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Hiv tests
Aug 19, 2014
... re right. But many infection dr in turkey, they say if you contacted the infected fluids you would infect. I know maybe most of them never seen and never treated hiv positive. In turkey hiv is very rare. Official numbers are hiv positive only 8 thousand people since 1985. Sure much more than 8 thousand. ... (10 replies)
Hiv tests
Aug 18, 2014
... I got to results every thing looking normal. Also my third gen. Elisa test neg. Dr have me some antibiotic for my swollen lymph nodes. He ll control again 3 weeks time. ... (10 replies)
Hiv tests
Aug 18, 2014
... I got to results every thing looking normal. Also my third gen. Elisa test neg. Dr have me some antibiotic for my swollen lymph nodes. He ll control again 3 weeks time. ... (10 replies)

Hiv tests
Aug 16, 2014
... Thank you very much sir. I ll definetly go to doctor for My swollen lymph nodes. The problem is i live in quite small town and my two uncles are doctors. I know many people at hospital. So i cant go to my town hospital i feel very shy. ... (10 replies)
Hiv tests
Aug 16, 2014
... Because of my several swollen lymph nodes arround my neck throat and ears. Some of them hurt also my throat.. I never had before. This is a nightmare. I dont want to go to test again. ... (10 replies)
Hiv tests
Aug 15, 2014
... swollen lymph nodes on my throat and disturbing me. im freaking out. i feel something like pain on my groin area but i couldnt feel any swollen lymph node. and i have fatigue.. maybe its about my stress. again im freaking out and cant tell, shrare my fears.. thank you very much. and sorry for details of sex. ... (10 replies)
... of infection. I had concerns about my abdominal pain and was told that it was possible lingering pain from the infection. It was noted that I still had slightly swollen lymph nodes. ... (1 replies)
... I think my anxiety is getting the best of me as I woke up with swollen lymph nodes which is of course an early symptom of HIV. Anyways any advice would be helpful thanks. ... (3 replies)
1 in 10000
Aug 9, 2014
... Okay, so here's the deal. I know my risk is supposedly 1 in 1000, but I'm scared out of my mind right now. I know HIV isn't typically diagnosed by symptoms, but I just have too many to be coincidence. ... (10 replies)
... All the time, I feel feverish, tired, swollen lymph nodes. ... (3 replies)
... ide and it appears that the head did not possibly go thorough it. I have had a sore throat since which last about a week and a half and I have also felt like my lymph nodes feel swollen not by touch but by feel in my groin area and neck but the sore throat and nodes issues was not together. ... (2 replies)
... i was wondering if you could help me, i recently had a rapid hiv test done after 1 year of having no unprotected sex. ... (5 replies)
... Since December, I've been very nervous about swollen lymph nodes. I cannot tell whether some are lymph nodes or not. ... (2 replies)
... Mental health problem not HIV problem. Psych appointment is a good idea. ... (5 replies)
... been to the doctors and even though my glands feel up to me (the size of marbles) the doctor confirmed that they were all of normal size:) (5 replies)
... No idea what is causing your problems, but rest assured it is not from HIV. (5 replies)
... o much for the information! I was able to track down the guy who I had the sexual encounter with. He said that he was clean and actually sent me a picture of his HIV negative test results which he claims were received in May this year. ... (5 replies)
A bad decision
Jul 24, 2014
... Had mild body pain, felt feverish, swollen lymph nodes in neck and one of the gums near wisdom teeth was sore and made it difficult to eat for few days. Its been 13 days since the incident. ... (8 replies)
... no ejaculation but there was precum. About 9 days later i came down with more 'cold like' than 'flu like' symptoms. Mild congestion, runny nose, and very tender swollen lymp nodes in my neck and a productive cough. Nothing that really kept me down or away from work. No fever, rash, or sore throat. ... (2 replies)
Slightly worried
Jun 18, 2014
... ce without any worries. However, in the past couple days I've developed some weird symptoms. Have a lot of pain under my jaw which my doctor has confirmed is not swollen lymph nodes however. Also had a sore throat, tension headache, earache, jaw pain, tooth ache and yesterday I had digestive problems which have largely subsided. ... (4 replies)

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