condom... (2 replies)
... Okay I have another question , I developed a rash on my forearm 3 days ago it's flesh colored and does not itch , could this at all be related to ARS ? ... (8 replies)
... een experiencing some fatigue, mild headaches and neuralgia like occasional pain in the back. Also my tongue appears to have a white coating. However there is no rash or blisters. Are these symptoms of HIV ARS? ... (1 replies)
... He tested negative for hiv and stds. We had sex June 6th 2015 . ... (8 replies)
... night sweats, insomnia, diarrhea and as of late, a rash all over my body that have started to disappear after two days taking allegra. ... (8 replies)
... back which I'm a address with my doctor. The only time I sneezed is after cutting the grass or walking up under the fan in the morning nothing consistent. No big rash or anything I have my itches every now and then plus I have eczema when I break out its bad. ... (9 replies)
... On May 22, 2015 I had unprotected sex with a woman who claims to be HIV negative. Weeks later I began to have symptoms of the virus. ... (7 replies)
... I have never had a one night stand before, he was only the 2nd person ive slept with. I heard he was promiscous idk if that matters. I read online that an ars rash can occur on genitals and buttocks area is this true? ... (7 replies)
... There are only a few thousand cases of heterosexually acquired HIV annually. ... (7 replies)
... The symptoms started after 6 weeks, weird painful rash inbetween butt, no noticeable fever. Some fatigue im not sure if my nodes are swollen sometimes my neck feels tight. ... (7 replies)
HIV concerned
Jul 13, 2015
... I had sex with a street walker just a little over 6 months ago. I had a sore throat about day 7 or 8 and then after about 2 weeks the throat got better and then I got a rash all over my chest and ever since then I continue to have health concerns with stomach and loss of appietite which has resorted in 15 pounds lost over this period. The sex started out with a BJ that I... (5 replies)
... Its not possible to get a rash from HIv so late on. ... (12 replies)
... The fear is back , I got a weird rash on my chest. 9,5 week after my contact. Hate myself , but can not help it . After 6 weeks I was negative , which convinced me . ... (12 replies)
... Starting from December of 2014, I started to get a rash on my face on a regular basis. ... (9 replies)

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