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... In a slightly drunk state I made out, was grinded on nude,and may have touched a transexuals downstairs. 4 weeks later paranoid read into HIV symptoms. Stupidly started on ampicillin. Developed a rash on my chest was red dots. Next day read more and got into a state of anxiety. ... (1 replies)
... You had ZERO risk, so there is not even a need to test here. Symptoms mean absolutely nothing as far as HIV. ... (1 replies)
... The ONLY way to resolve this is, take a WB test, accept the results of that and forget about testing because i get the feeling your searching for HIV when its quiet clear you dont have it. ... (1 replies)

... se with another male, I was top and I don't even completed one penetration, after that I used condom in the rest of the intercourse. I didn't know my partner was HIV positive, I found it out after sex. He is poz and he has been on treatment for 3 years and his viral load is undetectable for more than 2 years. ... (1 replies)
... Do hiv acute infections cause this symptoms so long. ... (2 replies)
... you should not have any HIV concerns. ... (9 replies)
... Yes. Seek the assistance of a mental health professional. Your issues are beyond the scope of help that an HIV forum can provide. You are wasting time and emotional energy about a virus that you clearly do not HIV. Seek the professional mental help that you clearly need. ... (9 replies)
... Thanks I found out why I had so many symptoms. They were side effects from medication that I was taken. Hiv test was negative. ... (2 replies)
... All we can tell you is that they have NOTHING to do with HIV for the reasons you stated. You are wasting time and emotional energy obsessing it. ... (2 replies)
... aidsvancouver, healthboards etc everyone telling it was not a risky encounter. As oral sex carries no risk. Saliva is non infectious, hiv virus outside the body is not infectious and once exposed to air becomes inactive. ... (2 replies)
... Not an HIV issue. Symptom speculation. See a doctor. There is nothing more to discuss. ... (9 replies)
... you got negative results you do not have a HIV issue stop over testing and go work with a doctor to figure out what is wrong. good luck (9 replies)
... Not an HIV issue. ... (9 replies)
... I still have all the symptoms which I can not describe as people won't believe that person can have these symptoms at 15 week .... ... (9 replies)
Fear of hiv
Aug 14, 2016
... SPOT how much accurate is this test . and i tested VDRL non reactive HBsAg spot negative and HCV negative all are negative but i am feeling most of the symptoms which i never experienced before ..should i again test after 3 month or let 87 days be conclusive ? ... (4 replies)
Fear of hiv
Aug 13, 2016
... unprotected sex 87 days ago with girl of unknown status about hiv....she was in meansuration my penis.was full of blood after 4 th week of exposure I feel some symptoms related to hiv swollen lymph nodes oral thrush joint pain several headache dry eye , etc .... and I decided for hiv test .. I don't know which test were used. ... (4 replies)
... symptoms mean nothing towards diagnosing HIV. they are not reliable enough to be used. the only way to know is getting tested. knowing that HIV is very hard to catch, i would doubt that you have it. but i would tell you to get tested to be sure. good luck (1 replies)
Hiv Paranoia
Aug 12, 2016
... To everyone else dont think that whatever youre going through is definitely HIV. Many other things can cause the symptoms just like i found out after so long. ... (10 replies)
... ischarge in her vagina. and then after 2 month i got high fever for 2 days and then after i was fine i took medicine and now after 4 month from sex day i got all symptoms of hiv. like high pain in my leg joint fever and skin rashes. is this all symptoms of hiv? ... (1 replies)
... weren't strangers, they were boyfriends. One of which, I never came in contact with his sperm he did pull out quick but it still was unprotected. But I looked up HIV symptoms, and I had a couple! ... (1 replies)

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