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... With the volume of tests and the time scales then its quite clear you don't have HIV although the CDC still require a 12 week test for final confirmation but in real terms you have nothing to worry about. ... (16 replies)
... No it would not affect any test for HIV. (16 replies)
... "Apparently he tested positive last week." I am assuming you are referring to the man your boyfriend was cheating on tested positive? A 6 week antibody test is over 99% accurate. Meaning over 99% of people would have detectable antibodies by 6 weeks were they actually infected. Most people develop detectable antibodies by 21 or so days from infection. Rare cases take 3... (16 replies)

... from a previous relationship. So far for the HIV testing I am under the care of my family doctor. ... (16 replies)
... I'm very nervous. I was dating someone else at the time, and the relationship has become much more serious since the event. I'm scared to death of infecting her. We've had sex since the exposure, but once I thought about HIV I stopped. We haven't had sex in roughly 6 weeks. ... (9 replies)
... Symptoms" of HIV are non specific....meaning any one of 100's of other far more common illnesses will cause them. ... (2 replies)
... 11 weeks ago, i had sex with a CSW. My condom broke in the process and soon later i washed the head of my penis with warm water. 3 weeks after the exposure i had flu, oral ulcer and sore throat. These lasted for a week. After that i developed an ear infection which persisted for about a month. On week 8 my cervical lymph nodes started swelling and proceeded with the axial and... (2 replies)
... I have it.. Look up guillain barre syndrome at HIV seroconversion and you will see. I also get more rash and seborric dermatitis if I party or have lack of sleep which is a huge red flag for HIV. ... (18 replies)
... Hi please need a suggestion I had a rapid hiv test at 51 day. The test was negative. Following which I did all other std test for syphilis gonorrhea chlamydia herpes all turned out to negative. ... (10 replies)
Is it hiv???
Jun 10, 2015
... Hello,I had vaginal sex on March 18th 2015 and the condom broke,I stopped after i realized,I washed my penis with soap but ever since I've be experiencing hiv Like symptoms and I'm scared I may have been infected.. ... (1 replies)
... Hello About 5 weeks ago (ive already submitted blood for testing) i met a guy who fingered me. What concerns me is that i noticed a small cut on my anus (on the outter pink area), but ive never noticed it bleeding or anything. The guy did masturbate alot and i am concerned that his precum may have infected me with hiv. But i also think he used his saliva as lube, but... (7 replies)
... d. I cant say how long I was exposed but the total time of the encounter was about 2 min. I know the girl for a long time and she assured me that she was free of hiv and std's and that I dont have anything to worry about. Nevertheless we agreed to take the test for hiv for the peace of mind . ... (6 replies)
... If your penis head was covered then you have no risk at all. The shaft of the penis is not a route for HIV transmission. ... (5 replies)
... If your penis head was covered then you have no risk at all. The shaft of the penis is not a route for HIV transmission. ... (5 replies)
... It is a long story. i had a protective sex with a friend who i know hiv postive or negative. on dec 5. after 5 days i had a vaginal sex with my wife. ... (3 replies)
Hiv fear
May 13, 2015
... me being on the receiving end. We started off with a condom but later on the condom broke and he pulled out 5 min later he didn't ejaculate and we stopped. I was scared to death and I went to the emergency room the next day and got hiv diagnosis they took my blood etc and went home. ... (3 replies)
... Exactly 9 days ago I had sex with a man whose HIV status I don't know. We had anal and protected intercourse with me as the bottom and mutual unprotected oral sex. ... (6 replies)
So scared...
May 8, 2015
... It is possible to get HIV from one time exposures, so you do have a risk. ... (1 replies)
So scared...
May 8, 2015
... possibility. I went to my obgyn and did the bloodwork and urine tests. She tested for all diseases, not just HIV. Everything came back negative, but I know that HIV may not show up this early. My question is likely is it I contracted HIV from 2 unprotected sexual encounters? ... (1 replies)
... apllo123 thanks for your answer. the first post say that i got a icma test positive >1.45 and a repeatedly reactive abs test. and that the same report say that a supplemental test was done called hiv1/2 differentiation test and it was non reactive for both hiv1/2. a recomendation was made on the report for to take a new sample of blood and run a RNA test. i didnt have the... (10 replies)

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