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Hiv fear
Jul 22, 2017
... I have concern ragrding hiv and std. ... (4 replies)
... 18th of April was the last time I had unprotected vaginal sex; the entire session was pretty much rough and the girl was extremely wet. 4 weeks later, i had a sever lung infection, i was coughing so bad, sever headaches, night sweats, fever, nausea, vomitting & diarrhea; CBC & Xray confirm infection; Dr gave me antibiotics and the lung infection was clear. However, nausea,... (4 replies)
HIV/late stage
Jun 14, 2017
... IV iv Been going throw so much lately, I had an encounter with a escort biggest regret of my life, Didn't really have any symptoms till 2months after where I had rash down one arm, slight bit or dirrea for 3days. Then month 3 sore thoart with glands up, even liqiud came out of penis bug negative for everything. ... (2 replies)

... swollen visible lymph nodes both sides neck. Rash reddish on palms and fingers both hands itchy. Lasted 3 weeks and dissapeared. ... (3 replies)
... Dear Dr, Please help me out on this matter. I would start my story in 2009. It was the year I had possible unprotected sex with a girl whose HIV status I did not know . ... (4 replies)
... menstruating for roughly 20 seconds. I pulled out, never ejaculated and cleaned myself off. Roughly 2 weeks later, I had a cold, no fever, chills, then came the rash which took multiple forms over the next month. I've had almost all symptons including muscle and joint problems that have been debilitating to say the least. ... (3 replies)
... eel my lymph nodes on the neck but I don't think they're swollen because i tried to feel my brother's neck and it felt quite the same. I also did not develop any rash on my body. ... (3 replies)
... all down my side we're very sore and tender. Since then I've had flu like symptoms which includes night sweats and major joint and body aches. I also developed a rash all over my body which looks like small red dots, not itchy but seem to come and go. My throat is soooo sore and I now have a white tounge. ... (12 replies)
Hiv exposure
Feb 18, 2017
... out 6.5 weeks ago I gave oral sex to a man. Not sure of his status. I've been for a test at the std clinic at week 1 for hiv, gono, and clamidia. All neg. week 4 hiv test negative. Week 6 went back and the nurse told me not to worry about coming back because I won't catch hiv from oral sex. I didn't know what to believe. ... (6 replies)
Receiving oral sex
Dec 29, 2016
... t encounter I'm feeling like this. My vision has been pretty bad today like I can't focus on things properly. Also about a week ago I started to develop this red rash on my penis with little bumps on what spot on my penis the fungal cream has helped the spots I was getting but these ones still remain. ... (8 replies)
... To add to my stress and anxiety I just noticed a small rash on my face. ... (7 replies)
... I've had swollen lymph node, on and off sore throat for 3 weeks now, on and off headaches for 3 weeks now, a rash on my right shoulder that's been there for 2 weeks now, and some left knee joint pain. ... (5 replies)
... He did have many closed up cuts on his fingers tho as he works with his hands. Afterwards j started worrying about getting HIV from him touching my cut. I have severe anxiety. So I started worrying a lot.. ... (5 replies)
... Thats great news on testing negative for STDs. This is not a forum that goes outside of HIV discussion. But I will say that you should go again for another test for herpes. ... (3 replies)
... Hello everyone I'm at a loss for words. I have protected sex with someone on Sept 10th. A week before we had unprotected oral sex. This was my first time having casual sex (I've only been with one other man) about 20 days later I started having extreme itching, burning abd little bumps in and around my vigina. I also had flu like symptoms, tingling abd a fever. I let it go for... (3 replies)
Hiv ?
Nov 10, 2016
... I'm reknown for being paranoid and anxious about health ! But I need to ask (I'm a 20 year old female) I have been silly in the past and had unprotected sex. I haven't had any symptoms at all what are listed as the common symtoms and I do have herpes simplex 1 which I had 1 outbreak (in the genital area) 1 year ago but none since. But I have recently had itchy skin which came... (1 replies)
... After 4 weeks, I was tested for gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, hep b, and HIV antibody. Negative for all! ... (12 replies)
Hiv Rash????
Oct 21, 2016
... Thank you!! (5 replies)
Hiv Rash????
Oct 20, 2016
... This doesn't change anything. You never had an exposure. Stop worrying about something that you were never exposed to and move on with your life. (5 replies)
... ons on symptoms alone but my case has been so frustrating to me because , I started having very itchy outside part of my ears second day of my exposure and had a rash one on my chest and other five at my back and shoulders on the second week of exposure which has gone away. ... (5 replies)

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